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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPOSED

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Magic, 501:both is a closely woven web of etheric matter, composed of interlacing strands of life energy.Magic, 525:of the plan. We will infer a humanity which is composed of all the sons of men. It includes on theMagic, 592:by an interlaced protective [592] web which is composed of a curious blend of etheric and gaseousMeditation, 29:of causal bodies correspond and are similarly composed, three factors entering in. [30] The causalMeditation, 156:the Path is to build an emotional body that is composed of matter of the higher subplanes, is clearMeditation, 176:bodies (regarded as separated sheaths) being composed of these involutionary lives. Therefore heMeditation, 182:evolutions, and the latent third evolution (composed of involutionary lives) were separated andMeditation, 233:of hue in the aura of the race, which aura is composed of the composite auras of the units of theMeditation, 266:Men are there to be found, each of Whom is composed (from the standpoint of form) of group souls, -Meditation, 274:reached a certain intensity, when the bodies are composed of a certain grade of matter, when theMeditation, 278:shews all the fluctuations of his nature. Being composed of emotion and mental matter it pulsatesMeditation, 317:have, therefore, ten superintending teachers, composed of seven men and three women, including aMeditation, 335:up until ultimately you will have a body composed of atomic subplane matter... This may takeMeditation, 355:of the Vedas, the second part of which is composed of the Brahmanas. In esoteric phraseologyMeditation, 357:evolution of the universe. It may be said to be composed of two roots, "pra" to manifest, andPatanjali, 90:He realizes also that as the human kingdom (composed of human atoms) is the midway point or stationPatanjali, 153:the great maya or world of illusion which is composed of forms of every kind, built of substancePatanjali, 202:substance out of which each of these vehicles is composed. It is attained in three ways:Patanjali, 342:to do. The head center is dual in itself and is composed of the center between the eyebrows and thePatanjali, 387:body, and for all the cells of which they are composed and as he studies his problem more closelyProblems, 44:are all intermingled today. The United States is composed of people from every known country; overProblems, 44:nations bound together into one group. India is composed of a multiplicity of peoples, religionsProblems, 77:should exist also between capital and labor (composed as both groups are of [78] human beings) andPsychology1, 27:emanations from the central vortex of force are composed of untold myriads of energy units whichPsychology1, 27:to the environment, regarding the environment as composed of the sum total of all lives, qualitiesPsychology1, 40:as in nature, there are the intermediate stages composed of those who are on their way to aPsychology1, 56:sum total which we call the Personality, composed of the subtle bodies, - etheric or vital, astralPsychology1, 91:cells and atoms of which it was originally composed. When the principle of coherence or ofPsychology1, 91:left but the atoms of which the body had been composed. These in their turn are dissipated andPsychology1, 123:ten years time the first ether, with all that is composed of that matter, will be recognizedPsychology1, 149:theory. This posits a living substance, composed of a multiplicity of sentient lives which arePsychology1, 315:and known save energy, and that all forms are composed of energy units and are in themselvesPsychology1, 343:principle or spirit aspect. Thus every form is composed of innumerable lives, which have in them aPsychology2, 12:the many constituting the intelligent group, composed of the self-aware individuals, can thenPsychology2, 23:the third initiation, the whole personality, composed of the three aspects, becomes sensitive toPsychology2, 63:which has been called the "etheric body", composed entirely of threads of force which, in theirPsychology2, 67:here that the New Group of World Servers is composed of those who are engaged in this work for thePsychology2, 112:the group carries the individuals of which it is composed to greater heights than would be possiblePsychology2, 139:that there can be formed upon the planet a group composed of a number of persons of such radiatoryPsychology2, 179:group has eventually turned out to be one composed of kindred souls who are all thinking alike,Psychology2, 185:body is in reality naught but energy. It is composed of myriads of threads of force or tiny streamsPsychology2, 284:solar system, and the energy of which it is composed does not, therefore, belong to our solarPsychology2, 290:that the mental body of every human being is composed of substance which is governed by the rays,Psychology2, 294:there is a vortex of force to be found which is composed of pure manasic energy, and, therefore, isPsychology2, 412:medium of the vital or etheric body, which is composed of energy streams; these work through sevenPsychology2, 425:the same time, that this personality is itself composed of four types of energy. According to ourPsychology2, 430:The establishment of a definite rhythm composed of the creative imagination, of discriminatingPsychology2, 615:are in the experimental stage and are largely composed of a few Aquarians, many Pisceans and aPsychology2, 651:found divided into two parts: An inner nucleus, composed of those active servers who knowPsychology2, 686:Hierarchy in deep attentiveness under the group composed of the two Lords, the twenty-one chohansPsychology2, 690:Forces. The New Group of World Servers, composed at this time of all those sensitive andPsychology2, 690:and world expansion. Originally, this group was composed of a handful of accepted disciples andPsychology2, 695:between the New Group of World Servers (composed of all true disciples, aspirants, and men of realPsychology2, 697:the group carries the individuals of which it is composed to greater heights than would be possiblePsychology2, 715:it is divided into two major divisions: A group composed of disciples who are consciously workingPsychology2, 715:to make the necessary sacrifices. A group composed of aspirants and world-conscious men and women,Psychology2, 723:the agency of groups. These groups - being composed of ignorant, unstable, selfish and ambitiousPsychology2, 737:smaller but spiritually potent and is composed of those whose work it is to further God's plansRays, 19:reminding you that such groups are ever composed of those who have taken the first initiation, andRays, 73:shut behind the initiate. That light is itself composed of the light of buddhi and the light ofRays, 96:to which we give the name "personality," composed of a vital or etheric body, a sumtotal ofRays, 97:These words deal with the group personality, composed of all the personalities of its members. ItRays, 143:throughout the human structure and form, man is composed primarily of light atoms, and that theRays, 213:recognized [213] and utilized. A group is not composed of disciples all of whom are being preparedRays, 213:of my earlier statement, that a group is composed of men and women all of whom are at the sameRays, 224:the fourth [224] initiation. A group can be composed of disciples and initiates of all degrees,Rays, 252:and of the various Ashrams of which it is composed. I have presented the Hierarchy as the Ashram ofRays, 312:in the egoic lotus - those petals which are composed of the will quality of the Monad and relateRays, 318:is the Way of Resurrection. It is a Way which is composed of the light of intelligent substance, ofRays, 342:of an Ashram, conditioning its formation. It is composed of disciples and initiates at variousRays, 352:These are as follows: Electrical energy, composed of two forces of electricity: the innate, inertRays, 355:for us in the repentant thief. The Hierarchy, composed of all who have passed to liberation throughRays, 359:the standpoint of a Master, the four planes are composed of forces which are basically responsiveRays, 360:subplanes of the cosmic physical plane and are composed of the three dense physical planes (ourRays, 373:He relates the three points of the triangle composed of the Hierarchy, the world of souls on theRays, 379:as follows: The great Ashram, the Hierarchy, is composed of many Ashrams, creating an "invokingRays, 422:You have, therefore, the following triangle composed [423] of one stream of energy emanating fromRays, 505:the personality and the Spiritual Triad is composed of seven strands of energy, or seven streams ofRays, 505:built by humanity as a whole is one bridge composed of the multiplicity of individual bridges,Rays, 549:when the aspirant recognizes that he himself is composed of energy units - held in coherentRays, 550:to [550] work in a world of forces similarly composed; he then begins to use energy of a certainRays, 551:energies of which His body of manifestation is composed; it heightens the quality or the vibrationRays, 563:in the physical [563] brain. All of these are composed of and conditioned by the energy units ofRays, 563:soul. Each of these personality expressions is composed of and governed by one of the seven rayRays, 613:the immature; the progressive party should be composed of those who are aware of the unneeded andRays, 679:less important, and once the masses (composed of the millions of so-called "men in the street")Reappearance, 50:its sake. That Kingdom has ever been with us, composed of all those who down the ages, have soughtReappearance, 59:Spiritual Hierarchy, and that Hierarchy is today composed of Those Who have united in ThemselvesReappearance, 60:the Church Invisible, the Spiritual Hierarchy, composed of disciples of all faiths. He recognizesReappearance, 183:is divided into two major divisions: - A group composed of the disciples of the Christ who areReappearance, 184:to make the necessary sacrifices. A group composed of aspirants and world conscious men and women,Soul, 65:in the scheme of physics:... "Electric charges, composed of modified ether, are likely to prove toSoul, 96:the philosophers of India, the whole universe is composed of two materials, one of which they callTelepathy, 2:body is in reality naught but energy. It is composed of myriads of threads of force or tiny streamsTelepathy, 45:by groups or by aggregations of groups composed of living Beings Who have Their own agents ofTelepathy, 97:manifestation. This aura is (as you well know) composed of the emanations of the etheric body, andTelepathy, 118:somewhat differently: The Plan constitutes or is composed of the substance in which the Members ofTelepathy, 129:we know very little about, for they are largely composed of units of the deva evolutions (and ITelepathy, 141:the etheric body: The etheric body is primarily composed of the dominant energy or energies toTelepathy, 142:are already evidences. The etheric body is composed of interlocking and circulating lines of force
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