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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - COMRADESHIP

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Autobiography, 3:love and understanding, respect and unbroken comradeship, one is rich indeed. He has been to me aDiscipleship1, 119:practically, except a sense of well-being or comradeship. Your recognition of those ahead of youDiscipleship1, 167:that which can be seen. Teach this. The sense of comradeship is surely known by each and all of youDiscipleship1, 167:service shared. Shew this and draw it forth. The comradeship of burdens shared, the sense of deepDiscipleship1, 167:shared, the sense of deep response to need, the comradeship of service rendered, the urge toDiscipleship1, 169:They were: Responsibility, Sacrifice and Comradeship. I urged on you the task of awakening theDiscipleship1, 169:and you want nothing for the separated self. Comradeship, you are learning and it is not an easyDiscipleship1, 664:and a more clearly defined service - the "comradeship of the Path" and the inspiration and love ofDiscipleship1, 668:Go in peace, my brother, and learn anew the comradeship of the Path. Discipleship2, 82:their ranks and to stand together in the closest comradeship of loyalty and understanding; theDiscipleship2, 495:with joy and with confidence and with a sense of comradeship, my share in the responsibility ofExternalisation, 330:should be prepared inviting such leaders into a comradeship of mutual friendship and cooperation -Psychology2, 466:explanation, comfort, assurance, and a sense of comradeship, or perhaps a complete breakdown of the
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