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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPOSED

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Astrology, 11:space is etheric in nature and its vital body is composed of the totality of etheric bodies of allAstrology, 44:etheric body of the solar Logos and take forms composed of either gaseous, liquid, or denseAstrology, 44:and the remaining groups, the forms are composed of substance of the three lower planes (that whichAstrology, 305:have achieved adeptship and upwards. They are composed of superimposed squares, stars andAstrology, 418:terms as earthy triplicity or fiery triplicity, composed each of a cardinal, a fixed and a mutableAstrology, 482:consequent establishing of a triangle of force composed of the Pointer, Aries and our Earth. ThisAstrology, 482:is a secondary one within our sun's orbit, composed of Vulcan, Pluto and the Earth. In the ArchivesAstrology, 488:esoteric rulers can be seen. These triangles, composed of three constellations are (according toAstrology, 554:Christ - The Fixed Cross This is the Cross composed of the four energies which condition the lifeAstrology, 644:105, Note) 22. "The seven sacred Planets are composed of matter of [645] the fourth ether and theAstrology, 647:who together with their Father, the Sun ...composed a powerful ogdoad." (S.D. Vol. III, 316) 34.Atom, 25:in itself as a whole, yet which is composed of many lesser individualities and forms. In connectionAtom, 27:emerging the one perfect, fully conscious whole, composed of myriads of separate identitiesAtom, 34:particle of matter is now demonstrated to be composed of a positive nucleus of energy, surrounded -Atom, 39:like matter, is indestructible. Our bodies are composed of myriads of infinitesimal entities, eachAtom, 39:in itself a unit of life; just as the atom is composed of myriads of electrons. The human beingAtom, 98:man as a central will manifesting through a form composed of atoms, and demonstrating the threeAtom, 125:in this city, and gather together an audience composed of the unskilled laborers and illiterates, IAutobiography, 231:relationship to the spiritual Hierarchy. It is composed of aspirants working towards discipleshipAutobiography, 234:of the New Group of World Servers is composed of the men and women of goodwill. These are notAutobiography, 262:everywhere to be found. These organizations are composed of groups of people with devoted spiritualBethlehem, 13:composite, gathered from many [13] sources and composed of many truths. Yet it is legitimate toBethlehem, 63:these two words. This constellation is also composed of three stars in the shape of a cup. This isBethlehem, 273:earth, divorced from all clerical government and composed of all, regardless of race or creed, whoBethlehem, 273:tread the Way of Initiation. The kingdom is not composed of orthodox theologically minded people.Bethlehem, 281:The kingdom is now organized upon earth and is composed of those men and women everywhere who haveDestiny, 20:as its main channel of expression. This group, composed as it is of all world disciples and allDiscipleship1, XV:souls. It is precipitating on earth and will be composed of those who are becoming group-consciousDiscipleship1, 33:living organisms. This group to which I refer is composed of two oriental initiates (of whom I amDiscipleship1, 39:and transmitted. 9. This ninth group will be composed of Financiers and Economists. They will workDiscipleship1, 53:more definitely and to form groups on earth - composed of the isolated, responding individuals - soDiscipleship1, 63:need for telepathic sensitivity in every group, composed of disciples, is based upon threeDiscipleship1, 84:own level (that composite group soul which is composed of the soul of each individual member). ThisDiscipleship1, 278:perfecting process. This group in my Ashram is composed of human beings who are oriented towardsDiscipleship1, 645:BROTHER: You have been asked to join this group, composed of certain of my chosen students. YouDiscipleship1, 707:- under the future Aquarian experiment - will be composed of a focus of personalities and souls.Discipleship1, 727:and vitality of the inner group. This group is composed, as you know, of old and experiencedDiscipleship1, 728:An Ashram is an international group; it is composed of souls in incarnation and out of incarnation;Discipleship1, 740:ladder of evolution. It is not so. An Ashram is composed of all degrees, ranging from that of aDiscipleship1, 754:a great Ashram with a triangle at the center, composed of the Christ, the Mahachohan and the Manu.Discipleship2, 24:"Labor of the Plan." Such a group must itself be composed of people who have taken initiation. AsDiscipleship2, 33:with my Ashram but working in a group composed of disciples upon all the rays and whoseDiscipleship2, 107:every field of thought and activity) are usually composed of people possessing some basic idea uponDiscipleship2, 107:here to make you think and reason) that a group composed entirely of people upon the same ray, andDiscipleship2, 107:It is wise to realize that an Ashram is composed of disciples and initiates of all degrees. It isDiscipleship2, 124:heart and the solar plexus. Vision it then as composed of the energy of light, something resemblingDiscipleship2, 170:is necessary to realize that it is one network, composed of two types of energy. For this reason,Discipleship2, 171:of which the Theosophical Society is largely composed, and the experiment was brought to an end; itDiscipleship2, 182:establishing of a triangle in the etheric body, composed of a line of energy between: TheDiscipleship2, 201:of the Hierarchy. b. The greater Ashram, composed of many Ashrams, is the fulfiled production ofDiscipleship2, 203:basis. Again, the New Group of World Servers is composed of widely diverse men and women, gatheredDiscipleship2, 204:is endeavoring consciously to build. It is composed of those who have penetrated in consciousnessDiscipleship2, 204:- in detail - the New Group of World Servers is composed of the following groups: Initiates andDiscipleship2, 249:look as if made of silver and are in reality composed of that metal which is the allotrope ofDiscipleship2, 274:which will some day distinguish a humanity, composed of many aspects which are neverthelessDiscipleship2, 305:lies before the investigator a square or oblong, composed of a kaleidoscopic mass of inchoateDiscipleship2, 305:this square is a radiant sun with a penumbra composed of the seven prismatic colors; these radiateDiscipleship2, 383:when you ask this question is: Is the group - composed as it is of individuals - taking the sameDiscipleship2, 383:By no means. A group should be (and is) composed of individuals at varying points of development;Discipleship2, 402:for instance, that the planetary forms are now composed of a much higher substance than in primevalDiscipleship2, 408:and is rapidly becoming a strong cable, composed of all the many threads of living light, ofDiscipleship2, 408:Hierarchy, with the Personnel of which it is composed; this group of liberated and functioningDiscipleship2, 437:time a threefold "lighted relation": a triangle composed of the light of the Spiritual Triad, of aDiscipleship2, 444:back over your life, you will find that it is composed of short periods wherein you were intenselyDiscipleship2, 494:I would point out to you that the brain is ever composed of atoms and cell units which vibrate toEducation, 40:feeling. Yet there were highly sensitive races, composed of nations and groups who labored over theEducation, 46:are all intermingled today. The United States is composed of people from every known country; overEducation, 46:nations bound together into one group. India is composed of a multiplicity of peoples, religionsEducation, 148:as a whole, through the medium of the Hierarchy composed of individuals. This is basically theExternalisation, 47:take time to consider the tenth, which will be composed of the key people in the other groups,Externalisation, 191:the governing body in any nation should be composed of those who work for the greatest good of theExternalisation, 214:the world today with extreme definiteness and is composed of those who throw the weight of theirExternalisation, 308:Avatar, and - at the same time - a group savior, composed of responsive disciples and worldExternalisation, 323:and on quite a large scale. This group is composed of aspirants, disciples and initiates, and isExternalisation, 513:Hierarchy. In the esoteric group, which is composed of the true spiritual esotericists found in allExternalisation, 533:and it has been demonstrated, that the AUM is composed of one major Sound, three minor sounds, andExternalisation, 603:its sake. That Kingdom has ever been with us, composed of all those who, down the ages, have soughtExternalisation, 611:spiritual Hierarchy, and that Hierarchy is today composed of Those Who have united in ThemselvesExternalisation, 612:the Church Invisible, the spiritual Hierarchy, composed of disciples of all faiths. He recognizesExternalisation, 679:not all be on the teaching line, but will be composed of disciples upon many rays; the attempt toFire, 4:The atom of the scientist is also triple, being composed of a positive nucleus, the negativeFire, 45:to its vehicle. 12 The quaternary is composed of the four lower principles and the sheaths throughFire, 55:and also that the substance of which they are composed is animated by a triple fire, as is theFire, 69:has, for its focal point on each plane, an atom composed of matter of the atomic subplane of eachFire, 92:devas of a slightly violet hue. Their bodies are composed of the matter of one or other of the fourFire, 98:life with the dreaded shears. The etheric web is composed of the intricate weaving of thisFire, 121:the fourth ether. The seven sacred planets are composed of matter of this fourth ether, and theFire, 244:Men plus the units in Their bodies, which are composed of deva and human monads form, in theirFire, 272:not counted. The dense cosmic physical body is composed of matter of the three lower planes of theFire, 313:relation to the matter of which his vehicles are composed. In relation to the units which form hisFire, 328:of the Heavenly Men have Their etheric vehicles composed of this fourth cosmic ether (buddhicFire, 368:radius that chain in our scheme which is composed predominantly of buddhic matter. Then, via thatFire, 393:enjoyment or suffering. This Karana Sarira is composed of the fifth Kosa (Anandamaya) of man andFire, 395:considering it [395] as a corporate whole composed of many lesser lives, suffers or prospers as itsFire, 406:the subsequent escape of the Spirit into a form composed of matter which responds to the vibrationFire, 437:of all Beings, are ever seven in number, and are composed of deva and human units in groupFire, 461:Day." In Atlantean days the lives which composed the third kingdom of nature were divided into twoFire, 469:this matter or substance is intelligent material composed of deva essence. Cosmic Karma - ImposedFire, 515:is a sphere of physical or astral substance, composed of atomic matter, and characterized by theFire, 527:within the circumscribing wall of substance, composed of third aspect force or substance. What has
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