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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPOSITE

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Astrology, 57:have to be studied as a threefold entity, a composite individual, expressing (in the three worlds)Bethlehem, 12:the same purpose. Religion must eventually be composite, gathered from many [13] sources andDiscipleship1, 84:members with the soul on its own level (that composite group soul which is composed of the soul ofDiscipleship1, 633:this I need not enlarge. You are, therefore, a composite aggregate of forces, as follows: The soulExternalisation, 186:is eternal; the other is but transient. Man is a composite of higher and lower expressions, andExternalisation, 451:deepened understanding, this great [451] and composite nation will advance towards a demonstrationFire, 78:and of the planetary elemental who is himself a composite manifestation of the physical elementalsFire, 93:of Cause and Effect, or cosmic karma, and in the composite, yet individual, history of that one ofFire, 155:atom, Ability to function. Heat supplied to the composite form of which it may form a fragmentaryFire, 604:of atoms. Life of the 1st Logos - animating the composite forms. 2. The one Life synthesizes thisFire, 1041:which, in its aggregated phenomena, forms that composite sphere, a solar system. The motion of theFire, 1045:The planetary atom, equally self-determined, a composite of all planetary groups, rotating on itsGlamour, 267:- the sumtotal of all the past and the composite presentation upon the physical plane of allHercules, 11:energy units, and that man himself is likewise a composite bundle of forces and moving in a worldIntellect, 10:the question: "To what purpose shall we put this composite, complex mechanism which we call a humanIntellect, 54:coherent something which makes the human being (composite, yet unified, as he is) a thinking,Magic, 9:the central unity is known in time and space as composite and differentiated and yet, when time andMeditation, 118:If he builds into that group's causal body (the composite product of the several lines) aught thatMeditation, 164:Once a year the entire Hierarchy employs a composite mantram that creates a vacuum between theMeditation, 165:him with his egoic group and binds all into one composite whole, vibrating to one note. TheseMeditation, 233:aura of the race, which aura is composed of the composite auras of the units of the race. ForMeditation, 234:or to the Ego. They are recognized by you as the composite character and are seen by theProblems, 62:spirit still needs expression in writing - its composite glory and not just those aspects of itPsychology1, 119:We have learnt much, therefore, about that composite being called Man, and man, as a psychicPsychology1, 149:or small - constitute a Life, and that these composite lives, in their turn, are a corporate partRays, 467:or natures, and the bridge of living light is a composite creation, having in it: Force, focusedRays, 563:initiatory process is begun - is in reality a composite of five energies: The energy of the soul,Rays, 631:that each of these three nations is essentially composite in nature and is formed by anSoul, 14:to the other. Thus we may establish a third or composite school, [15] based upon the exactSoul, 25:[25] different portraits of the self. But the composite of them has a distinctly physiologicalTelepathy, 149:the multiplicity of the forms of which His great composite vehicle is composed, there is no needTelepathy, 175:becomes a center of living light and not a composite of seven radiant centers. Think on this.
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