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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETED

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Astrology, 42:the order next to them, the fifth. They are then completed or perfected, and it is owing to thisAstrology, 115:Christ, the perfected individual soul, the completed manifestation of the microcosm. Thus theAstrology, 279:in this interrelation, indicating [279] the completed activity of the Mutable Cross or of theAstrology, 390:into" at the first initiation is consummated and completed in Pisces. That which impelled to theAstrology, 409:under the inspiration of the new sign is completed. We are, therefore, not yet free from incidentalAstrology, 463:triangles along the base line. When the work is completed, the base line is formed by two blendedAstrology, 464:sixfold triangle - objective and subjective - is completed. Astrology, 479:triangles and when the evolutionary process is completed, it will have been organized. At present aAstrology, 498:upon Earth - this is no easy task. We have completed what I felt possible to communicate anent theAstrology, 532:the same "impression" for my task is not yet completed and this series of bridging TreatisesAstrology, 561:is illumined and conscious of the effects of the completed cycle (indicated by the circle) of theAstrology, 593:beginning; it is alpha and omega producing the completed whole and the perfect fruition of theAstrology, 605:to express. When their full creative work is completed, there will emerge a "something else orAstrology, 620:self-consciousness. This is the first stage of completed, divine fulfilment. It connotes body,Astrology, 630:of revelation is rounded out; the cycle is completed; the serpent of matter, the serpent of wisdomAstrology, 676:F. 597) "In Vulcan, the sons of Mind have nearly completed their work." (C. F. 742) Atom, 93:man produced, all has its end thus far; But in completed man begins anew A tendency to God.Autobiography, 28:thirteen) until our education was supposed to be completed, my whole life was one of change andAutobiography, 247:on the Seven Rays. It is a long book, not yet completed. It is taking shape in four volumes, two ofAutobiography, 249:years and when A Treatise on the Seven Rays is completed, a short book on glamor is ready for theBethlehem, 23:from evil and materialism. When this process is completed, many will find themselves ready to makeBethlehem, 39:man produced, all has its end thus far: But in completed man begins anew A tendency to God.Bethlehem, 68:one stage of life's long journey is nearly completed. This symbolism is truer, perhaps, than weBethlehem, 76:cycle of approximately 25,000 years. Having completed the preparatory work, by His twelfth yearBethlehem, 101:to the baptism of John. That submission and completed purification brought its reward. It was atBethlehem, 186:the human, that the cross and its purpose is completed, and to this the death of Christ bearsBethlehem, 209:which He died to establish. The work had been completed, and in that strange little country calledBethlehem, 222:sacrifice of the entire lower nature had been completed, and there was silence and darkness forDiscipleship1, 31:emerge. How that structure [31] will appear when completed is known only to the inspired vision ofDiscipleship1, 42:inner counterpart. This inner counterpart is a completed whole. The outer results are still onlyDiscipleship1, 134:February 1939 BROTHER OF OLD: You have now completed a year's work with me and in this group ofDiscipleship1, 219:personality balance. You have, however, nearly completed the task and the worst part of the processDiscipleship1, 228:upon his plugging, from that moment until he has completed his [229] task, he remains internallyDiscipleship1, 300:Way. We shall otherwise leave your work to be completed, if you so will. Discipleship1, 554:life. This group is today, for the first time, a completed group unit. The time for fusion and forDiscipleship1, 580:occupied with the same task but they have nearly completed that task. The effect upon some of themDiscipleship1, 758:disciples, beloved and close; then the nine, who completed the inner Ashram. Next came the seventyDiscipleship1, 779:on the Seven Rays. It is a long book, not yet completed. It is taking shape in four volumes, two ofDiscipleship1, 781:for years. When A Treatise on the Seven Rays is completed, a short book on glamor ready for theDiscipleship2, 49:third year. This period of time is now nearly completed, and today I ask you two questions: WhatDiscipleship2, 90:the instructions on the designated themes are completed, I will write an instruction upon groupDiscipleship2, 101:and more experienced Masters, is by no means completed; it may be (and probably is) an experimentDiscipleship2, 119:you on the first part of the new meditation. The completed meditation involves the process ofDiscipleship2, 120:the heart center. When the two above stages are completed, then comes a lengthy process ofDiscipleship2, 179:of papers I gave you a group meditation; this completed a unit of seven meditations, all of whichDiscipleship2, 266:to the sutratma which, when the antahkarana is completed, blends all types of consciousness, spiritDiscipleship2, 321:activity. Revelation seldom breaks in all its completed beauty into the consciousness of theDiscipleship2, 392:ideal. When the process of modification is completed, the idea - in the form of an ideal - descendsDiscipleship2, 432:Then when the initiatory process is completed and "he returns from whence he came to carry out theDiscipleship2, 454:released when the interlude of tension has completed its work, and become effective when theDiscipleship2, 465:Lodge and of like rank and of lesser rank, is completed or at least well on the way to fruition.Discipleship2, 567:reflection, taking one each month and - when completed - resuming the sequence. From the centerDiscipleship2, 723:work in Europe can be stabilized and the books completed. I put these two things in the order ofDiscipleship2, 745:toward the source of power and strength." Having completed this exercise, then meditate for tenEducation, 28:when this lower aspect of the antahkarana is completed, and the first great conscious unity isEducation, 54:the light of mental knowledge to man. Thus was completed (in the three races) the arduous task ofEducation, 99:from three angles, each contributing to the completed whole which is to make the individual: anEducation, 148:must parallel the path of outgoing. I have now completed my introductory presentation of theExternalisation, 38:process, as it is to take place in the world, be completed. From certain angles the work of theExternalisation, 212:orientations and territorial syntheses are completed - the world will settle down again to theExternalisation, 348:through light substance to the Earth is nearly completed, the time has nearly come when "in thatExternalisation, 504:of the advent or second Coming, has now been completed. There remains the precipitation of thatExternalisation, 514:Heavenly Men on the second or monadic plane - is completed in full expression, for each one linkedExternalisation, 538:reorganization prior to moving outward, will be completed by May, 1946. Then the task of the newExternalisation, 614:spiritual possibilities ahead, of the task to be completed in sealing "the door where evil dwells,"Externalisation, 631:I intend to give you. In 1949, I shall have completed thirty years of carefully planned andFire, 13:the forms of maya. When the rocky strata were completed the work stood in completion. The buildersFire, 20:fourfold is now ready; the work of denseness is completed; the vehicle prepared. Soundeth the trumpFire, 33:times the blue enfoldeth, and when the cycle is completed the purple fadeth and is merged into theFire, 47:fifth Initiation in this solar system, and has completed one of his greater cycles. 13 When theFire, 100:within any ring-pass-not when the cycle has been completed. This matter of the etheric body is of aFire, 136:of the Spirit. The at-one-ment with the Ego is completed when it is fully stimulated, andFire, 161:and around the entire periphery. This signifies completed activity in every department of matterFire, 175:74 "When the last cycle of man-bearing has been completed by that last fecund earth; and humanityFire, 192:when the threefold hearing is consummated will completed hearing on the physical plane be likewiseFire, 198:and touched, and the threefold merging is completed. Forget not in this connection the mystery ofFire, 200:and the not-self. Taste - Perfection. Evolution completed through the utilization of the not-selfFire, 236:the essence of the three, and the work is completed. This process lies many millennia ahead, duringFire, 253:of the higher or fifth vibration, which will be completed and transcended in the next or fifthFire, 291:on the cosmic astral plane, and has nearly completed it. He is beginning to work at the control ofFire, 319:Word. 23 Electricity as Sound. Here we have the completed, threefold Sacred Word. 23 "ThroughFire, 372:the Heavenly Man, in the full beauty of His completed seven cycles, and prior to His merging intoFire, 574:it has reached its full volume, when it is fully completed, it forms one of the notes in the majorFire, 575:of fivefold atomic subplane matter, then we have completed the round of evolution for this system.Fire, 575:complete the scale, and our Logos will then have completed His building. The fourth CreativeFire, 652:man produced, all has its end thus far: But in completed man begins anew A tendency to God.Fire, 673:than the higher three. Not even yet is His work completed, and deva [674] substance in its variousFire, 681:(S. D., II, 83.) Thus the esoteric seven is completed. The physical body in its denserFire, 695:The physical incarnation of the Logos is completed. The lower three kingdoms, being negative to theFire, 696:of the fifth principle or quality, the completed cycle of the Ego upon the five Rays under theFire, 742:Vulcan and Venus schemes - Their work is nearly completed. Venus is in her last round, and hasFire, 744:cycles to run before the purpose of its Lord is completed. Certain lesser periods of pralaya do notFire, 768:has taken place and the work of at-one-ment is completed; the fourth kingdom [769] in nature is aFire, 772:become more numerous. In time, the formulas are completed, and the lunar Pitris respond no more toFire, 883:petals. The interplay between the two circles is completed, and the [884] circulation of the forceFire, 976:form has been vitalized and its etheric form is completed or "sealed" as it is called, it canFire, 1016:of the building forces, now that their work is completed. This last set of formulas is of exceedingFire, 1020:the myriads of elemental lives available, have completed their work, and now cease fromFire, 1025:means that the magician (when his "shadow" is completed, and prior to the final stages ofFire, 1026:the shadow, yet burn it not. The fire sheath is completed. Let the magician chant the words that
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