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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETELY

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Rays, 283:all levels of the cosmic physical plane and are completely free from it, can then - through theRays, 350:units of humanity - then existent - were so completely conditioned by these material principles andRays, 360:the four planes of the cosmic etheric plane are completely mastered and under occult direction, theRays, 407:or of spiritual will and spiritual love, completely unified and energetically active in aRays, 416:anything man can vision and which is free to a completely unlimited extent, again beyond the powerRays, 418:The present Jewish coloring of Masonry is completely out of date and has been preserved far tooRays, 459:lower concrete mind. This expresses itself most completely through the fifth Ray of ConcreteRays, 461:The abstract mind. This reveals itself most completely under the influence of the first Ray of WillRays, 461:of a soul body. The personality has by this time completely Absorbed the soul, or to put it perhapsRays, 472:of life and the uses of form, but stands completely unidentified with either, though blending theseRays, 475:- the body of the soul (the causal body) is completely and finally destroyed by the fire of theRays, 494:Light. In considering this process, words prove completely inadequate. At this stage, when veryRays, 510:personality into that of the soul; this is completely consummated at the third initiation. TheRays, 511:[511] into that of the Spiritual Triad, completely consummated at the fifth initiation. TheRays, 528:to Shamballa. This He did by virtue of a [528] completely finished and constructed antahkarana, andRays, 559:existence of previous civilizations, which have completely disappeared, leaving behind them faintRays, 606:it has not yet swung, even in intention, completely over, but the issues are becoming increasinglyRays, 615:today on to the mental plane, have made completely evident the fact that the locale of Christ'sRays, 635:emotional disturbance and being founded upon completely illogical premises. The Jew has ever beenRays, 697:any hold they may ever have had over him. He is completely detached. It is interesting to note thatRays, 716:anything which you can imagine, because they are completely detached and divorced from all contactRays, 722:only be undergone when the will of the Master is completely merged in that of the planetary Logos.Reappearance, 8:can act in this fashion because They [8] have completely divorced Themselves from every limitation,Reappearance, 100:by violence"; it is only in desperation and when completely at the end of his tether that theReappearance, 166:present opportunity; these can be regarded as so completely hindering that unless they are removed,Soul, 80:'Animated' and 'alive' are, as conceptions, completely identical, just as the conceptionsSoul, 147:most unimportant of these will inevitably and completely negative the whole field of science, forSoul, 147:for determinism to be true determinism must be completely so." - Leary, Daniel H., Ph.D., ModernSoul, 150:the power of electro-magnetism can influence and completely control gravitation,' said ProfessorTelepathy, 80:and Receptivity The main factor preventing a completely unimpeded sequence of impression fromTelepathy, 94:when the disciple is correctly oriented, completely dedicated and learning decentralization. If it
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