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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPREHEND

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Astrology, 19:effects can be easily grasped by those who can comprehend the nature of the activities of theAstrology, 61:consciousness in Aquarius, and he begins to comprehend the significance of that basic combinationAstrology, 125:Cross (which is all that we can intelligently comprehend) begins really in Pisces; though impulsedAstrology, 250:of this sign are not easy to define or comprehend because they are in reality the synthesis of allAstrology, 354:divine Messenger in his true character, able to comprehend extremes and to relate them divinely toAstrology, 372:forward also through the constant attempt to comprehend and interpret the Plan for humanity, as itsAstrology, 387:most difficult situation for the average man to comprehend but the entire problem of the consciousAstrology, 388:who have passed through it could in any way comprehend anything I might say. The secret of TaurusAstrology, 422:all life and form in their true relation and can comprehend, and even occultly "see," the "passageAstrology, 434:of points in time and space will enable them to comprehend; to the uninitiate, I simply say,Astrology, 436:Heavenly Man which we struggle to perceive and comprehend, and which we regard as forming the threeAstrology, 441:chosen to consider them in our efforts to comprehend this basic astrological science. Astrology, 445:which humanity can at this time in any way comprehend is that of Mediatorship. This is the energyAstrology, 480:the individual to grasp the new astrology and to comprehend the Science of Triangles. TheAstrology, 484:trained in modern exoteric astrology truly to comprehend the significance of this teaching. InAstrology, 494:after the third initiation that a man begins to comprehend them. These three constellations,Astrology, 505:be equally meaningless to you. All that you can comprehend (and that with the utmost difficulty) isAstrology, 587:will energy. There is the effort to be made to comprehend somewhat the nature of [588] the directAstrology, 619:us for a minute the efforts of the microcosm to comprehend the Macrocosm, let us consider theAtom, 74:for some indwelling entity. Let us seek to comprehend that this is likewise true of the aggregateAutobiography, 256:by a knowledge of the plan and aiming to comprehend the purpose, sacrificing their own immediateAutobiography, 297:critical than most of us have been quite able to comprehend. The Arcane School was started by Mrs.Bethlehem, 284:is for sane and normal men and women who can comprehend the situation, face what must be done, andDestiny, 7:These it is essential that you should study and comprehend for upon their right acceptance andDestiny, 49:leave you to study and note their effect and to comprehend their relation to the present conditionDestiny, 132:useless to speak at this time for you would not comprehend. None of the foundational and ancientDiscipleship1, 76:a shared response and a united effort. You will comprehend then that a line of exclusion mayDiscipleship1, 91:This is a statement difficult for you to comprehend. Visualization is literally the building of aDiscipleship1, 101:the depths of the reaction of humanity; they comprehend and understand, for They are one with allDiscipleship1, 141:but she hesitates to speak and hopes you will comprehend without too much interpretation. I thinkDiscipleship1, 157:group to which this group belongs. You will comprehend what I mean, brother of mine, when I repeatDiscipleship1, 168:Hence your power to harmonize, to unify and to comprehend. At the same time (thus indicating soulDiscipleship1, 169:to an understanding of their significance. You comprehend them yourself, but they must beDiscipleship1, 208:as you come to know yourself more wisely and to comprehend the working out in the present life ofDiscipleship1, 215:I seek not to be more explicit, for you will comprehend the significance of what I say. You serveDiscipleship1, 220:you have for service, if you can truly comprehend your problem and work with a sense of synthesis.Discipleship1, 226:astral emotional love nature. But you need to comprehend always the reason for any development andDiscipleship1, 235:On this subject, I will say no more for you will comprehend whereof I speak and the reason for theDiscipleship1, 256:and in activity. As time goes on, you will comprehend to what I am referring. Discipleship1, 408:and this preliminary teaching. Seek to comprehend more intelligently what is this group experimentDiscipleship1, 443:to these ideas and to this vision, you will comprehend the motive that has prompted me to give youDiscipleship1, 498:it to you to find the way. You will, I know, comprehend that whereof I speak. Your astral body isDiscipleship1, 507:must be fought out in your garden? Will you comprehend me when I tell you that only love can freeDiscipleship1, 566:will aspect of devotion. I know that you will comprehend that to which I refer. Your physical bodyDiscipleship1, 586:perception. There has been no time for you to comprehend anything before you are off again in aDiscipleship1, 592:distinguish the coming civilization. I think you comprehend well what I mean and what I am asking;Discipleship1, 609:constantly your sixth ray personality. Will you comprehend me if I say that you never evidence anyDiscipleship1, 707:group and the Master. Then they learn to comprehend - through discussion and experiment - theDiscipleship1, 718:man has taken the higher initiations, he cannot comprehend the significance of the above comments.Discipleship1, 726:own load of karma. He begins to work with and to comprehend something of planetary karma, though asDiscipleship1, 743:are at this stage of discipleship will really comprehend what I say and profit by the hints. Discipleship1, 789:by a knowledge of the plan and aiming to comprehend the purpose, sacrificing their own immediateDiscipleship2, 15:stand with your backs to the light because you comprehend the ancient aphorism which states: "HeDiscipleship2, 17:the synthesis of the two years' work) begin to comprehend the fusing and blending and awakeningDiscipleship2, 147:in some detail, as I am anxious to have you comprehend what it is you will be doing. A shortenedDiscipleship2, 151:men of [151] goodwill. A far wider public will comprehend it. I will give A.A.B. this stanza at theDiscipleship2, 258:this in any other way but the enlightened will comprehend my meaning. The interpreters of theDiscipleship2, 282:understanding. The disciple is endeavoring to comprehend the significance of the world of causesDiscipleship2, 312:is - in a measure - a difficult law for you to comprehend. Pure destiny, devoid of all evil intent,Discipleship2, 338:is made there is no longer any vision as we comprehend the term. There is a factual perception ofDiscipleship2, 358:his group"; this is a fact, even if he fails to comprehend the full implications of that phrase. AtDiscipleship2, 366:you can begin slowly to study and eventually to comprehend by direct program-forming in your ownDiscipleship2, 476:three statements were fairly simple for you to comprehend. The fourth conveyed a prophecy. TheDiscipleship2, 492:him in service. I point this out so that you can comprehend the present and be prepared for theDiscipleship2, 493:as it is given to him, in terms that they can comprehend that he cannot be sidetracked throughDiscipleship2, 506:heart, and also in your mind, and endeavor to comprehend the distinction between these two modes ofDiscipleship2, 531:opposing idealism and often no real attempt to comprehend its basis. His emphasis upon his ownDiscipleship2, 627:of their lives as you may know them; try to comprehend their problems of time, character and ofDiscipleship2, 641:my communication to you at this time. You will comprehend. I have however a meditation which IDiscipleship2, 645:somewhat in detail as I am anxious to have you comprehend the nature of your problem and so be ableDiscipleship2, 667:begun to build this bridge; I seek to have you comprehend how and why. So, my brother, see yourDiscipleship2, 669:for even an advanced disciple at this time to comprehend the nature of man when he has dropped allDiscipleship2, 728:and combat glamor. You do not yet even comprehend what it is; it can only be overcome by theDiscipleship2, 756:touch upon them in such a way that only you will comprehend the implications. There is no need forEducation, 42:been the goal and the objective of those who comprehend the true meaning of culture. In [43] theEducation, 60:process. The first task of the esotericist is to comprehend the nature of the energies which areEducation, 77:those who are his older associates will always comprehend the nature of his motivating impulses,Education, 110:with workers in the Hierarchy, sought to comprehend the objectives and to cooperate with theExternalisation, 56:the work to be done is not easy to comprehend. It will be carried forward by first ray workers,Externalisation, 69:Instructions I am anxious for you clearly to comprehend the end I have in view. Sincere studentsExternalisation, 98:abstract mind, which is essentially the power to comprehend that which is not concrete or tangibleExternalisation, 99:Can you follow the beauty of this concept and comprehend the nature of this silent depth of trueExternalisation, 195:the good qualities of other nations and to comprehend the part they play in the whole picture. ItExternalisation, 242:parts of this whole are interdependent. All will comprehend their relation to each other in oneExternalisation, 267:and it is He Who can be reached by those who comprehend the nature of freedom and who desire beyondExternalisation, 277:whose major reaction is love of humanity, will comprehend the significance and the interrelation ofExternalisation, 417:We shall not just believe, have hope and try to comprehend. We shall speak openly of the HierarchyExternalisation, 490:the men of goodwill. A far wider public will comprehend it. I will give A.A.B. this stanza at theExternalisation, 512:prevision, and of force in movement, and when we comprehend more fully the laws that control theExternalisation, 679:difficulty of the various ray aspirants to comprehend each other's point of view and mode ofFire, 67:of this plane are more difficult for us to comprehend, having not, as yet, the seeing eye upon thatFire, 91:Creative Hierarchy being male) 39 they will comprehend the mutual relationship, and govern thatFire, 116:one which the finite mind of man can in any way comprehend. This cosmic physical plane exists inFire, 149:be gained of the same idea and hence ability to comprehend with greater facility. The Ego (being toFire, 309:intelligence, and should be able accurately to comprehend its correlating synthetic work. Before,Fire, 312:or the nebulae. This idea will be easier to comprehend if it is borne in mind that we are dealingFire, 337:his mind clear, and which will enable him to comprehend something of the place which this fire ofFire, 382:by man. Nevertheless the endeavor to comprehend serves a useful purpose, for it sets a goal for manFire, 486:lower kind which work in the mineral kingdom. Comprehend the inner meaning of radioactivity, or theFire, 504:upon the fact that all that the human unit can comprehend is the manifestation of the solar Logos
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