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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCENTRATION

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Glamour, 205:the Raja Yoga discipline is well known. Mental concentration and control is now the ordinary themeGlamour, 209:holds him. This is related to the stage of concentration in the meditation process. The secondGlamour, 209:purely selfish motives and through an intense concentration, focuses his mind and brings about theGlamour, 218:Having, as far as possible, achieved the needed concentration, realization and relationship, theGlamour, 245:The Technique of Indifference. Through concentration. Through detachment. We enter now the field ofGlamour, 260:a mistake. Aspirants would do well to avoid any concentration at all [261] upon the physical bodyGlamour, 262:is used. It is active repudiation without any concentration upon that which is [263] repudiated.Glamour, 263:being in any way affected by maya or by the concentration of diverse forces of which the ethericGlamour, 263:He works consequently from a point of intense concentration; he refuses any "attachment" to anyHealing, 26:call in the mind of the healer; others require a concentration of emotional energy by the healingHealing, 101:For this reason beginners must avoid any concentration upon the disease itself or the area in theHealing, 158:procedure (distinguished by right orientation, concentration and meditation) which relates theHealing, 220:and therefore to the body as a whole. Through concentration and right meditation, carried on in theHealing, 334:works free of the diet complex and lives without concentration upon the form life, eating that foodHealing, 362:is therefore the symbol of the form nature. The concentration of the feminine force in nature inHealing, 460:- the cessation of all heart activity and the concentration of the basic etheric focus in theHealing, 570:these two windows or eyes of the soul leads to a concentration of energy (in this case strictlyHealing, 579:by the average man or the practicing aspirant. Concentration upon the physical body only serves toHealing, 650:unable to focus themselves there, owing to the concentration of the healing energies within theHealing, 651:the healer is to preserve an attitude of intense concentration upon the triangle "existing inHealing, 651:an advanced stage of alignment and of concentration and will [652] indicate to you some of theHealing, 675:and should fail to deviate him from the intense concentration needed for his work; these emotionsHercules, 7:of the goal, and a wider vision and realization. Concentration upon the personal horoscope and theInitiation, 144:to receive direct planetary force. Second: The concentration undertaken by the Lodge assists theInitiation, 144:of apprehension is thus directly aided. This concentration in no way resembles hypnotic suggestion,Initiation, 167:the [167] initiate. Their trained intense mental concentration greatly facilitates hisInitiation, 183:a type of meditation of which intense business concentration might be considered an illustration.Initiation, 219:It is a power known only to those who practice concentration in yoga, and is centered within theInitiation, 223:Ego. It involves the exercise, regulation, and concentration of thought. Ray One of the sevenIntellect, 17:uniformly held, mental power has been used in concentration and meditation and in deepIntellect, 39:we cover by those much misunderstood words - concentration, meditation, and contemplation. FromIntellect, 51:in man, with its keenness and capacity for [51] concentration gives the West at this time theIntellect, 99:might be briefly enumerated as follows: [99] Concentration. This is the act of concentrating theIntellect, 99:to the exclusion of the others - is that of concentration, the gaining control of the mentalIntellect, 99:Five - Stages in Meditation I. The Stage of Concentration In all schools of advanced orIntellect, 100:this speculative mind? By a habit of mental concentration." - Pfeiffer, Franz, Meister Eckhart,Intellect, 104:phenomena and of force. This system is that of concentration, the first and most arduous stepIntellect, 104:towards the illumination of the life. The word "concentration" comes from the Latin words "con" =Intellect, 105:to a certain region is attention or concentration." - Bailey, Alice, The Light of the Soul, III, 1.Intellect, 106:Intuition - Chapter Five - Stages in Meditation Concentration is, therefore, the power to focus theIntellect, 106:know the field of perception. Another word for concentration is attention, that is, one-pointedIntellect, 107:in all that you do all day every day. Concentration will be rapidly developed if we cultivate theIntellect, 107:or heard, and this would necessarily involve concentration and so develop it. True meditation isIntellect, 107:of mind and will grow out of an attitude of concentration. The objective, therefore, of all ourIntellect, 107:not our master, and to cultivate the power of concentration preparatory to true meditation work.Intellect, 107:cultivated attitude there must be added definite concentration exercises, carried forward each day,Intellect, 108:subject. The regular unremitting work of daily concentration gradually overcomes the difficulty ofIntellect, 108:The development of a faculty of instantaneous concentration as a preliminary to meditation. TheIntellect, 108:II. The Stage of Meditation Patanjali defines concentration as the holding of the perceivingIntellect, 108:achievement of control. Through the practice of concentration sufficient control should beIntellect, 108:his thought. Therefore, an act of prolonged concentration gives opportunity for the mind to actIntellect, 109:it pleases with the object, or seed thought. In concentration there should be a consciousness inIntellect, 112:At the same time there has been an ever deeper concentration, and a more intense meditation. TheIntellect, 119:primary failure in control, and then, through concentration and meditation, to achieve facility inIntellect, 122:work, - contemplation and illumination. Concentration and meditation have definite reference to theIntellect, 123:mind-stuff has to be definitely offset through concentration and meditation if the mind is to beIntellect, 128:Through attention to life purpose, through concentration on life work, through keen interest in theIntellect, 131:and this has sustained itself into the phase of concentration. This again prolongs itself intoIntellect, 132:The development of a faculty of instantaneous concentration as a preliminary to meditation, and theIntellect, 132:this faculty as follows: "The act of perfect concentration, the passionate focusing of the selfIntellect, 133:intellect. But between the stage of prolonged concentration, which we call meditation, and that ofIntellect, 141:to flit from one object to another (that is, concentration) and the power of one-pointedness (thatIntellect, 142:This has been brought about through right concentration and meditation. This achieved, there ensuesIntellect, 142:The key to the whole process is the sustained concentration and attention of the mind "whilst theIntellect, 147:technique of meditation (with its stages of concentration, meditation and contemplation) has beenIntellect, 151:goes on later to point out that, after proper concentration, meditation and contemplation, [152]Intellect, 154:into the realm of the conscious knower. Through concentration and meditation he has achieved aIntellect, 185:progressive mental states, leading to complete concentration of mind, producing ecstaticIntellect, 190:passes through the two phases of mental concentration and unconsciousness described by M.Intellect, 192:it is universally agreed that unification is the concentration of thoughts, whereas to be contentIntellect, 192:of the lower soul is to be attained only by concentration of thought; loss of the natural powersIntellect, 200:step in the Meditation discipline, i.e., of Concentration, are often amazing. People "find"Intellect, 201:to the business of living is in itself a concentration exercise and brings notable results. WhetherIntellect, 201:illumination or not through the practice of concentration and meditation, he will nevertheless haveIntellect, 203:in the business world (a vast school of concentration), a transmutation analogous to that whichIntellect, 204:mental, emotional and physical natures. Through concentration and the earlier aspects of theIntellect, 205:Whole. This we do through the practice of concentration. Third: As concentration merges intoIntellect, 205:through the practice of concentration. Third: As concentration merges into meditation (which is theIntellect, 205:into meditation (which is the act of prolonged concentration) the imposition of the will of theIntellect, 205:the mind. The first is brought about through concentration. The second through meditation. Out ofIntellect, 206:of the mystic, gives place to the life of concentration and meditation - distinctive of the knower.Intellect, 206:times everywhere, and, secondly, the practice of concentration, regularly, every day, at some setIntellect, 206:upon at once. The latter requirement of stated concentration periods, can also be entered upon, butIntellect, 207:- Chapter Nine - The Practice of Meditation True concentration grows out of a concentrated,Intellect, 208:that they fail to realize that the practice of concentration will enable them to do all they haveIntellect, 209:and do enter into that state of silent positive concentration which enables them to reach the sameIntellect, 215:in the daily life, and also through definite concentration exercises. These are followed by theIntellect, 216:of mind, and to practice daily meditation and concentration. If we are beginners, or are possessedIntellect, 216:versatile and unstable, we start in to practice concentration. If we are trained intellectuals, orIntellect, 223:from the body altogether and begin the work of concentration. The next step in the practice ofIntellect, 226:begin to concentrate, until from the practice of concentration, a new fairness and fixity dawns, inIntellect, 228:of Meditation Meditation Form To Develop Concentration Stages The attainment of physical comfortIntellect, 228:can be controlled. Then a definite act of concentration, calling in the will. This involves anIntellect, 228:me." The mind is not permitted to falter in its concentration on their significance, meaning, andIntellect, 228:implications. Then, with deliberation bring the concentration work to a close, and say - again withIntellect, 233:but spasmodic efforts. A few minutes of concentration or meditation work done with regularity, willIntellect, 237:in the previous chapter constitutes a good concentration exercise for the beginner and willIntellect, 237:- to the genuine practice of meditation. A concentration that lasts one minute is difficult toIntellect, 237:way to meditation, which is the act of prolonged concentration. The outline will help to produceIntellect, 238:the world of Divine Realities. As practice in concentration is gained, the consideration of the
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