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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETE

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Rays, 187:as you know, upon the astral plane, and bring complete release both from that plane of glamor andRays, 187:well-defined. When this differentiation was complete, two great planetary events (if I might callRays, 197:that the "tendency to blindness" comes to a complete end. In the early stages of evolution,Rays, 212:such a demand and such an expectation delay the complete absorption of the group into the innerRays, 212:scope of the endeavor and unitedly strive for complete absorption in service - an absorption soRays, 217:this particular initiation until such time as complete fusion of the three bodies and the soul hasRays, 220:the period prior to the crucifixion, was one of complete silence; here is where the efficacy of theRays, 223:required; the Monad and the personality are in complete at-one-ment and have achieved perfectedRays, 223:aspect of the divine Will, and consequently the complete destruction of the causal vehicle.Rays, 226:with the life aspect and the establishing of complete divine integration into the greater Whole.Rays, 226:out divine purpose, plus the establishing of complete identification (as a group) with the divineRays, 227:of the Great Renunciation [227] and prefaces the complete transition out of the Fourth CreativeRays, 232:of the factors which will enable the Christ to complete His task as World Savior and World Teacher;Rays, 237:of the United Nations to win and to enforce complete surrender upon the aggressor nations which areRays, 241:to the will-to-good which is, in its turn, a complete expression of the love nature of Deity. c.Rays, 257:and accuracy, and all can now work in such complete unity that the group antahkarana becomes aRays, 262:into group livingness and being, has led to that complete transfiguration which makes the entireRays, 289:consummated knowledge, and at the moment of His complete surrender to the necessary sacrifice ofRays, 309:bodies supervenes and the death process is not complete until the astral and mental bodies haveRays, 314:He had now a new objective. The only place of complete "peace" (the meaning of the word Jerusalem)Rays, 317:and unregistered by man. The reason for this complete ignorance is that the vehicles of any manRays, 328:all that can be attained, and to be at a complete standstill would be utter death and, my brothers,Rays, 342:will proceed together until they arrive at that complete liberation which comes when the cosmicRays, 354:through this door, even to the point of their complete destruction - bringing a final liberation.Rays, 371:can see the impressed Purpose as a [371] more complete whole than can initiates of lesser degreeRays, 379:a Master is too apt to color your thoughts. The complete freedom from all coercion or from anyRays, 385:The Hierarchy for the first time realized the complete success of the vast work, carried on in theRays, 385:the first major initiation; it marked a point of complete soul-personality integration. In theRays, 386:disciple of the third degree with its promise of complete liberation and final resurrection. YouRays, 388:creator of six other Ashrams (few of them as yet complete, and some entirely embryonic), so that,Rays, 388:about ashramic work today, you will have a more complete picture of evocative and spiritualRays, 390:which makes its appeal in such a manner that complete rightness is registered in the initiate'sRays, 393:mind. Once the precipitation of the crisis is complete, and humanity has begun to take action ofRays, 396:Path. This little incident will demonstrate the complete freedom of choice which distinguishes theRays, 405:of Venus, our Earth's Alter-Ego, and there They complete Their training, as far as our solar systemRays, 407:active. They are active love-wisdom or a complete synthesis of active intelligence, active love andRays, 407:on this third Path will, therefore, some day complete Their training for planetary Logoi byRays, 425:the seven tabulations earlier given so as to complete and round out this triple presentation. I doRays, 433:of the Hierarchy itself, viewing it as a complete whole; or again, all of these and the world ofRays, 437:of the egoic, causal or soul body, owing to the complete fusion of soul and personality. The dualRays, 445:of still further importance in that it leads to complete liberation from the three worlds. It mustRays, 452:meaning. Just as modern sciences have evolved a complete new terminology of their own during theRays, 455:personal self. The fourth initiation marks the complete realization of this relation by theRays, 468:and limitation. Sacrifice is really complete conformity to the will of God because the spiritualRays, 475:pouring down the antahkarana. There is then complete reciprocity between the Monad and the fullyRays, 480:and understanding: "The physical plane is a complete reflection of the mental; the lowest threeRays, 497:Monad. This is an analogy that is essentially complete, from the standpoint of consciousness, butRays, 497:at the most advanced stage of development is the complete fusion of the unified personality andRays, 498:has been truly [498] accomplished is there the complete release of the Lives informing our solarRays, 498:now at the point of development which warrants complete change in the approach to divinity asRays, 500:the spiritual work of the world, or it may be a complete dedication to humanitarian effort; itRays, 504:between the soul and the personality, so that complete at-one-ment is increasingly attained.Rays, 505:sevenfold bridge which humanity will eventually complete. Even in this finally completed bridge -Rays, 506:bringing the man upon the physical plane into complete alignment; this unity is consummated at theRays, 516:or even aspiration to see the vision. It is complete sight and of this the Masonic symbol of theRays, 516:states of consciousness, thus establishing complete unity. I have indicated to you certain vowelsRays, 517:the Word of Power which will make possible his complete identification with spirit, via theRays, 518:first, that the goal of all activity is the complete fusion of the three Aspects, and secondly,Rays, 524:that final effort which enabled Him entirely to complete and traverse the "rainbow bridge" and toRays, 527:to carry through - from stage to stage - the complete revelation of humanity to the Hierarchy andRays, 547:and registered contacts are finally seen in the complete impressibility - at any time and withoutRays, 563:personality." The fusion is necessarily not complete, but enough soul energy is present toRays, 575:- from ignorance and lack of discrimination - complete purity of motive. Nevertheless, the changesRays, 577:emphasize that as yet no initiate demonstrates complete control during the intermediate periodRays, 597:one in which the spiritual man demonstrates his complete control of the personality. The physicalRays, 599:has been called the astral body. This produces complete freedom from glamor and the creation of "aRays, 629:of this idealism can be seen in the complete conviction of the American people that everything inRays, 631:free government is being tried out; this gives complete internal freedom and choice to each relatedRays, 631:choice to each related Dominion, plus an equally complete and free interrelationship. The DominionsRays, 637:however, that - as a result of conflict - the complete harmonizing of his entire nature will beRays, 650:has established within himself a condition of complete harmony as a result of conflict - a conflictRays, 686:understand that term. It might be regarded as complete freedom from sensitivity, yet with a fullRays, 694:passes from one renunciation to another until complete freedom and liberation has been achieved.Rays, 698:to such an extent that it can pass under the complete control of the heart center, which henceforthRays, 700:in service. The intuition, the pure reason, complete knowledge illumined by the loving purpose ofRays, 704:crucifixion and leading to Ascension, or a complete "rising out of," or "mounting higher," leadingRays, 714:nature of the will in some clear measure, though complete understanding is not possible. The LordRays, 724:faculties" (as one Master has expressed it) of complete revelation and future opportunity. You haveRays, 725:in the first stage of the initiation gives Him a complete picture "in a flash of endless time" ofReappearance, 25:consummated knowledge and at the moment of His complete surrender to the necessary sacrifice of HisReappearance, 28:He now had a new objective. The only place of complete "peace" (which is the meaning of the nameReappearance, 37:love that leads unerringly to world service, to complete self-forgetfulness and to radiant,Reappearance, 42:and largely outside of them) is general and complete and a turning to God is to be seen on everyReappearance, 55:the Founder of the Kingdom of God on Earth, to complete the work He started, and again toReappearance, 57:Group of World Servers and the men of goodwill - complete His with the Will of God (HisReappearance, 72:The motivation for this reappearance is complete and settled. It is clearly perceived by theReappearance, 86:the factors which will enable [86] the Christ to complete His task as world Savior and worldReappearance, 98:reconstruction [98] work in Aquarius, and thus complete the task which He attempted to do in theReappearance, 102:is not the time to write or the time to read a complete analysis or statement as to the progressiveReappearance, 130:astral plane, if you prefer the term!) becomes complete. Then this past sentient control and itsReappearance, 153:and Humanity itself - will begin to work in complete at-one-ment and unity. Then the Kingdom of GodReappearance, 161:and events, it is easy to register a sense of complete frustration; he longs to help but knows notSoul, 35:and both outputs of energy cooperating in the complete act or behavior of the organism." - Leary,Soul, 60:this also has physical properties, of which the complete investigation has hardly begun. "TheseSoul, 67:of the life force to be the achievement of complete and universal consciousness, a result which canSoul, 110:of the seven centers of force (with their complete Indian names) are as follows, from the headSoul, 128:and the Western. Taken together we have a complete picture of man as a living soul, functioningSoul, 140:at the base of the spine. Thus is produced the complete blending of spiritual energy and the forceSoul, 154:dilemma and become a thorough-going and complete modern. [155] The philosophers have often debatedTelepathy, 20:a disrupted solar plexus center, bringing complete demolition of what is occultly called "the
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