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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLETES

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Astrology, 275:which finds full expression in Aquarius which completes the experience of Leo and fuses it withAstrology, 472:which produce the great human crises; it also completes the final united effort of the Triangle:Education, 148:- between the three mental aspects. It thus completes the creation of the path of return to theFire, 138:the fires of mind and of matter are blended. It completes the perfecting of the personality life,Fire, 309:the soul of the lower three, the triangle that completes embodiment. Manas is therefore theFire, 775:Pitris or fathers of the material forms. Who completes him? The fivefold Lha. Who unites the higherFire, 1278:cosmic Lord - with His dim reflection solar - completes His cycle, meets His brother, becomes theHealing, 146:value, except in so far as it presents a truth, completes a picture, and gives the student aHercules, 159:he takes up again the work begun in Taurus, completes it and clears away the great mire, the greatInitiation, 99:sons of men, we must recognize that as mankind completes one unification after another, theInitiation, 117:and at the fifth the will aspect, and thus completes his contacts, responds to all necessaryPatanjali, 120:all the others, it is the climax and that which completes the work of development in the humanPsychology1, 47:This is the third of the divine attributes and completes, if I may so express it, the equipment ofPsychology2, 380:[380] becomes a realized potency and thus completes the fourfold lower man. These four types ofRays, 83:sound. That will be heard when the Christ completes His work at the time of the Second Coming. ThenRays, 138:esoteric students should attempt to grasp for it completes the planetary chain of Hierarchy andRays, 247:purpose; each of the seven supplements and completes the other six. Only by attempting to grasp theReappearance, 40:that which the Christ has done. When Christ completes the work during the next two thousand years
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