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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPREHENSIBLE

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Astrology, 272:is emphasized in a still more intimate and comprehensible manner in Scorpio, in which the note ofAstrology, 494:It might be said (in order to make our theme comprehensible to you) that the evolutionary process -Destiny, 122:handling and directing the new energies are not comprehensible by him, grounded as he is in theDiscipleship2, 156:wonder of these mantric stanzas is that they are comprehensible to members of the human family andFire, xii:Secondly, to express that which is subjective in comprehensible terms, and to point out the nextFire, 153:words in order to make an abstruse idea more comprehensible. From the point of view of the totalityFire, 350:ways, of which only two as yet are even dimly comprehensible. In each case this awakening ofFire, 566:of the Thinker. The logoic purpose is not yet comprehensible to man; it does not profit him toHealing, 347:of the planetary Logos or of God Himself, is not comprehensible in terms of personality reaction.Psychology2, 346:and initiation. It is difficult to make easily comprehensible the nature and [347] purpose of theseRays, 138:to be worded in such a manner that they become comprehensible. All that I can do is to make certainRays, 357:that I can say at this point which will be comprehensible, as far as the true meaning goes, to youRays, 544:of the disciple. There is no fusion possible or comprehensible between the Master's higher orSoul, 80:without consciousness), but in order to make comprehensible that complex continuity of activities
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