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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETENESS

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Astrology, 7:The Secret Doctrine which cannot yet be given in completeness. I can, however, give you some hintsAutobiography, 133:7 X 5 = 35; seven indicating a finished cycle, a completeness, and the opening of a door into aBethlehem, 53:expressed to man in terms of God's will and the completeness of that which God intends. We areBethlehem, 80:is a holy man? Wholeness, unity, at-one-ment, completeness - this is the [81] hall mark of aBethlehem, 114:to service, but none have succeeded with the completeness and the perfection of Christ. Discipleship1, 770:get the Master's idea and plans in far greater completeness, but fail often to work them out asDiscipleship2, 427:of the present penetration lies in its completeness and in the fact that response to these blendedFire, 102:originates from an other cycle of a relative completeness, and will give place ever to a higherHealing, 216:of great importance, and only takes place in its completeness at the time of the third initiation,Intellect, 97:They need not be expressed in their fulness and completeness, but must be incorporated in the lifeMagic, 116:expression, and thus tend [116] to more adequate completeness and more satisfactory endeavor. AMagic, 117:pours in on him; he gives all and is full to completeness; he asks nothing for himself and is theMeditation, 52:the major third of the Logoic Personality in its completeness, a correspondence to the major thirdMeditation, 54:sounding forth the Sacred Word in its sevenfold completeness for this solar system, the LogosMeditation, 167:of development, and in their synthesis comes completeness. Each of these three lines works throughMeditation, 221:the seven Heavenly Men attain perfection and completeness, and are esoterically considered to bePsychology1, 96:expression, the body, the totality emerges in completeness. How will this revelation come? We enterPsychology2, 399:since Plato endeavored to picture forth the completeness of the Whole and the intricacy of theRays, 371:God" (for a period of a life cycle) is seen in completeness and is already existent. The HierarchyRays, 489:of the bridge of light in all its beauty and completeness. The creative imagination has to beRays, 544:who has not taken the fourth initiation. The completeness of the fusion to which I refer is not
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