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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPREHENSION

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Externalisation, 164:Invocation, both in living usefulness and true comprehension - true at least in so far as man'sExternalisation, 227:stage of evolution which makes it beyond human comprehension at present) and the method of God,Externalisation, 309:live that dynamic life of thought and inclusive comprehension which will find expression in theExternalisation, 345:all for which he has, as yet, the mechanism of comprehension. It is this Will - aroused byExternalisation, 349:Himself this coming Full Moon? As far as your comprehension is concerned, it is to evoke inExternalisation, 357:which will sweep humanity into an era of comprehension, leading [358] to a focused mentalExternalisation, 411:now possible a deeper reaction to, and a broader comprehension of the work and influence of thoseExternalisation, 509:of intuitional telepathy and the increasing comprehension of the power of color and sound will theExternalisation, 511:unfoldment of the divine aspects in man. In the comprehension of its symbolism will come the powerExternalisation, 700:of initiation. This will involve the growth and comprehension of symbolism. The exoteric trainingFire, xiii:new angle, and its practice will be built upon a comprehension of the laws of radiation, ofFire, xviii:and the personal, acts as a bar to the true comprehension of things macrocosmic, but if the occultFire, 73:of ideas, which should eventuate in a wiser comprehension, a sounder judgment, and a greaterFire, 76:a vast subject, too [76] involved for average comprehension but a factor of real importance whichFire, 78:and those of the medical profession) a fuller comprehension of the laws of matter and the laws ofFire, 79:in the study of the etheric body and prana comes comprehension of the method of logoicFire, 88:be brought consciously into the range of mental comprehension. Science, as we know, is fastFire, 109:even one turn reveals untold avenues of eventual comprehension. 47, 48 [110] We have considered theFire, 129:of chaos, of experiment, of experience and of comprehension. Following on these two degrees ofFire, 186:are questions of vital moment, and in their due comprehension comes the ability wisely to followFire, 188:2nd (formless) 1st (formless) Buddhic plane 1. Comprehension 2. Healing 3. Divine vision 4.Fire, 189:hearing. Clairaudience. Higher clairaudience. Comprehension (of four sounds) Beatitude. The SecondFire, 192:called telepathy) demonstrates as complete comprehension, for it has involved two things: AFire, 192:unification. This causes the most perfect comprehension, and is the secret of the Master's power.Fire, 228:felt, and of the light to be seen. For a clearer comprehension of this abstract matter, we mightFire, 269:is the means whereby evolution becomes possible, comprehension is achieved, and activity isFire, 286:esoteric, as also will the apprehension and comprehension of the matter aspect, and the lawsFire, 346:methods which are inconceivable to man's finite comprehension, is quite possible. These methodsFire, 352:abstruse character, and the difficulty of its comprehension be less appalling. Man, the Thinker,Fire, 362:occult students. They hold the key whereby some comprehension of manas and of planetary evolutionFire, 380:Law of attraction, and is as yet much beyond the comprehension of even the most advanced studentsFire, 402:Men certain facts are possible of theoretical comprehension, even though not as yet demonstrable toFire, 454:objects which will grow out of the scientific comprehension of the constitution of man, the natureFire, 463:by man of the value of mantrams, and his gradual comprehension of the true ceremonial of evolution,Fire, 476:to another through the agency of fire. The due comprehension of this is based on certainFire, 481:to broader concepts, wider vision, and synthetic comprehension. Indication only is possible; it isFire, 490:these facts are remembered and considered, some comprehension of the place the devas play inFire, 493:of such a nature as to be too obscure for our comprehension. The central factor of solar fire inFire, 499:side of manifestation, and towards the comprehension of the psyche of the individual life, divine,Fire, 504:race. The reason for this is because in the due comprehension of this subject, that of the EgoFire, 548:egoic groups. This will produce later a better comprehension of the effect of one consciousnessFire, 597:will serve to raise only questions in our minds. Comprehension is as yet impossible. UntilFire, 604:even mineral dust is a Life, though beyond our comprehension and perception... Life therefore isFire, 628:through the law of correspondence. The key to comprehension is always this law. The basicFire, 650:groups and classes will be borne in on our comprehension. On all the planes these three groups willFire, 683:is better understood, he will pass to a fuller comprehension of the corresponding effect in theFire, 744:and through the study of the planetary cycles comprehension of these greater cycles may come.Fire, 771:the subject is stupendous, and beyond a man's comprehension; it is only necessary for him toFire, 811:then and only then will we have a right and just comprehension of the nature of man. Again, thisFire, 813:truer understanding of his own animal nature. A comprehension of the laws of individualization, andFire, 822:so that the student may [822] get a clearer comprehension of the conformation of his own causalFire, 830:and of the mystic marriage, from [830] the comprehension of the real meaning of the sex relation,Fire, 877:act of abnegation" it involves, therefore, a due comprehension of solar and of lunar energy, and aFire, 882:energy, and of the quality of his own Ray Lord, Comprehension of the different groups of existencesFire, 916:the macrocosm and in the microcosm will come a comprehension of the reason why the physical vehicleFire, 923:with each other. Division 2 becomes easier of comprehension when the close relation between theFire, 923:4 can be grasped as the student arrives at a comprehension of his own nature as a spiritual triad,Fire, 949:to aid in the work of disintegration. In the comprehension of these two methods of aggressive workFire, 952:to further the best interests of the race, A comprehension as to the nature of energy, and anFire, 955:These three objectives necessitate a clear comprehension among such vital thinkers and workers, ofFire, 960:of the Mayavirupa is found in the right comprehension of the process. If students will studyFire, 984:section, and to the dangers attendant upon a comprehension of these matters by those who are as yetFire, 993:hence the constant injunctions to self control, comprehension of the nature of man, and devotion toFire, 995:which he can travel onwards to higher realms of comprehension. It is the foundation stone whenceFire, 1033:the fifth Initiation. The Adept has achieved a comprehension of the purpose of the Son, and for HimFire, 1096:subjective energy of the present system. In the comprehension of this, and in the realization thatFire, 1124:and therefore evil. Separation negates comprehension, or knowledge of that which is to be foundFire, 1136:Logos. Its correspondence in man is prana. A comprehension of this will be brought about if manFire, 1142:in future and remote ages will pass to a full comprehension, and will have the formulas committedFire, 1155:sane consideration, wise meditation and a fuller comprehension of the truths involved. Owing to theFire, 1171:petals. 7. The Law of Color. To get any comprehension of this law students should remember thatFire, 1232:not perfectly understood, and the machinery for comprehension is not perfected. Man himself - aFire, 1248:the solar system. He has passed on also to a comprehension of the forces which unite the variousFire, 1258:scheme. Curiously enough it will be through a comprehension of the human antahkarana, or the pathFire, 1270:they concern realizations far in advance of the comprehension of man at this time. Fire, 1283:Then will occur that which is beyond the comprehension of the highest Chohan - the marriage song ofGlamour, 9:symbols ever precedes true revelation. The comprehension of a truth for which a line or a series ofGlamour, 9:between conceptual understanding and esoteric comprehension and application. This latter stage isGlamour, 10:of the symbol, and from thence to a synthetic comprehension of its purpose. This leads to trueGlamour, 10:exoteric consideration: line, form and color. A comprehension in the astral or emotional body ofGlamour, 18:growth and understanding of telepathic work. A comprehension and scientific investigation ofGlamour, 71:the purposes of life. There is, or has been, no comprehension of the intended life purpose asGlamour, 105:causes are two in number and beyond your finite comprehension. I only state them and ask you toGlamour, 107:the Lemurian world (Whose problem was the right comprehension, correct functioning and control ofGlamour, 119:different - though alike in their effects. The comprehension of the Path of Life for an individual,Glamour, 154:for the sake of clarity and for your more rapid comprehension - we will tabulate as follows: TheGlamour, 164:which will sweep humanity into an era of comprehension, leading to a focused mental clarificationGlamour, 194:one of the first important steps towards the comprehension of light and its uses. They must howeverGlamour, 267:desire. These things are, however, beyond the comprehension of the average disciple; their soleHealing, 10:itself is working towards a perfection past our comprehension, it may be inferred that there mayHealing, 11:and ultimate cosmic cause lies beyond our comprehension, and that only as the kingdom of God isHealing, 45:tabulate some of the things we know, and aid comprehension. Healing, 55:causes lift the whole problem out of the usual comprehension of the average man. A human being isHealing, 97:man to bear upon the problem of healing and a comprehension of the nature of the one to be healed;Healing, 108:of this is not yet comprehended. By a comprehension of the laws of vitality - and in this phraseHealing, 135:these teachings are intended, will get a clearer comprehension of my thesis if it is keptHealing, 191:it will be understood with great clarity and comprehension in a few years' time and will thenHealing, 250:scientific and academic medicine, plus a truer comprehension of right living conditions. I preferHealing, 254:integration of the whole man, through a right comprehension of the nature of energy, and through aHealing, 297:steadily and always towards betterment. The comprehension of the seven stanzas which I now propose
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