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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETE

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Psychology1, 26:physical, just as the seventh root race will see complete conformity to and a perfect expression ofPsychology1, 31:That man, being a synthesis (and the only complete synthesis, except the Macrocosmic Deity),Psychology1, 59:time as their rapport with their own souls is complete, or more complete than is now the case. ThePsychology1, 59:with their own souls is complete, or more complete than is now the case. The effort, however, toPsychology1, 69:color to the form. The life is one; the harmony complete. Prove thus the two are one. Quality - thePsychology1, 114:or successes. They have also to preserve complete silence as to the existence of the group, and aPsychology1, 115:of the training initiate or teacher is one of complete detachment and impersonality; he is aware ofPsychology1, 130:apparatus (the form nature of man) fulfiling its complete destiny, and only then does true magneticPsychology1, 134:insight which will make every human being a complete and intelligent cooperator with the Plan.Psychology1, 177:we shall have a perfected world religion and a complete community of nations. Not so rapidly doesPsychology1, 225:the list of the possible elements is relatively complete, so eventually science will have arrangedPsychology1, 227:of iron or lead, you would see revealed the complete story of evolution. If you could study thePsychology1, 244:In the kingdom of souls, ray four will complete the work of the next two rounds, but this period isPsychology1, 264:of Magic. When thus they work as one, in unity complete the work is done; they fuse the life-givingPsychology1, 265:two in number: Those which are connected with a complete zodiacal round, about 25,000 years. ThosePsychology1, 266:plan of the building forces, working in complete harmony, but temporarily under one or another ofPsychology1, 275:is called homosexuality. They are overwhelmed by complete bewilderment and the failure to find anPsychology1, 284:necessitating unselfishness, understanding and complete self-forgetfulness. Vice is the negation ofPsychology1, 304:be a disciple necessitates a celibate life and complete abstinence from all natural functions isPsychology1, 325:are already at the seventh stage. Here we have complete unselfish adaptation to the group need andPsychology1, 331:to render (simply and naturally) a rhythmic and complete response to all conditions and states ofPsychology1, 340:the word "revolution" in its true sense, as a complete turning around. This revolution is happeningPsychology1, 347:of the fifth initiation is one who has achieved complete harmony through right knowledge. ThisPsychology2, 24:we understand it, and is distinguished only by a complete identification with the physical form andPsychology2, 32:passed from form experience as a whole to that complete freedom from all vibratory impressionsPsychology2, 34:that we are essentially neither ego nor non-ego. Complete detachment and discrimination mustPsychology2, 34:must finally lead us to a condition of such complete aloneness that the horror of the greatPsychology2, 48:into modern language. It signifies that complete merging which the mystic endeavors to express inPsychology2, 48:expressed by a painted symbol, symbolizes complete unity between the outer and the inner, thePsychology2, 48:to grasp. The Word is manifest. The work is seen complete. The Whole is visioned. The magic work isPsychology2, 58:its own country, with inadequate tools, and in complete temporary self-imposed ignorance of thePsychology2, 66:an incarnated Son of God, Whose consciousness is complete on the physical plane, the astral plane,Psychology2, 67:bridged before at-one-ment can be achieved and complete integration of the entire man can bePsychology2, 69:first great unison upon the path of return is complete. A second stage of the way has then to bePsychology2, 69:of still greater importance in that it leads to complete liberation from the three worlds. It mustPsychology2, 79:seen, the false, the objective and the unreal. Complete liberation from the control of the lowerPsychology2, 99:of this Life is such that He requires three complete schemes - all three closely allied andPsychology2, 100:is, finally, the active application and the complete sacrifice of the lower separated self throughPsychology2, 106:and objective, of technique and method, or complete understanding and oneness of approach. ThatPsychology2, 106:the separative mind during this age and time, a complete accord on detail, on method, and [107] onPsychology2, 164:is in deep meditation" 8. Result Contemplation Complete spiritual detachement A close study ofPsychology2, 189:higher levels of the mental plane. This involves complete alignment, so that soul-mind-brain arePsychology2, 189:levels of the mental plane. This involves the complete integration of the personality or lowerPsychology2, 193:inner counterpart. This inner counterpart is a complete whole. The outer result is only partial.Psychology2, 204:our planet. They can be recognized through their complete incapacity to respond to emotional andPsychology2, 215:individualization) and be brought up to that of complete group consciousness and identification asPsychology2, 238:and reorient themselves, or rather perhaps, complete the circle, for who shall say that God is herePsychology2, 277:the right and needed circumstances for full and complete development. They become so occupied withPsychology2, 307:of Discipleship. At the stage of initiation when complete at-one-ment is established. The fourPsychology2, 321:astral body and the physical body then becomes complete. This basic duality then becomes responsivePsychology2, 330:a dense physical body which will act either as a complete prison for the soul or as a "form forPsychology2, 373:therefore is severe, for it has to produce a complete readjustment of the Self to the self. HisPsychology2, 380:of the two energies - soul and body - is then complete. [381] Psychology2, 388:imaginative dreaming swings the astral body into complete subordination to the soul. This fact isPsychology2, 388:Form. The battle is then over. The soul is in complete control; no sense of separativeness is againPsychology2, 392:The word [392] "isolated" refers to that complete organized organism of which the man can feel andPsychology2, 426:in order that their fusion might produce a more complete person. May I state here an interestingPsychology2, 457:or an exponent of any theory engrosses his complete attention to the exclusion of all other pointsPsychology2, 461:capacity. They pass rapidly into a state of complete isolation or separateness. This can lead toPsychology2, 466:and a sense of comradeship, or perhaps a complete breakdown of the mental forces, or the disruptionPsychology2, 476:But a prolonged application to its life and complete engrossment in its phenomena is dangerous andPsychology2, 495:or higher intuitional nature - which are a complete picture of the wish life of the race. ThesePsychology2, 496:There can be full sexual satisfaction or else complete freedom from its grip and yet the outgoingPsychology2, 524:their interrelation is real, so much so that a complete magnetic field has been set up involvingPsychology2, 528:we need not concern ourselves wherein there is a complete blending of the bodily forces (focusedPsychology2, 540:the difficulties - that they assume eventually complete control of the life. The forces below thePsychology2, 542:study and experiment, we shall arrive at a more complete comprehension of our problem and a betterPsychology2, 579:in the condition which is due to the complete lack of the interpretative sense and of the dramaticPsychology2, 582:effect and temporarily is marked by a complete and necessary cessation of the lower powers. In thisPsychology2, 590:to take a long rest in bed, with light diet and complete freedom from all contacts. It may bePsychology2, 643:these men of good will should stand together in complete understanding and thus constitute a slowlyPsychology2, 672:have reduced the world to turmoil and complete disunion and feebleness. Psychology2, 687:forward entirely on esoteric levels, and of complete self-forgetfulness in the remembrance ofPsychology2, 726:on the outer plane of physical life also. Complete unanimity cannot be possible; completePsychology2, 726:also. Complete unanimity cannot be possible; complete subordination of individual and groupRays, 7:the higher levels of the mental plane may become complete and continuous. This only becomesRays, 44:I have found which can in any way convey the complete unity which is finally achieved by those whoRays, 44:of the third initiation is the demonstration of complete freedom from the claims and demands of theRays, 62:of the whole. The entire seven sections, then, complete the sonata of this solar system - a part ofRays, 62:place to duality, prior to the attainment of complete unity. Only two factors are of concern to himRays, 62:point," and these are Spirit and Matter. Their complete identification within his consciousnessRays, 82:sumtotal of that which destroys form, produces complete purity in that which is not itself,Rays, 89:June Full Moon, for in that sign of Gemini the complete victory of life over form, and of spiritRays, 89:synthesis, can the Shamballa energy be permitted complete inflow through the medium of the twoRays, 90:perfecting and an eventual bringing about of a complete alignment, the help of the Buddha must beRays, 102:questioning, a recognition of the possibility of complete finality and negation and an end to allRays, 119:from happiness and joy? Bliss is associated with complete Being; it concerns the interior attitudeRays, 150:absorbed into the primary Ashram. The perfect or complete group is the Hierarchy itself, containingRays, 151:energy and spiritual life, and they constitute a complete response apparatus to the planetary life,Rays, 152:and the four lessons which the initiate has to complete in order that a complete fusion ofRays, 152:the initiate has to complete in order that a complete fusion of personality and Monad can beRays, 154:can ever be trusted. He is then set free for complete cooperation with the purpose lying behind theRays, 157:this control by the Laws of Nature has become complete, the man becomes an aspirant and begins toRays, 162:consciousness. He is a soul and the fusion is complete. What is true of the individual is true tooRays, 163:above the physical head. Thus the analogy is complete. The processes of abstraction are (as you mayRays, 167:outside manifestation altogether. Abstraction is complete. Ponder, therefore, upon this doctrine.Rays, 168:ideas appear in this easier rule: The idea of complete identity with all other selves. The idea ofRays, 168:no sense of this and that; where the merging is complete, there is no recognition of individualRays, 172:about it in any truly constructive manner. The complete fusion of the negative and the positiveRays, 180:directs the creative process. They are under the complete control of the three Buddhas of Activity,
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