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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPREHENDED

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Magic, 514:stretch of rushing forth to work, nor is it comprehended in one eternal siesta. It has normally itsMagic, 524:new synthetic world. But how can the whole be comprehended by the part? How can the entire plan beMagic, 537:Illumination. When the true nature of Service is comprehended, it will be found that it is anMeditation, 33:hints, for much that I could say would be little comprehended, and much be too occult and dangerousMeditation, 51:these facts (seven in number) are not as yet all comprehended. H.P.B. touched on three in hisMeditation, 88:to the prescribed requirements, and to make the comprehended mental concepts practical experiencesMeditation, 101:with greater interest. Later, when more is comprehended, the effects of such disturbances will beMeditation, 104:death. When these things are more widely comprehended and openly acknowledged, doctors and brainMeditation, 110:to come when the science of meditation is more comprehended, two factors will be wisely weighed andMeditation, 119:In later days, when occult meditation is more comprehended and the matter scientifically studied,Meditation, 120:publication. An occult risk that is little comprehended by the uninitiated. It lies in the factMeditation, 173:as power, for the power aspect is as yet not comprehended by any of you, nor will it be until aMeditation, 185:this time as the real power of thought is little comprehended. In the fifth great cycle, which forMeditation, 193:progresses, and the matter is more fully comprehended, meditation groups will change from theirMeditation, 197:and results have not been scientifically comprehended or tabulated, except by various occult andMeditation, 199:music, chanting, and rhythmic movement will be comprehended, and it will be utilized for theMeditation, 200:and the secret of making the at-one-ment is more comprehended, when many people tread theMeditation, 250:of vibration are going to be widely studied and comprehended and the use of this knowledge ofMeditation, 254:the significance of approach to Them be better comprehended and the method more simplified; and theMeditation, 262:His goal and (which is a thing not so oft comprehended) through meditation, or the manipulation ofMeditation, 263:transcended, and unity with one's kind occultly comprehended. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who hasMeditation, 283:the laws of water (occultly understood) will be comprehended. The significance of the term, "thereMeditation, 286:fourth etheric level. This will not as yet be comprehended [287] by you, but the above hint holdsPatanjali, 187:of the term "peace to all beings" will be comprehended. Patanjali, 210:ingoing activities of the physical plane man are comprehended. When these have all been broughtPatanjali, 333:it is essential that certain relationships are comprehended - relationships between matter, theProblems, 127:stages of evolution cannot today and never have comprehended the mind and the purposes of the OnePsychology1, 43:and the veiled quality of the life are known and comprehended the underlying purpose will emergePsychology1, 67:into words. These must in their turn be comprehended intuitively and adapted to individual need,Psychology1, 72:is of deeper significance than can as yet be comprehended. Careful systematic study and a sanePsychology1, 111:the seven rays, an ancient septenate, but little comprehended) that a new realization may bePsychology1, 190:Until this basic [190] Law of Periodicity is comprehended (and this will not be possible until manPsychology1, 193:in its capacity, and more synthetically comprehended. This response develops in two directions:Psychology1, 288:students, so that the great story of sex may be comprehended in its spiritual sense. Man, as youPsychology1, 372:be said, but little of it would, as yet, be comprehended. Until the incoming ray force and all thatPsychology2, 18:to say more for what might be said could only be comprehended by those preparing for the fourthPsychology2, 150:be imparted in connection with this law can be comprehended only by the man who is beginning to bePsychology2, 216:before the hidden implications can be adequately comprehended. If it seems simple and clear itPsychology2, 294:as well as the external effects, will be better comprehended. Speaking technically, the extremePsychology2, 325:the concept intuited within terms which can be comprehended, and abstract ideas are thereby broughtPsychology2, 397:not capable of interpretation nor can they be comprehended by average human beings, but which arePsychology2, 398:stages. These latent attributes can be gradually comprehended and brought into activity by thosePsychology2, 536:with its true functions not understood and comprehended, but it will be an active and importantRays, 7:the nature of the Sutratma or Thread is better comprehended it will become increasingly possible toRays, 10:This aspect of the matter is as yet but little comprehended by the sons of men. If they butRays, 48:forth. Now its higher significances must be comprehended. There are only four parts to this rule,Rays, 57:to master. It is one which can only be properly comprehended through life experience, subject toRays, 104:immovable, immutable, living and only to be comprehended in terms which embody the concept of "ItRays, 152:Three. The nature of the One must be grasped and comprehended. The group must work through theRays, 161:"The nature of the One must be grasped and comprehended." This has reference to the fact that ourRays, 171:esoterically understood is realized, for it is comprehended as the will-to-good. No forms can thenRays, 192:their essential meaning has not been noted or comprehended. The first major rent was made by theRays, 199:of the average student, but will be comprehended by those whose eyes are open to be blinded.Rays, 227:of the more general and the more easily comprehended results of obedience to these rules. TheRays, 307:and aspiration than to pure will, as spiritually comprehended. The Purpose of God (to use aRays, 325:major condition which has to be faced [325] and comprehended if humanity is ever to step off theRays, 483:achieved, the true nature of Nirvana will be comprehended, the beginning of that endless Way whichRays, 518:is little that I can say about them. They can be comprehended in the light of what I have saidRays, 685:of disillusionments which, when realized and comprehended, leave the aspirant no choice but to moveReappearance, 132:If the lives of these two great Teachers can be comprehended and Their teachings be wrought out in
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