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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCEPTION

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Astrology, 456:plane; of this humanity has, as yet, no faintest conception because its consciousness is still heldAstrology, 504:highest initiate upon our Earth has no faintest conception. Forget not, that I have told youAtom, 20:matter aspect of manifestation. It involves the conception of vibration, and of response toAtom, 21:of all the lines of evolution, and to a conception of a central Life, or force, which blends andAtom, 41:seems to be capable of easiest solution by the conception that these very minute masses possess -Atom, 67:in a few brief moments of study to get a sound conception of what [68] that purpose may be? PerhapsAtom, 98:as an atom, then we might extend this primary conception to the planet, and say that within theAtom, 101:one can then work out along similar lines this conception of a threefold consciousness. It mightAutobiography, 221:with her daughter. She had a very different conception as to how to enjoy a foreign land to thatBethlehem, 65:Maya, in the tenth month after her heavenly conception, was on a journey to her father, when lo,Bethlehem, 92:of which we cannot as yet have the faintest conception? Is it not probable that our sentientBethlehem, 103:object of expectation; but in the eschatological conception, it was implied as a matter of courseBethlehem, 168:born through the medium of an immaculate conception. Today only a few of the younger generationBethlehem, 187:sacrifice was necessary. It outrages either our conception of God as almighty or else ourBethlehem, 187:our conception of God as almighty or else our conception of Him as all-loving." (The Paganism inDiscipleship1, 45:levels of consciousness is not right in his conception of the process. Inner work which does notDiscipleship1, 346:This is one of the first steps in the newer conception of being. So many people labor at the workDiscipleship2, 323:and true. Today I seek greatly to widen your conception of these matters and to [324] give you anDiscipleship2, 434:Mysteries and of the spiritual Realities: the conception of a goal to which penetration must beDiscipleship2, 679:and - when their ideas do not coincide with your conception as to how the work should be done - youEducation, 134:are certain innate reactions which will negate conception, and that then the mechanical means willExternalisation, 413:new heaven"? May it not signify an entirely new conception as to the world of spiritual realitiesExternalisation, 532:possibly convey to you even an embryonic factual conception. But that type of imaginativeExternalisation, 532:factual conception. But that type of imaginative conception will become more common during the nextFire, 224:more than attempt to bring a general clarity of conception as to the broad outline of the process,Fire, 239:of thought throughout the globe. Even this conception is but a partial presentation of the realFire, 284:OUR LOGOS." This is, of course; beyond human conception, but must be included in our enumeration ofFire, 310:is apprehended, and recognized, that any clear conception will be gained of what that coherentFire, 399:is the embodiment in form of a cosmic conception, and the working out of it in concrete shape,Fire, 477:expression 'radioactivity', we have the eastern conception of Vishnu-Brahma, or the Rays of LightFire, 548:The study of occult psychology involves a true conception of the nature of the Ego, or the arousingFire, 571:out about the Grand Heavenly Man. The whole conception of these laws is bound up in this idea. WeFire, 603:motivation, and as essential unity, can any due conception be arrived at as to His nature or being.Fire, 620:of the method pursued by the Logos in giving His conception form, thus working out His purpose, orFire, 695:with life. "When we have attained to this conception of hylozoism of a living material universe,Fire, 876:cause Him to repeat the process of producing, - Conception, Creation, Conscious growth, as did HisFire, 938:of the work of these etheric devas is begun, conception takes place upon the physical plane. ThisFire, 946:ever be borne in mind likewise that our basic conception is one of fiery energy, of force centersFire, 1060:when they are willing to approximate the occult conception of the radiatory, or emanatoryFire, 1067:released, nor (as we have seen) had they any conception as to the magnetic force which was drawingFire, 1070:will be as difficult to express the hylozoistic conception in terms of exact science as it would beGlamour, 198:emergence in the consciousness of men of a clear conception and recognition of the nature ofHealing, 176:can be traced and expanded the whole story of conception, of form-building, and this whether it isHealing, 281:of substance, brought together at the moment of conception, and therefore that the father or theHealing, 282:be discovered. Christian Science had a sound conception in its original basic concept of the mindHercules, 11:key thought can be expressed in the words: "The conception of a concealed Deity lies at the heartHercules, 11:knowledge and at the same time to a paralleling conception of our profound ignorance. We haveInitiation, 7:study and toil he has at least a wide general conception of the Logoic thought-form into which heInitiation, 63:We might look at it in this way: The moment of conception, corresponding to that ofInitiation, 143:on the correct figures, the true mathematical conception, and a real knowledge of the basic factsIntellect, 26:is, and not under the form of a perception or a conception, nor as an idea or object of the reason,Intellect, 69:Closely connected with this belief is the conception of a Reality behind the world of appearanceIntellect, 163:it is and not under the form of a perception or conception, (nor as an idea or object of theIntellect, 187:got rid of ignorance by abandoning the dualistic conception of life and of the world; they furtherIntellect, 224:Ideal. When we visualize, we use our highest conception of what that Ideal might be, clothed inMagic, 116:or no appeal to the personality. It embodies a conception of the ego in his relationship to others.Magic, 348:vibrate temporarily to the measure of the conception, and in time that vibration becomes permanent.Magic, 353:Therefore, you have the following: The moment of conception - i.e. individualization. Nine monthsMagic, 457:This, in reality, resembles the stage of conception. Latent within the germ (the result ofMeditation, 143:the lower, and into the faculty of abstract conception which results eventually in physical planeMeditation, 209:color is reached the beauty transcends all conception. Colors - such as we have now to do with inMeditation, 257:artist or musician, as embodying their supreme conception. The human being, - simply because he isMeditation, 271:so express it, so as to give [271] you some conception of my meaning, when he first forms part ofMeditation, 285:who follows this line is not the sentimental conception that is so often discussed. It is not thePatanjali, 252:Sanskrit terms. Briefly, the idea involves the conception that the nature of the soul is light, andProblems, 97:a great sense of the beautiful and an artistic conception which has added much to the world of art;Problems, 151:The words "a new Heaven" signify an entirely new conception as to the world of spiritual realitiesPsychology1, xxi:away from himself and his own growth to a vaster conception and a universal ideal. The mark of thePsychology1, 277:is rampant at this time in a mental and modern conception of the phenomenon, [278] but it is rarePsychology1, 304:a tendency towards the monastic and conventual conception of spiritual life. These two attitudesPsychology2, 398:Lives of Whose consciousness we can have no conception are becoming aware (note that phrase). ForPsychology2, 425:gaining only an approximate understanding and conception of the concepts I am endeavoring toPsychology2, 670:the solution of the world problem; they have no conception of the numerical strength of those whoRays, 33:this Will, no one who is not an initiate has any conception. It means, secondly, the release of theRays, 99:we have as yet no term and of which we have no conception. It is that which begins to expressRays, 200:which we have no words, and of which we have no conception. They leave through the fourth veil onRays, 238:being brought to a new and more "appropriate" conception of the divine Purpose which lies behindRays, 519:even the highest initiate on our planet has no conception. All comes about as part of a greatRays, 756:founded. It has eventuated in a somewhat narrow conception of Deity; these Commandments areReappearance, 113:and will, except through a vague theoretical conception. The reappearance of Christ will establishReappearance, 149:not signify something entirely new and a new conception as to the world of spiritual realities? MaySoul, 47:to perception and precepts, the pituitary to conception (reading, studying, thinking) andSoul, 55:aspects. To unite the Eastern or vitalistic conception, and the Western or mechanistic conception,Soul, 55:conception, and the Western or mechanistic conception, and so bridge the gap between them, it isSoul, 74:of the word in psychology, and is the general conception of idealists. "Third, the soul is treatedSoul, 75:in the speculations of theologians. The conception of the soul or psyche... became differentiatedSoul, 80:at last we see a possibility of arriving at a conception of the soul! Let us remember how mankindSoul, 80:Let us remember how mankind came to form this conception. Not in order to explain theSoul, 80:which we call life, mankind created the conception of the soul. We have already stressed the factSoul, 81:just as it avoids dualism, only that the conception has been overworked, and both the conscientialSoul, 83:one another, or which, according to the Indian conception, is the objectless knowing subject." -Soul, 91:we shall appreciate the truth of Browning's conception of this integrated human being: "Three soulsSoul, 116:simply because 'Consciousness' is not an organic conception, and has nothing to do with theSoul, 116:and has nothing to do with the physiological conception of energy, whose inner introspective sideTelepathy, 46:into concrete manifestation. We now carry this conception of divine impression down to the level of
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