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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLICATE

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Astrology, 133:on physics or chemistry? I think not. What does complicate the problem is your feeling of doubt andDiscipleship1, 96:as someone superior and set apart and thereby complicate his problem and his effort; they mightDiscipleship1, 254:is your major problem. Let us further complicate that problem by the recognition of the rayDiscipleship1, 379:you follow not the normal procedure but complicate your problem by having a powerful astral body onDiscipleship1, 436:and right, and I do not seek to interfere or to complicate your mind in any way. The past threeDiscipleship1, 770:Plan, but is apt to revolt the intellectual, and complicate the work of the trained disciple.Discipleship2, 193:The symbology of the antahkarana tends badly to complicate the grasp of its real nature. May IDiscipleship2, 644:conditions and chosen associates tend to complicate matters and you are, therefore, today facingDiscipleship2, 667:There is more to it than that, but I fear to complicate certain simple truths which I seek to haveExternalisation, 74:the Jews as a whole. These two forces greatly complicate the problem by which humanity and theFire, 645:condition in the deva world and has tended to complicate deva evolution. The use of animal foodFire, 682:More detail at this moment would but serve to complicate. Let us be quite clear in our minds justFire, 1146:enumerated but would only serve at this stage to complicate the matter. A third factorHealing, 53:becoming appreciably present, and still further complicate the problem of the advanced human being.Healing, 625:are located. The healer, however, refuses to complicate his thinking with the multiplicity andMagic, 439:streams of energy upon our earth which tend to complicate the problem still further. Pluto is oneProblems, 173:the apathy of the churches which still further complicate the problem. It is - above all else - theProblems, 176:security and right human relations. To further complicate the problem, it must be borne in mindPsychology1, 97:both to encourage them in their endeavor and to complicate the way of the aspirant. This growingPsychology2, 295:in a man's nature. It does not, however, greatly complicate his problem in the three worlds ofPsychology2, 443:as a mind, and mental energy proceeded to complicate his problem. Finally, he arrived at the lifePsychology2, 478:is still so difficult to the vast majority, why complicate the problem by trying to live in a worldRays, 149:so many groups and septenates and this seems to complicate understanding considerably. Yet everyRays, 274:the work as exceedingly difficult and thus complicate, by their thinking, its essential simplicity;
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