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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLEXITIES

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Astrology, 75:an infinite number of permutations possible, of complexities and relationships, due to the vastAstrology, 517:investigating astrologer will find that the complexities of the problem will disappear and theDiscipleship1, 338:happenings, of increased opportunities, fresh complexities and of definite spiritual crises. Then,Discipleship1, 347:in the synthesis of the apparently contradictory complexities, there will come eventuallyDiscipleship1, 347:and of difficulties. Has it ever struck you what complexities the Great Ones face as they deal withDiscipleship2, 20:to study, the new opportunities and the new complexities, as well as the new and comingDiscipleship2, 35:of world war, by the psychological impacts and complexities, aghast at the present and overwhelmedDiscipleship2, 415:him to substitute the pure reason for the many complexities of the lower mind. He has to wrestleDiscipleship2, 512:useful also, once and for all, to face up to the complexities of your own nature and to do soDiscipleship2, 580:this effort of mine started handicapped by the complexities which the concrete minds of myExternalisation, 613:sincere thinkers and Christian believers. The complexities and difficulties of this postwar periodFire, 431:wherein lies the relation between these complexities of entities. We must ever remember that we areGlamour, 108:and was the result of man's reactions to the complexities of his own constitution and to the energyHealing, 126:himself, after the second initiation, from the complexities of emotional and astral control. GlamorHercules, 119:and confirm each other, when we abandon the complexities of the lower mind. Virgo is also calledMagic, 18:of spirit. 2. The nervous system, with its complexities of nerves, nerve centers and thatPsychology1, 153:nature lose themselves in the realized complexities and problems. But the illumined intuition, withPsychology2, 55:substance and force), can readily comprehend the complexities of the subject. Two words arePsychology2, 154:which we characterize as Desire. All lesser complexities are based upon, subservient to, or arePsychology2, 410:concerned with those attitudes of mind, those complexities of idea and those "spiritualPsychology2, 500:of continuity of consciousness which adds the complexities of the astral plane to those of dailyPsychology2, 625:few centuries, give place to the problems and complexities of the man who is becoming groupReappearance, 161:to admit the possibility of His return. The complexities and the difficulties of this postwar
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