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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCEPTIONS

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Bethlehem, 111:and again into isolation. "The great religious conceptions which haunt the imaginations ofDiscipleship2, 568:I would have you ponder deeply upon these conceptions. You have not in this life functioned in anyFire, 288:confine our attention to certain broad general conceptions, leaving the subsidiary points for moreFire, 397:His ideals, His aspirations and His abstract conceptions) is the logoic correspondence to theFire, 571:A B C of cosmic truth? Just broad hints, wide conceptions, and generalities, are as yet possible.Fire, 640:and the still more idiotic anthropomorphic conceptions of the Monotheists; between which it standsFire, 947:of mental matter by man; to erroneous conceptions as to the nature of matter itself, and toIntellect, 53:in its application to our theme that "some conceptions, such as that of Fechner, that the soul isMagic, 458:plane is the one upon which the mind imposes its conceptions in order to produce the "ideaMagic, 485:plane of thought matter. Such are the abstract conceptions and the scarcely sensed facts of theMeditation, 2:and abstract thinkers [2] can transfer their conceptions to the world of form. It is, rightPsychology2, 470:which he attaches to his so-called mental conceptions and ideas as to how it all should be workedPsychology2, 474:embodying the "wish life" and the imaginary conceptions of the race and which are of such potencyPsychology2, 552:in the higher stimulation) and the idealistic conceptions of the intelligentsia of the world. ThisSoul, 74:to the present trend of world thought: "Some conceptions, such as that of Fechner, that the soul isSoul, 75:soul or psyche... became differentiated into two conceptions... namely, on the one hand, the vitalSoul, 80:call 'life.' 'Animated' and 'alive' are, as conceptions, completely identical, just as theSoul, 80:conceptions, completely identical, just as the conceptions 'inanimate' and 'dead' are identical.Soul, 86:situated as a storehouse into which the conceptions of the mind, digested in the second ventricle.Soul, 146:he says: "It behooves us therefore to clear away conceptions that emanate only from our body, even
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