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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPOSING

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Astrology, 419:a relationship between: The seven stars, composing the Great Bear. The seven stars, composing theAstrology, 419:composing the Great Bear. The seven stars, composing the Pleiades, sometimes called the sevenExternalisation, 664:of the then totally uneducated masses composing labor. This Master works primarily with theFire, 735:by the will of the Ego, [735] and the atoms composing the form become dissociated from each other,Fire, 804:groups of atoms in His body, principally those composing the human and animal kingdoms, andGlamour, 9:of a truth for which a line or a series of lines composing a symbolic form may stand is not allGlamour, 117:is colored by past activity, as is the substance composing all the vehicles. This adds to maya andGlamour, 260:day the planetary symphony which Sanat Kumara is composing will be completed and our Earth willHealing, 575:few hints given in the analysis of the sentences composing Law IV will provide much food forInitiation, 2:creation of the sun and the seven sacred planets composing our solar system, our Logos employedInitiation, 152:by the minute sounds produced by the atoms composing that form. These sounds grow out of the otherMagic, 127:and is more important than the set phrase composing the word of power. Herein lies the problem - toPatanjali, 35:or upon the tanmatras or [35] elements composing spirit-matter, a knowledge of the purpose or planPatanjali, 96:can enter into the consciousness of the atoms composing any tangible form, and can advance furtherPatanjali, 283:of Satwa - one of the three great qualities composing all things - which is manifested asPatanjali, 342:each plane as well as to the mastery of elements composing that plane. It has reference to theProblems, 68:Great Powers, the fusion of the many elements composing their nationals into a united whole hasProblems, 124:religious groups of churches in every land and composing all faiths do not offer spiritual guidancePsychology1, 56:just outlined them: The soul of all the atoms, composing the tangible appearance. The personal soulPsychology2, 182:by the quality of the life of the individuals composing it, and their selflessness and service)Psychology2, 290:high point in evolution. The elementals composing the mental body are spoken of in the OldRays, 352:we call prana which is an aspect of the energy composing the etheric body. These two blend, combineRays, 550:of the energies flowing through and composing that "center which we call the race of men"; thisRays, 563:and is called the personality ray: The energy composing the mental vehicle. The energy whichRays, 738:work, to dream and to aspire. The five volumes composing A Treatise on the Seven Rays are nowReappearance, 159:religious groups of churches in every land, and composing all faiths do not offer spiritualTelepathy, 162:another battle goes on between the ethers composing the disciple's etheric body and the downpouringTelepathy, 177:of another or else side by side, and together composing a still larger form. Yet all these diverse
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