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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPOSE

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Astrology, 27:system with the twelve constellations which compose our zodiac. Secondly, that we have necessarilyAstrology, 419:interlocking triangles between the stars which compose these constellations interiorly and ourAstrology, 419:Lives of the Great Bear. The sun, Sirius. These compose major triangles of force and all are heldAtom, 56:human life, or in the aggregate of lives which compose a solar system, God is, through the form,Bethlehem, 88:the emotional nature, and the mind. These three compose the form side of man, and veil or hide theDestiny, 69:great groups of human beings (those who now compose the present nations) will be ready forDestiny, 70:the nation, and the people themselves who compose that unit which we call a nation. Some nationsDiscipleship1, 75:will lie in the fact that the individuals who compose it are not only egoically linked but thatDiscipleship1, 178:lines [178] are the five lines of energy which compose the teacher's equipment and those whichDiscipleship1, 178:compose the teacher's equipment and those which compose the equipment of the one who is to beDiscipleship1, 189:and voluntary cooperation between the units who compose the group. This is not always easy. YouDiscipleship1, 567:Once in the recent history of the group who compose part of my Ashram I gave a certain injunctionDiscipleship1, 627:purified and trained and if the disciples who compose it can be sufficiently welded together intoEducation, 46:country; over fifty different races or nations compose the U.S.S.R. The United Kingdom is aExternalisation, 603:of emotion as their general technique, and compose that great body of "illumined Minds" which guideExternalisation, 643:the needs of the different types of people who compose humanity and who are represented in theFire, 134:has been laid on the three spinal channels that compose the threefold spinal cord. These channelsFire, 247:- S. D., I., 201. The same invisible lives compose the atoms, etc. - S. D., I, 281. Every atom inFire, 478:scatters the electrons or negative points which compose its sphere of influence, and scatters themFire, 621:they are the deva force and substance 2 which compose the dense physical body of the Logos, henceFire, 775:sin, and soma. Fish, sin and soma collectively compose the three symbols of the immortal being.Fire, 889:to the [889] enunciator. The tiny lives which compose that substance are forced (through the energyFire, 904:treatise, and also to the tiny essences which compose the fires of manifestation. As the nature ofFire, 907:thus affect the myriads of lesser lives which compose man's body, and also by an increasedFire, 1055:phrase? Surely that the milliards of atoms which compose the planetary body (whether dense orFire, 1084:of force other and lesser wheels. Yet many suns compose the cosmic One. Wheels within wheels,Fire, 1098:are formed of seven types. The devas who compose this body are grouped together as "the cohorts ofFire, 1100:The energies of the atoms of substance which compose the mental body. The energies of the lunarFire, 1105:itself in peculiar ways, and as the human monads compose those centers, each group will have itsFire, 1208:in the realm of the hierarchies. The lives which compose a Hierarchy pass in ordered cycles intoHealing, 2:which is the sumtotal of all the organisms which compose it; these possess the varying functionsHealing, 56:brain tissue and interrelated systems which compose that intricate piece of machinery, the humanHealing, 167:and the network of energies and forces which compose the human organism should be studied. A mentalHealing, 557:with an understanding of the energies which compose it or which it does or can transmit, of theHealing, 608:elementals. These, in their triple totality, compose the personality. They are occultly under theHealing, 635:the life of the sumtotal of all the atoms which compose all forms. To this sumtotal of livingHealing, 690:which are not related to the seven sounds which compose the threefold AUM. Healing, 695:ray energies are the seven forces which unitedly compose the primary Ray of Love-Wisdom. This isInitiation, 20:scheme through those great Personalities who compose the Hierarchy, link it and all that itInitiation, 195:many lesser lives which, in their sum total, compose his triple body of manifestation. Thus isInitiation, 196:things, and thus bring the lesser lives, which compose those three bodies of manifestation, underMagic, 8:and the vast hierarchy of sentient beings who compose the sum total of all that is. This is theMagic, 29:they play, and their mutual interactions as they compose all forms in all the kingdoms of nature,Magic, 283:the cells of that body, of the individuals who compose it? What should be the quality of itsMagic, 450:they play, and their mutual interactions as they compose all forms in all the kingdoms of natureMagic, 591:upon the fact that the energy of the cells which compose the body or the matter aspect (called inMeditation, 25:atom itself. The electronic combinations that compose the atom which has suffered polarization areMeditation, 240:veiled himself under all the seven colors that compose that ray, the reincarnating jiva takes thePatanjali, 342:form the five planes of monadic evolution; they compose the five vibratory spheres in which man andProblems, 44:country; over fifty different races or nations compose the U.S.S.R. The United Kingdom is aProblems, 68:character and the multiplicity of races which compose them, are normally more inclusive in theirPsychology1, 132:and vibratory matter or substance, which compose all forms in all kingdoms. Added to this, therePsychology1, 193:determining the life of the unit cells which compose the form) the range of contacts extendsPsychology1, 341:and express themselves through the forms which compose man's environment, a growing power toPsychology2, 110:from the angle of the seven ray groups, as they compose the spiritual aspect of the human family.Psychology2, 150:emanate from the three tiers of petals which compose the egoic lotus. (See page 823 of A TreatisePsychology2, 290:the various elementals or lunar lords which compose, constitute and control the lower nature.Psychology2, 453:eventuates a speeding up of the atoms which compose the personality vehicles; there follows aRays, 9:of the body. These exist in three groups and compose respectively the four types of bodies: denseRays, 10:of form, in a comprehension of the lives which compose it, and in an ability to hear the voice ofRays, 80:I would have you note that the sounds which compose the word "Shamballa" are predominantly alongRays, 97:than the aggregate of group lives which compose it. Though individuals of varying points inRays, 557:process whereby the septenate of energies which compose the sum total of all the existences withinRays, 564:on behalf of the untold myriad of lives which compose His body of manifestation, holds Him inRays, 647:This was the intent and the purpose of Those Who compose the Council Chamber of the Lord. It restsRays, 735:with the planetary Logos Himself, and Those Who compose these groups are all initiates of degreesReappearance, 50:of emotion as their general technique, and compose that great body of "illumined Minds" whichReappearance, 104:have to face and which all Those Who today compose the spiritual Hierarchy have already faced. WhenTelepathy, 81:of all the living processes and entities that compose the manifestation of Sanat Kumara which isTelepathy, 127:and understanding; then the lives that compose the human family present the goal to the subhumanTelepathy, 143:by and is expressive of the energies which compose the etheric body. These, as will be apparent,Telepathy, 172:the color and the activity of the energies which compose the petals of the lotus; their unfoldmentTelepathy, 192:energies. The three periodical vehicles which compose the expression of the human being and which
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