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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCENTRATION

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Astrology, 228:(as usually taught) you have the following: Concentration, meditation, contemplation, illuminationAstrology, 228:five strictly human signs of the zodiac: Leo - Concentration - Soul life focused in form.Astrology, 397:self-pity, which is the effect of a constant concentration on the frustration of desire in theAstrology, 616:and the inward Way and back into the point of concentration and from the point I turn again untoAtom, 111:meditation (of which the preliminary stages are concentration upon and application to anyAtom, 113:that way. [113] For most of us the intellectual concentration which results in mind control, andAtom, 113:along the line of meditation. By a brooding concentration, by a constant recollection, and byAutobiography, 151:from the angle of general helpfulness. Concentration on service can and does lead toAutobiography, 182:could regulate their thinking and learn mental concentration and spiritual orientation whilstAutobiography, 267:love and power of the soul. Through alignment, concentration and meditation, he establishes aAutobiography, 277:techniques, and its various stages (alignment, concentration, meditation, contemplation,Bethlehemtruth, and the life'; and I am convinced that concentration upon the historic figure of our LordBethlehem, 15:right endeavor, right-mindedness and right concentration. He provided a structure of truth, ofDiscipleship1, 11:process, passing quickly through the stages of concentration, alignment and meditation toDiscipleship1, 183:today, relief and release [183] appear to lie in concentration upon your life-appointed task; inDiscipleship1, 223:but protect it from that inflow by an active concentration of your mind upon your chosen field ofDiscipleship1, 229:a contraction - which is incident to selfish concentration, to that pain or pleasure which comesDiscipleship1, 293:the instructions I earlier gave you. Quiet concentration upon the life of the sannyasin and theDiscipleship1, 297:you, as for all your group brothers, must come concentration upon the work of preparation for theDiscipleship1, 363:habit of self-deprecation indicates too much concentration upon the little self. You areDiscipleship1, 605:as the Christ within. This will take the highest concentration of which you are capable. Then sayDiscipleship1, 674:WORDS FOR DISCIPLES Recollection, resulting in concentration. Response, resulting in an interactionDiscipleship1, 721:personality effort to be non-critical. Their concentration is upon the recognized and basic need toDiscipleship1, 721:is a reward for those who achieve it, but the concentration is not based upon the effects uponDiscipleship1, 766:is not to limit their consciousness by a concentration upon the minutiae, such as the permanentDiscipleship1, 766:all-inclusive extension and perfection. A close concentration upon and study of the spirally andDiscipleship2, 27:using the imagination. This will involve intense concentration. Do this until the time of the fullDiscipleship2, 43:oft-times of self-interest and of concentration upon one's self, always with the best of intentionsDiscipleship2, 45:and steps out of a life of physical plane concentration, and of identification with the forms ofDiscipleship2, 54:motivated by free will and involving mental concentration, which enabled the confident aspirant toDiscipleship2, 103:for the reason why A.A.B. has never emphasized concentration on some one of the known Masters. SheDiscipleship2, 116:achieved and realized, there follows next the concentration of aspiration and of thought in theDiscipleship2, 116:shoulder blades. It must be recognized that the concentration of thought energy is definitelyDiscipleship2, 123:This can be done, but it involves an act of slow concentration. 4. Then sound the OM twice from theDiscipleship2, 143:it will be sentient emotion. As an aid to your concentration and receptivity, I will give youDiscipleship2, 163:apparent duality is but an essential unity. A concentration of spiritual forces in and through theDiscipleship2, 186:they will develop a technique of directed concentration which will enable them to attain thatDiscipleship2, 188:of meditation brings in the factor of mental concentration and an intense focusing. The trainedDiscipleship2, 188:attitude of meditation - that is, an attitude of concentration, spiritual direction andDiscipleship2, 192:constantly preserved by meditation, prayer and concentration. That the horizontal life of serviceDiscipleship2, 213:appreciate the higher aspects of meditation when concentration upon worldly material success andDiscipleship2, 213:That which they have, through meditative concentration, succeeded in creating (and all men, underDiscipleship2, 213:abstract and transcendent thought. Prolonged concentration upon some form or another eventuallyDiscipleship2, 215:our modern civilization and it culminates in the concentration achieved in occult meditation. ThisDiscipleship2, 221:"money" is proving a topic of the most definite concentration; it is being most carefullyDiscipleship2, 222:the higher, spiritual potencies, to work with concentration - both vertically and horizontally -Discipleship2, 229:following invocative prayer, with focused mental concentration and from a heartfelt desire to meetDiscipleship2, 235:has been nothing but the learning of a needed concentration. Only in the meditation work of theDiscipleship2, 312:he automatically attains the needed fixation, concentration, poise, polarization and focus whichDiscipleship2, 419:has attained a mental attitude of the utmost concentration; this point of tension is something ofDiscipleship2, 419:and yet you glibly use the words: Meditation and Concentration. Temporarily, and in order to moveDiscipleship2, 448:little. One of your major needs is a planned concentration and an ability to make discriminatingDiscipleship2, 466:of meditation. Reflection and deep, considered concentration upon the work which I have outlined toDiscipleship2, 500:in the light, and for the required meditative concentration. My instructions to you are occupiedDiscipleship2, 503:is not so easy a task; it requires a definite concentration of effort, thus increasing the tensionDiscipleship2, 519:with you. To this I would add an increased concentration upon the preparation of the book which IDiscipleship2, 562:must accustom himself to a complete negation of concentration upon the physical vehicle and uponDiscipleship2, 562:surroundings. Note, I did not say neglect of concentration. It is his path and destiny in life toDiscipleship2, 641:By that I mean: Become simply a point of concentration when doing it, with all personal problemsDiscipleship2, 641:from your consciousness. To produce this concentration, I will give you a breathing exercise withDiscipleship2, 653:and upon their outer contacts, and thus avoid concentration upon the Ashram and upon me, the MasterDiscipleship2, 690:you to give five minutes at least to a dynamic concentration upon these words. Study them - as farDiscipleship2, 692:greatly aided your withdrawal from this astral concentration upon a group thought-form. I haveDiscipleship2, 710:existence and the possibilities inherent in the concentration of these two first ray energies inDiscipleship2, 733:upon its source of love and light if your major concentration and preoccupation is the perfectingDiscipleship2, 741:do. When to these tendencies of inflow and of concentration there is added a trained and illuminedDiscipleship2, 744:consciousness in the soul with a corresponding concentration in the head at as high a point asDiscipleship2, 744:exercise is carried forward from the point of concentration attained. If your attention wanders,Education, 143:the energies which - after due manipulation and concentration - are projected by the individual orExternalisation, 18:of spiritual application, devotion and service; concentration upon the centers in the force bodyExternalisation, 120:and protection, and the rhythmic processes of concentration and their worldwide extension began.Externalisation, 120:are forcing the breaking up of the rhythm of concentration and substituting for it the rhythm [121]Externalisation, 148:not require such a sustained effort in occult concentration. They must learn to breathe it forth inExternalisation, 165:and persistent effort (which is sustained concentration, in the last analysis) and therebyExternalisation, 229:many clamoring voices, and from the widespread concentration upon the unworthy pasts and theExternalisation, 331:great implications for the future world order. Concentration on this is desirable. Continue withExternalisation, 362:and ending on June 15th, 1942. There is a great concentration of the Spiritual Forces at this timeExternalisation, 436:This necessitates on the part of the Christ a concentration for which we have no equivalent wordExternalisation, 467:of Enlightenment in a new and potent manner. Concentration upon the work to be done is of suchFire, 82:When a man has, through meditation and concentration expanded his consciousness to a certain pointFire, 483:in material matters and affairs, and Their concentration upon the force aspect, upon the centers ofFire, 755:the ends of the occult Hierarchy by a similar concentration at the time of the festival, thusFire, 814:its purposes. Men will be taught how, through concentration and meditation, they can ascertainFire, 839:responds. The sixty seconds passed in dynamic concentration produce forms of triple kind, threeFire, 928:owing to three things: Lack of sustained will or concentration, Lack of alignment with the Ego, AFire, 956:of the nature of the mind and brain through concentration, an understanding of the relation whichFire, 956:once the mind is brought under control through concentration, to meditate in the occult sense, andFire, 960:be concisely and carefully brought about through concentration and meditation. Later, when theFire, 960:building and vitalization; his point of concentration will not then be given to the attainment ofFire, 968:he does through the organization of thought, concentration and meditation, he proceeds more slowly,Fire, 1000:plane, increases the vibration through strenuous concentration; he begins then to visualize inFire, 1003:it is that men do achieve their ends, through concentration and visualization, and do manage toFire, 1012:this which causes the Eastern yogi to speak of "concentration upon the tip of the nose." BehindGlamour, 67:as follows: The Aspirant - Probationary Path - Concentration - Maya. The Disciple - Path ofGlamour, 139:of soul light takes the form of a focused concentration of the light (emanating from the soul, viaGlamour, 139:to an end by a steady, prolonged period of concentration which is given to the dispelling of theGlamour, 169:and ending on June 15th 1942. There was a great concentration of the Spiritual Forces at that time,Glamour, 181:emits; this, when done with facility through concentration and long practice, will produce twoGlamour, 195:system of Patanjali, of which the five stages of Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation,Glamour, 205:on the right understanding of the nature of concentration. I have written much upon the subject and
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