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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMPROMISE

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Bethlehem, 227:of servers, for every saved soul must without compromise join the ranks of those who ceaselesslyDiscipleship1, 145:the ideal but (using not his mind) makes no compromise between the wonderful ideas which mayDiscipleship1, 204:problem involves also the problem of right compromise, and a true sense of the time values. TheDiscipleship1, 681:service in the present. An attitude of spiritual compromise is right, needed and very rare to find.Discipleship2, 278:and culture. There is an "art of spiritual compromise" which must be learnt and which it isDiscipleship2, 302:new, emerging techniques; they have to employ compromise and adapt to that which is coming; theDiscipleship2, 390:Law, has to master the technique of spiritual compromise, and secondly that the three words:Discipleship2, 390:the Plan must manifest. There are two kinds of compromise, brother of mine. There is the compromiseDiscipleship2, 390:of compromise, brother of mine. There is the compromise in which the balance is attained for theDiscipleship2, 390:more material and the easiest. There is also the compromise which swings decision (and [391]Discipleship2, 391:good for the greatest number. It is this art of compromise which the disciple has to learn, forDiscipleship2, 391:by the imposition of the spiritual values. The compromise to be established by the disciple liesDiscipleship2, 392:seek to make it workable, guided by spiritual compromise - the compromise evidenced by the secondDiscipleship2, 392:workable, guided by spiritual compromise - the compromise evidenced by the second group. Disciples,Discipleship2, 392:They accept the responsibility for the needed compromise, for it is their responsibility and notDiscipleship2, 392:idea. It might be said that the spiritual compromise of the disciple (working with the Plan)Discipleship2, 756:I seek to have you grasp, I present to you a compromise between the Eastern method of hinting andEducation, 72:of a twofold nature: First, there has been no compromise between the present form of education andEducation, 91:Clear thinking, much love and a sense of true compromise (note this phrase) will do much to lay theExternalisation, 132:through cruelty very often, by a willingness to compromise and to change or lower the originalExternalisation, 193:or human - will need careful handling and a compromise reached between those nations which possessExternalisation, 429:principles are involved the Hierarchy knows no compromise. There is no spiritual principle behindExternalisation, 460:from perishing. Because of an inability to compromise and to face up to things as they are, theseExternalisation, 614:(carried on with fixed determination and right compromise) to bring to an end those economicExternalisation, 654:therefore, apply the necessary and unavoidable compromise. The coming or the advent of theHealing, 253:devoted, unintelligent people; they refuse all compromise and seem unable to recognize that theHealing, 256:approach and to learn the spiritual nature of compromise in these days of evolutionary unfoldment.Healing, 257:what has already been proved. The middle way of compromise and of mutual cooperation is ever theHealing, 267:Negro will not. This will mean concession and compromise on the part of the orthodox Jews - not theHealing, 280:themselves from the past and are willing to compromise in the present. Academic medicine is theHercules, 133:to compel, he understands the art of spiritual compromise; this involves a willingness to yield onHercules, 137:immediately raises a query as to the dangers of compromise, the deserting of principle for safety.Hercules, 137:just as the Tibetan has told us that "spiritual compromise" may be a recognition of time andMagic, 136:intuitive realization demonstrate its realities. Compromise has been permitted and in the occultMagic, 136:has been permitted and in the occult world compromise is forbidden. When indulged in, it leads toMagic, 137:through self-sacrifice. A refusal to compromise, through clear vision. A discrimination thatMagic, 138:and yet love all human beings - refusing compromise and yet refusing hate - has something rare toProblems, 33:teaching; his impracticality and his refusal to compromise has thus slowed up the process andProblems, 92:of material supplies must be the result of a compromise between that which has been and the - asProblems, 120:to create a condition in which discussion and compromise can become happily possible. They treadPsychology1, 269:"red light" districts which are but an unhappy compromise with vicious tendencies and unsatisfiedPsychology2, 143:are those who bring [143] about a "righteous compromise", and adapt the new and the old so that thePsychology2, 729:the world will demand sacrifice and satisfactory compromise on both sides, ours and the leaders ofRays, 633:awaiting solution; the conflict is fierce but a compromise will eventually be worked out if capitalReappearance, 114:the selfless sacrifice, the understanding compromise and the comprehension of the many and diverse
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