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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLICATED

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Astrology, 41:formulae for these electrical energies are too complicated to be given here, but the student shouldAstrology, 129:the human kingdom. This subject is too vast and complicated to be elaborated here, but the pointAstrology, 133:specific point and can study successfully this complicated transitional astrology. And yet, is itAstrology, 133:transitional astrology. And yet, is it any more complicated to the beginner than a textbook onAstrology, 462:dictate. The subject is too vast, abstruse and complicated. I have, however, [463] indicated enoughAstrology, 512:will be obvious to you that the theme is thereby complicated still further; that dogmaticAstrology, 561:Cross. The symbol for the Cardinal Cross is more complicated and can be portrayed thus: Here youAutobiography, 96:Margaret Maxwell. There my problems became more complicated, not only by her solicitude but by theBethlehem, 121:is too broad to be considered here, and far more complicated than the average healer or healingDestiny, 42:and as evolution proceeds and becomes more complicated and complex it will nevertheless be moreDestiny, 45:Second: The situation is still further complicated by [46] the fact that both these rays influenceDestiny, 70:under consideration. The problem is likewise complicated because there will be the need toDiscipleship1, 57:group regarded as necessary? Is not life complicated enough without too much awareness of theDiscipleship1, 122:attitude of service. It has nevertheless complicated your life pattern and yet has been one of yourDiscipleship1, 163:which must be faced. The task is, however, complicated because the New Group of World Servers hasDiscipleship1, 233:This I think you know. Your problem is further complicated by the fact that your mental body is onDiscipleship1, 331:to be on the higher soul levels. This is complicated by the desire that those you love shouldDiscipleship1, 395:in the earlier stages). All this has been complicated by financial anxiety, with its power to cloudDiscipleship1, 409:of any teacher working with you is tremendously complicated. You both feel too intensely, and moveDiscipleship1, 466:your equipment. This condition is still further complicated by the fact that you have a first rayDiscipleship1, 466:life, you have a very difficult task and a complicated problem because (if I might so crudelyDiscipleship1, 596:the justice of my remarks. Your problem has been complicated (as is the problem of all disciplesDiscipleship1, 659:are strong and powerful, they are not complicated by any of the subsidiary attributes, such asDiscipleship2, 18:automatically and need not be regarded as a complicated technicality. Do the required meditationDiscipleship2, 55:the past year's work, brought in a far more complicated activity than heretofore. I explained toDiscipleship2, 125:task of each of you is hard enough without being complicated by the personal problems of someDiscipleship2, 235:so doing they have created sin and [235] greatly complicated human living and understanding. TheyDiscipleship2, 414:and its tabulating, analyzing and complicated approach to truth, is only a foundation upon which heDiscipleship2, 464:the past years), your intense sensitivity has complicated your life problem. Your karma... holdsDiscipleship2, 519:to people. This loving simplicity - free from complicated thinking, from mystery and from selfishDiscipleship2, 523:of all things, and life has been most complicated for you - physically, emotionally and mentally.Discipleship2, 580:man can understand. The work has hitherto been complicated by the attitude of those who have soughtDiscipleship2, 640:have arisen in your life and these have been complicated by the fact that the physical vehicle isDiscipleship2, 718:circumstances is - in your case - prone to make complicated and intricate the simplest of physicalExternalisation, 139:and by ancient hatreds. The task is also complicated by the activity of the mental processes of manExternalisation, 200:new world order, we are faced with a far more complicated problem [201] and yet, at the same time,Externalisation, 549:and the apathy of the mass of men have greatly complicated the task of the Hierarchy. 5. MyExternalisation, 668:in the Externalization The task is further complicated by the fact that in the substitution ofFire, 33:at first perusal to be somewhat abstruse and complicated but which, when meditated upon andFire, 331:be recollected that the subject is still further complicated by the factor of time which bringsFire, 772:required, and the formulas therefore grow more complicated, and the sounds on which they are basedFire, 1092:and kingdoms. The consideration of this is complicated by the fact that in any particular chain,Fire, 1104:them it will again become apparent what a complicated thing human unfoldment really is. TheseFire, 1145:quality, type and rhythm. The matter is further complicated by the fact that though the Ray of theFire, 1199:formulae for these electrical energies are too complicated to be given here, but the student shouldGlamour, 31:constructive. His problem becomes further complicated by his consequent distress and his deepGlamour, 85:and Inspiration. The problem of maya is complicated by the fact that upon the physical plane (asGlamour, 118:the personality and the soul, you will note how complicated is the problem. Yet remember this, myGlamour, 120:attention. The problem of the individual is complicated by certain inherited tendencies of aHealing, 167:the reasons which make them seem difficult and complicated, unnecessary and wasteful of time, areHealing, 276:factors, are not in reality the involved and complicated matter they appear to be today to theHealing, 276:that this science will be far simpler and less complicated than present medical science. Today,Healing, 292:its manifestations. The theme is too vast, too complicated and too widely diffusing in its effect.Healing, 298:of humanity in respect to imperfection is complicated, not only by the fact that the sevenHealing, 317:under the various headings, as the theme is too complicated, and often there are severalHealing, 345:too vast a nature in its implications and too complicated a problem for me to deal with in thisHealing, 582:of the third triangle. This sounds a somewhat complicated procedure but after a little practiceHealing, 582:now to the consideration of a long and somewhat complicated law and one which attempts to cover soInitiation, 180:five, ten, or twelve initiations. The matter is complicated for occult students, owing to certainInitiation, 181:initiations taken upon the major three. This is complicated somewhat by the fact that within theIntellect, 120:this is brought about depends on the exceedingly complicated internal structure of this organ, andMagic, 438:initiation. It will be evident therefore how complicated from the standpoint of the horoscope (asMeditation, 80:more abstruse, the longer it is studied. It is complicated by ray development, by the man's ownMeditation, 82:one nears the higher rungs) becomes ever more complicated and difficult. Each body has to be dealtMeditation, 205:consideration this evening is of profound and complicated interest. This seventh letter of mine hasProblems, 8:of the Nations This problem is far more complicated and deep seated than might appear at the firstProblems, 176:and, therefore, objective. This is further complicated by the fact that western Europe and easternPsychology1, 246:problem of the ray influences becomes still more complicated. In the basic color, green, we havePsychology1, 356:average man today, and leads to his complicated problem. This development gave man another type ofPsychology2, 55:to another, is a study so abstruse and complicated that only those initiates whose developmentPsychology2, 185:to the rulings of the Universal Mind; this is complicated in our time and age by a growingPsychology2, 345:necessarily through the use of most abstract and complicated symbols, requiring careful analysisPsychology2, 443:easily idealistic. The whole problem is further complicated by the rapidly emerging fourth rayPsychology2, 481:know that the whole subject is vaster and more complicated than they had thought, and that it wouldPsychology2, 583:hearing and his life becomes most complex and complicated. Where there is this premature awakeningPsychology2, 625:the more complex their reaction and the more complicated and disastrous the physiological andPsychology2, 654:It is, in reality, relatively simple, if not complicated by too much statistical deduction and thePsychology2, 741:simple. Simple ideas work out when complex and complicated ones fail in their objective. TheRays, 149:of effects. The way of the initiate is not a complicated one, once he has grasped the fact that heRays, 503:the outer plane of awareness. At first it seems complicated, as the disciple tries to master theRays, 674:between the pairs of opposites; the problem is complicated by the fact that men have to learn toSoul, 80:it is not a 'substance' at all, but a highly complicated event, a continuity of effects, whichTelepathy, 3:to the rulings of the Universal Mind; this is complicated in our time and age by a growingTelepathy, 79:impressing agent for the third; the problem is complicated, however, by the fact that the animalTelepathy, 129:Students are apt to make their thinking unduly complicated when they seek to itemize and define, to
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