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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPLICATION

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Astrology, 512:of detail in the world of effects. Another complication lies in the fact that though there areAutobiography, 96:India to ask me to marry him. On top of that complication came another. I got a letter theDiscipleship1, 254:qualities of the three bodies! Perhaps, however, complication will be simplified and a study of theFire, 744:comprehension of these greater cycles may come. Complication comes to the student nevertheless inHealing, 53:of the advanced human being. This "problem of complication" (if I might so call it) constitutes aHealing, 75:sometimes both exoteric and esoteric. Hence the complication of the problem. The above statementInitiation, 181:on one or other of the globes, and herein again complication lies, and much food for thought. ToMagic, 434:three groups of energies lead to the infinite complication which we find in nature. The claims ofPsychology2, 579:lower psychic powers becomes a hindrance and a complication. Temporarily, they must be thrust intoSoul, 14:inside. This seems at the best an unnecessary complication." - Pillsbury, W. B., Dr., The History
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