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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPREHENSION

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Astrology, 9:and whose infinite purposes lie outside the comprehension of the most advanced and illumined mindsAstrology, 10:man; in this way we can arrive at a faint comprehension of the basic and underlying truth. StudentsAstrology, 142:and reaction which are necessary for growth and comprehension. The law of such action and reactionAstrology, 190:should ponder, for they can achieve no real comprehension of the direction of God's Plan unlessAstrology, 315:the above secrets, also understood with a living comprehension, the mystery of the Cardinal Cross,Astrology, 415:the possibility and the potentiality of total comprehension. Therefore, in all the manyAstrology, 419:under the Law of Analogy, may facilitate our comprehension of the underlying meaning and truths.Astrology, 425:All that any man can consequently bring to the comprehension of life experience or to theAstrology, 439:to make understanding more easy and to simplify comprehension) the "triple energy of WILL": TheAstrology, 516:however, there is some scientific method of comprehension, some mode of adapting the life to theseAstrology, 568:reversal upon the wheel of the zodiac, and their comprehension of the objectives of the processesAstrology, 584:all for which he has, as yet, the mechanism of comprehension. It is this will - aroused byAtom, 18:reason why things appear to us so difficult of comprehension is involved in the fact that we are inAtom, 131:to science to make tremendous strides in the comprehension of atomic energy. Then paralleling theAutobiography, 276:which governs the life of our planet, a comprehension (progressively developed) of the divineAutobiography, 285:conditions and to the more advanced mental comprehension of the modern aspirant. [286] We alsoBethlehem, 14:emotion into Love. As "God is Love," the comprehension that Christ revealed the love of God makesBethlehem, 35:experience is the only legitimate way to the comprehension of dogmas." (Pavel Florensky, quoted inBethlehem, 208:was based upon His unique vision. The lack of comprehension of the people, and the distortedDestiny, 110:and discovering the ancient wisdom, and to the comprehension of the fresh modes of working whichDestiny, 146:their techniques so diverse that in some cases comprehension is not easy to the smaller mindedDiscipleship1, 35:perfected, fails naturally to meet with full comprehension in the early stages. Discipleship1, 43:to the Throne of God will in no way aid your comprehension and will only hinder your development.Discipleship1, 43:the New Age and yet would be close enough to the comprehension of the advanced aspirants and theDiscipleship1, 46:First of all, I call for a deeper love and comprehension between the members of the group. This isDiscipleship1, 50:into service upon the outer plane. A true comprehension of the time element, with its cyclic ebbDiscipleship1, 59:Love is that inclusive, non-critical, magnetic comprehension and attitude which (in group work)Discipleship1, 60:I use this word in reference to your comprehension of the work to be undertaken. I do not use theDiscipleship1, 63:in the New Age, will reach general use and comprehension. Of this condition, the radio is the outerDiscipleship1, 101:one with all men. This involves a far greater comprehension than you can grasp and one which canDiscipleship1, 133:will be found and where you may look for rapid comprehension and understanding cooperation. YourDiscipleship1, 140:group brothers, consists in your compassionate comprehension. You feed their love for each otherDiscipleship1, 147:of your service to others. I see in you a better comprehension of this problem and an increasedDiscipleship1, 169:a first ray pinnacle of vision and resultant comprehension. I have three points to take up with youDiscipleship1, 256:the Law of Cycles. There will then eventuate a comprehension of the life rhythm with its highDiscipleship1, 332:of these terms may not be adequate to true comprehension. You need to study in order to awaken yourDiscipleship1, 338:Face such times with detachment, with deep inner comprehension and consecration and with illuminedDiscipleship1, 374:there is little real love, there is little true comprehension. When you function as a soul, youDiscipleship1, 389:the vision of this contact. I seek a definite comprehension and I give you the clue to the work inDiscipleship1, 419:in relation to it consists in your compassionate comprehension. You must act in the group for thatDiscipleship1, 535:Release will come for you through the right comprehension of the time element and dueDiscipleship1, 628:as to the rules for group work and a right comprehension as to the place each of you had to play inDiscipleship1, 643:understanding, that automatic, unreasoning comprehension which is yours today. Bear this in mindDiscipleship1, 684:of thought is due to clearly directed intent, to comprehension of the purpose for which a group ofDiscipleship1, 719:it down until it can come within the range of comprehension of the average aspirant. [720] As farDiscipleship2, 19:I would advise you to confine yourself to the comprehension of the first three. There will be oneDiscipleship2, 35:share of hierarchical responsibility and comprehension. The only thing that I would ask is that youDiscipleship2, 101:may evoke from you a new attitude and a deeper comprehension of what is subjectively going on. ItDiscipleship2, 101:subjectively going on. It has been your lack of comprehension and of understood opportunity whichDiscipleship2, 139:purpose and determination; "I strive towards comprehension. Thy will, not mine, be done," All theDiscipleship2, 176:a useful book, giving the general public a truer comprehension of words which will condition theDiscipleship2, 213:them responsible for and also dedicated to the comprehension of the divine Purpose as it works outDiscipleship2, 250:I will seek to describe Formula One. The comprehension of the words and symbols produces twoDiscipleship2, 261:of the abstract mind of man will be towards the comprehension of this, just as the [262] goal ofDiscipleship2, 263:quite unable to grasp the extent of your own comprehension because the mind (the major conditioningDiscipleship2, 263:all forms. These effects, resulting from right comprehension of the formulas, might be regarded asDiscipleship2, 274:application, remembering always that the clue to comprehension lies in the recognition of a "higherDiscipleship2, 278:evasion of responsibility; it involves also a comprehension of the time equation, of differingDiscipleship2, 282:which he can bring to the task is drawn from his comprehension of the purpose of the planetaryDiscipleship2, 303:Primitive man had not the mechanism whereby comprehension would have been possible. A key to theDiscipleship2, 307:to be viewed as incontrovertible though beyond comprehension? Or what? Let me reiterate to you theDiscipleship2, 310:you that you will come to no easy or early comprehension. Later on, as the years slip away and asDiscipleship2, 310:and go, a clearer grasp of the techniques of comprehension - these emerging Points of Revelation -Discipleship2, 311:to work from a more advanced standpoint of comprehension than does the man who is taking theDiscipleship2, 336:of them would naturally be too abstruse for your comprehension - which is seated in the mind andDiscipleship2, 348:because the adequate mechanism for their comprehension has not yet been created by the disciple. WeDiscipleship2, 390:focused personality and is aided by the comprehension of which the concrete mind is capable. It isDiscipleship2, 391:and the culture of which he is a part and a comprehension of the field in which his endeavor mustDiscipleship2, 415:with its penetrating potency, and with its swift comprehension of the basic truth underlying theDiscipleship2, 418:see, therefore, that a close study and a vital comprehension of Hint VI must normally precede anyDiscipleship2, 424:formulated into a law capable of ordinary human comprehension; this is the law that "energy followsDiscipleship2, 424:energy." Mankind has reached the stage where comprehension of this first point of revelation isDiscipleship2, 438:and you cannot expect or anticipate full comprehension. Many lives of struggle, service and [439]Discipleship2, 450:takes shape before your eyes. III. Crisis The comprehension and the system of right reflectionDiscipleship2, 481:his duty to bring the disciple to the point of comprehension and to aid him in the accurateDiscipleship2, 484:piece of work which you carried out in full comprehension with someone else. This will develop inDiscipleship2, 539:may lie and thus, my brother, arrive at a clear comprehension of yourself as a directing agent. IDiscipleship2, 542:and fellow students will look to you for aid and comprehension. Say not always the nice or lovingDiscipleship2, 554:concern yourself. I would call it "the fire of comprehension." It is closely related to theDiscipleship2, 554:now consider glamor in the light of the fires of comprehension. There comes a time in theDiscipleship2, 554:living process you will let loose the fires of comprehension. I wonder if I am making some idea ofDiscipleship2, 555:Govern yourself always "as if" [555] your divine comprehension was perfected and the result in yourDiscipleship2, 565:In these three statements and in their true comprehension you have the mode whereby you can putDiscipleship2, 566:and disciples on all rays have to arrive at comprehension of Will activity as they move forward.Discipleship2, 590:primarily concerned with Time. This right comprehension of the time element requires the eye ofDiscipleship2, 669:develop within yourself a more conscious comprehension of the nature of "wise love." This is loveDiscipleship2, 690:of L.T.S-K. for so many years with sympathy and comprehension. You have given him more of that thanDiscipleship2, 709:the ways in which you can arrive at this deeper comprehension of humanity lies in the unfoldment ofDiscipleship2, 751:criticism of those who fail to render you right comprehension. Hitherto, you have regarded suchDiscipleship2, 756:It is also one of the first steps towards comprehension of that "isolated unity" which isDiscipleship2, 759:should have indicated to you how deep is my comprehension of you and your nature, and how well IDiscipleship2, 760:close relationship, easy contact and a deep comprehension. In this sense, therefore, my mode ofEducation, xi:is not a science in its own right but a synoptic comprehension of antecedent bodies of concepts andEducation, 31:of the Mayavirupa is found in the right comprehension of the process. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,Education, 51:types (the science of esoteric psychology), on a comprehension of the condition of the glandularEducation, 67:and understanding. Esotericism, involves also comprehension of the relation between forces andExternalisation, 31:success of the first group, but upon the comprehension by all the groups of the meaning and purposeExternalisation, 53:world servers. This first move involves a right comprehension of goodwill. These three systems,Externalisation, 110:in you the spirit of understanding. Such true comprehension necessitates head knowledge as well asExternalisation, 119:of experience," as it has been called, and a comprehension of the two major laws governing the
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