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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPREHENSIVE

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Astrology, 10:that underlying the physical body and its comprehensive and intricate system of nerves is a vitalBethlehem, 113:our finite nature is of humanity, that which is comprehensive is of God. We shall see, in our studyBethlehem, 143:between the will of God, synthetic and comprehensive, and the individual will, which is personalDiscipleship1, 82:any particular time. Such an attitude involves a comprehensive sweep of love, and this leads toDiscipleship2, 11:material into a thought-form which will be comprehensive, clear-cut, sequential in its relation toDiscipleship2, 60:thinking (if one dare use such a word for such a comprehensive process) of the planetary Logos. HeDiscipleship2, 306:the grasp by Shamballa of the synthesis of this comprehensive intention, [307] and we call it theDiscipleship2, 379:of the second point of revelation, how widely comprehensive is the entire theme of revelation as itDiscipleship2, 518:follow the way of specialized detail and of a comprehensive inclusiveness, and are the outstandingExternalisation, 147:were intrigued by its novelty, or felt it to be comprehensive though in an unrealizable manner, orExternalisation, 221:problem can be seen along still wider and more comprehensive lines. You are forced by circumstanceExternalisation, 536:of all awakened men's thinking in a new and comprehensive way, producing the great ideologies; itFire, 88:objective manifestation, essential quality, and comprehensive development) knows likewise the LordFire, 224:are studied, it will be noted that they are very comprehensive, and, therefore, from the immensityFire, 333:studied, it will be found that they are fairly comprehensive, and embody the four points that areFire, 398:and who are the Divine Manasaputras in their comprehensive totality. In the occult realization ofFire, 1064:vibratory magnetic pull of the more powerful and comprehensive form with the true esotericGlamour, 3:at the third initiation. Intuition is a comprehensive grip of the principle of universality, andGlamour, 5:produces these is something much more deep and comprehensive. It is that synthetic, inclusive graspHealing, 543:by the spiritual will of man. This Law is most comprehensive in its statements and reallyIntellect, 34:that humanity has produced such marvels of comprehensive understanding, of purity of expression andMagic, 71:difficult in the book and yet one of the most comprehensive. It will take us some time rightly toMagic, 285:schools go astray. The heading "vital life" is a comprehensive one, but it must be remembered thatMagic, 395:is no true definition for it is not sufficiently comprehensive. It has grown out of the impress setMagic, 513:The activity of the Universal Mind and its comprehensive purpose can only be perceived when eachMagic, 634:of separative groups can be grouped into three comprehensive ones and the mind of the disciple beMeditation, 259:letters some idea as to Their status, Their comprehensive development, and Their methods of work.Patanjali, 87:laid up in heaven." We now come to the most comprehensive sutra in the book: (40). It might bePatanjali, 149:space. Patanjali points out that this pain is comprehensive, covering past, present and future.Patanjali, 187:or obligation, could well be expressed by that comprehensive term dharma in respect to others.Patanjali, 263:consciousness is aware of the object in a most comprehensive manner. The sum of its qualities,Problems, 141:One, the Atma, smaller than the small, yet all-comprehensive. The Western faiths have presented GodPsychology1, 261:centers warrant most careful study. They are comprehensive and revealing. Note, for instance, thatRays, 174:This recognition, realization, apprehensive, comprehensive (call it what you will) is soRays, 193:forms of Love) could be expressed in a more comprehensive manner. Another rending of the veil, andRays, 205:than that of a disciple, yet not as potent or comprehensive as that of the Christ. Rays, 407:completely unified and energetically active in a comprehensive condition seldom attained by anyRays, 424:Them today. This again is another reason for the comprehensive changes made and it is interestingReappearance, 25:the intention, the purpose of it all, and the comprehensive divine Idea (as it existed in the mindReappearance, 144:One, the Atma, smaller than the small, yet all-comprehensive. The Western faiths have presented GodSoul, 79:mechanism but rather as the vehicle of a comprehensive vital energy; whereupon the 'body' ceases toTelepathy, 64:man - only vastly more enveloping and comprehensive. There were a number of points to which I did
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