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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETELY

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Astrology, 16:if these conditions of the exact moment and the completely wise astrologer are ever to be found asAstrology, 16:destiny and fate; they do condition and completely control the man who has no conscious soulAstrology, 76:throat and the heart centers, with the goal of completely awakening the ajna center. Those who areAstrology, 105:into their low place." Second: Saturn's power is completely ended and his work accomplished whenAstrology, 216:today. The year 1945 saw this influence almost completely vanish, particularly from the astralAstrology, 389:consider desire as subjective because he is so completely identified with form life upon the outerAstrology, 392:of aloneness are plumbed and the man stands completely isolated. He stands detached from "thatAstrology, 546:characteristic of the Kingdom of God. The completely atheistic approach of Russia to the problem ofAtom, 155:yet, sufficiently evolved so that He can respond completely to Sirius, but He can respond to theAutobiography, 26:background. Until I was twenty my life was completely disciplined by people or by the socialAutobiography, 47:it was an important cycle in my life and that it completely altered all my attitudes. What happenedAutobiography, 50:ourselves) but they are impossible to help if completely satisfied with their own. To me, theAutobiography, 50:Fundamentalist. I started off my career completely convinced that certain fundamental, theologicalAutobiography, 60:head is very small and perfectly round," I said, completely puzzled. "Well, then, Alice dear, whyAutobiography, 69:he was a decent man, that whilst under gas I was completely in his power and that it was hisAutobiography, 81:in my presence, only speaking when spoken to and completely correct in all relations to me as toAutobiography, 90:at that time. She knew me well and trusted me completely. One day towards the end of the season andAutobiography, 90:A. Bailey - Chapter II Arrived there I collapsed completely. I was worn out with over work, withAutobiography, 91:our present spiritual standpoint - is probably completely disgraceful. We've murdered in the past;Autobiography, 108:boiled an egg or made a cup of tea, and was a completely incompetent young woman. My experience inAutobiography, 111:very hot and dry in the summer. However, I felt completely isolated, culturally and mentally andAutobiography, 116:that he was suffering from nothing worse than a completely uncontrolled temper. In the meantime,Autobiography, 116:of the small town general practitioner is to me completely amazing. They know people; they liveAutobiography, 122:faces; they have such stupid habits; they are completely devoid of intelligence; the only excitingAutobiography, 123:and my full life as an evangelist finally got me completely down. Autobiography, 127:and this was a final blow. I was, therefore, completely disillusioned by life, by religion with itsAutobiography, 137:"The Secret Doctrine." I was intrigued by it but completely bewildered. I couldn't make head orAutobiography, 158:another sect. We discovered then that the E.S. completely dominated the T.S. Members were goodAutobiography, 166:writing for the Tibetan for nearly a month I got completely scared and absolutely refused, to doAutobiography, 171:of them intellectual giants and most of them completely unimportant. I had traveled so widely andAutobiography, 176:proverb that "Ignorance is bliss." After that completely shocking annual convention of the T.S. inAutobiography, 211:and after a year or so this disappeared. It completely vanished and as he was no longer alive IAutobiography, 231:then the probability is that their stars completely condition them and their horoscopes willAutobiography, 231:the dictum of their horoscope their free will is completely stultified, they work entirely withinAutobiography, 285:that again is his business. To leave the student completely free is a fundamental aim of the ArcaneAutobiography, 303:in the field of Goodwill was for a cycle almost completely destroyed. At least until the outerAutobiography, 303:by establishing the Triangle movement was almost completely frustrated. The possibility of carryingBethlehem, 131:experience tried, tested, and with His divinity completely vindicated. He knew Himself to be God;Bethlehem, 207:and the "great heresy of separateness" was completely overcome by His all-inclusive spirit. Thus HeBethlehem, 232:return of hope among a few of them. All are completely certain that Jesus is indeed the Christ.Destiny, 13:in the consciousness of the race which will completely alter man's attitude to life and his graspDiscipleship1, 26:glamor of aspiration. Those thus conditioned are completely satisfied and preoccupied with theirDiscipleship1, 36:complete alignment, so that soul-mind-brain are completely at-one. Mind to mind on the lower levelsDiscipleship1, 156:you do this you serve and are, at the same time, completely protected. This exercise can becomeDiscipleship1, 383:be severed but ever within yourself they must be completely snapped. This can be done before thisDiscipleship1, 510:relapses through old habits of thought not yet completely transcended? Your success is real andDiscipleship1, 570:my brother, that you have never served with a completely sacrificial spirit. You have done kindDiscipleship1, 593:yours. He has to learn, first of all, to stand completely alone (though only apparently so and onlyDiscipleship1, 619:give much; but you cannot give it until you have completely changed your estimate of yourself. InDiscipleship1, 619:for when that is disrupted and dissipated and completely broken up, you will be free to find yourDiscipleship1, 705:is truly the revealer. The power to withdraw completely, as individuals and as a group, from theDiscipleship2, 9:will serve to integrate his personality more completely but will also serve, above all else, toDiscipleship2, 55:light, extending between the Sun and the Moon, completely "irradiated the lunar surface" (to useDiscipleship2, 91:Such were H.S.D. and S.S.P., neither of whom has completely failed. The fact of the need - existentDiscipleship2, 93:palliatives and solutions which she suggests are completely right. F.C.D. is doing well, but he isDiscipleship2, 102:the spiritual aspirant is that the Hierarchy is completely unable - under the law of the freedom ofDiscipleship2, 163:itself; this, if rightly used, can and will completely alter and change man's attitude to life, hisDiscipleship2, 238:which has been presented by Soviet Russia runs completely counter to the truth. Their idea is thatDiscipleship2, 399:time in his personal history the initiate is completely [400] aligned and can function straightDiscipleship2, 481:weakness of which he is entirely oblivious and completely unaware. If told of its existence, heDiscipleship2, 611:into true perspective and changes attitudes so completely that the recognition of adequate rewardDiscipleship2, 669:to combat (upon the physical plane) has faded completely out of the human consciousness. The fieldDiscipleship2, 678:feeling that all the Goodwill work should be completely divorced from what you choose to callDiscipleship2, 731:and my work and your instantaneous cooperation, completely negated that possibility, but theEducation, 107:In order to bring this about, and thus completely change the present world attitudes and wrongEducation, 129:to the monadic or will life, it is as yet completely misunderstood and misinterpreted. It is inExternalisation, 12:with great facility on this illusory form and be completely deceived. Its vibration is of aExternalisation, 81:get quiet enough for five minutes each morning - completely [82] and interiorly quiet - and if youExternalisation, 107:in the consciousness of the race which will completely alter man's attitude to life and his graspExternalisation, 147:in a spirit of pure love and with a [147] completely unbiased attitude? Very few indeed. How manyExternalisation, 176:will be so prolonged that humanity will be completely exhausted, and thus a stalemate will beExternalisation, 247:for vague, sympathetic talk, because you will be completely identified with what is going on andExternalisation, 326:of the human consciousness is rendered completely futile or should be held in abeyance until theExternalisation, 365:any work of rebuilding. Others again are so completely pessimistic that they despair of everExternalisation, 394:the victory in the East and in the West is completely achieved. This you realize. But - againExternalisation, 425:- Mussolini, Hess, Goering and others. They completely overpowered the minds of these men, alreadyExternalisation, 497:releasing of the energy of the atom. This will completely change the economic and politicalExternalisation, 566:will take place when the Hierarchy will be so completely fused and blended with Humanity that theExternalisation, 568:are aspects of physical contact which They have completely transcended and utterly negated. ThereExternalisation, 573:the old theological activities will have been completely broken; Judaism will be fast disappearing;Externalisation, 587:with hierarchical plans for the future, has a completely open mind as regards the growth of trueExternalisation, 619:present opportunity; these can be regarded as so completely hindering that, unless they areExternalisation, 647:Group of World Servers consist of those who are completely dedicated to the service of humanity andExternalisation, 648:such vast proportions, and its effects were so completely dominated by the Forces of Evil, that -Fire, 49:thought as a separate consciousness can completely think, i.e., on which he can impose his ownFire, 138:unconsciously doing now. When the gap is [138] completely bridged, man's body becomes coordinatedFire, 191:dense material forms) his physical body would be completely disrupted. [192] He is not ready yetFire, 255:extend these ideas to a solar Logos, and see how completely the analogy persists. The paragraphsFire, 327:fourth round and on this fourth chain has to be completely mastered and controlled by the HumanFire, 393:died (by the birth of Pragna, or wisdom) is completely consumed by the predominant fire of wisdom."Fire, 400:working out of karma for a Heavenly Man, having completely worked out his personal karma in theFire, 439:solar system, it must not be supposed that it is completely abrogated; it has simply passed beyondFire, 709:appear at this stage in bud form and three are completely hidden and mysterious. At the same time,Fire, 738:the reward of his unselfishness on earth. He is completely engrossed in the bliss of all hisFire, 762:(the [762] jewel in the lotus) surrounded, and completely hidden, by three closely folded petals.Fire, 855:They are those Egos who have not yet completely unfolded the final tier of petals, but whose livesFire, 860:- are fully active with their twelve petals completely unfolded that the central circle of petalsFire, 878:upon the fiery altar. The causal body is completely destroyed. The four lower groups of solarFire, 883:At the fourth Initiation, the jewel (being completely revealed) through its blazing light, itsFire, 903:and the sixth type of matter in their bodies is completely subjected to the higher energy. 82 In
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