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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCEPTS

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Astrology, 18:- Three Basic Statements I realize that these concepts are not in line with the usual astrologicalAstrology, 324:of personality intent, and of time-space concepts. Basically, it is not desire which prompts returnAstrology, 384:upon the physical plane. These are the major concepts which enter our minds when Venus and TaurusAstrology, 384:the sake of disciples in training, these four concepts have been briefly summed up in an archaicAstrology, 419:of Energy - Constellations Behind these concepts of the relation existing in time and space betweenAstrology, 547:by revelation and sensitive to the emerging new concepts of truth - will create the needed newAstrology, 589:I can, however, attempt to give you certain concepts, relationships and parallels which may serveAtom, 6:minds of the hearers of certain of these basic concepts which were new to many of them, and whichAtom, 33:[33] synthesizes the other two, and adds certain concepts which produce a coherent whole whenAutobiography, 137:and sought to fit my own beliefs and the new concepts together. Then I met two very old ladies whoAutobiography, 237:practical the sometimes vague, metaphysical concepts of the East. Autobiography, 274:general public and presenting humanity with new concepts and fresh opportunities. This is happeningAutobiography, 280:the Arcane School conform to them? By what basic concepts and ideas is the Arcane School governed?Autobiography, 292:"souls of men are One," then we hold that the concepts and acceptances of the conscious mind of theAutobiography, 293:Hierarchy is practically unknown. The inclusive concepts of the Ageless Wisdom and the knowledge ofBethlehem, 15:Through the message of Christ three general concepts emerged into the racial consciousness: First,Bethlehem, 112:that there are in the world today two dominant concepts, both of them passing out as factors in theBethlehem, 169:is sadly true, but the foundational concepts will bear with equanimity the light which Christ canBethlehem, 169:has been that our intellectual grasp of the concepts runs ahead of our own personal development,Bethlehem, 189:Protestant Churches, have preserved two great concepts which the spirit of the race needed on itsDestiny, 45:the newer emerging ideas on the other. These new concepts should usher in the New Age and willDestiny, 46:its resultant idealism and consequent New Age concepts are playing upon the sensitive minds of theDestiny, 111:He demonstrated certain divine attributes and concepts which it was necessary to present to theDestiny, 127:religion has temporarily separated the two great concepts of spirit and matter in their thought andDiscipleship1, 28:recognition of truth and its formulation into concepts by the mind, plus the later process ofDiscipleship1, 62:link their group with the other groups. Thus the concepts of illusion and of separateness, and theDiscipleship1, 86:ideals and their neatly expressed idealistic concepts) are oft glimmered by the future beautyDiscipleship1, 86:presented - of the new and superseding concepts. These concepts possess a dynamic expulsive powerDiscipleship1, 86:- of the new and superseding concepts. These concepts possess a dynamic expulsive power andDiscipleship1, 136:task to be done. Slowly and gradually, the new concepts and the new technique of civilization andDiscipleship1, 286:sensed intuition to its formulation into mental concepts, thought-forms, words and phrases; To itsDiscipleship1, 354:also working on soul levels with though and with concepts, and also with the assimilation of thatDiscipleship1, 367:of freedom - as is the case with all such concepts - can act as a prison. Her idea of liberty canDiscipleship1, 448:with the point in view of externalizing these concepts in your service in your chosen field ofDiscipleship1, 499:of ideas must be constantly developed. These concepts will aid by stretching your mental body. InDiscipleship1, 683:and those formulated divine ideas, those concepts and significances which embody - at any one timeDiscipleship1, 708:have registered certain spiritual values and concepts, where they have evolved their ownDiscipleship2, 34:sees no difference, being released from the concepts of time and space. This has relation to theDiscipleship2, 34:are formulations of truth and are also voiced concepts of spiritual import. They are potent inDiscipleship2, 153:work. I would like at this point to refer to two concepts which I have already presented to you;Discipleship2, 169:to human living and as expressing forward moving concepts; today the two ideas needed are lightDiscipleship2, 183:nature: Here you have, therefore, some of the concepts which are implicit in this secondDiscipleship2, 186:new, emerging ideas and translate them into the concepts which will condition human thinking in theDiscipleship2, 208:our planet) of the nature of the impulses and concepts which animate certain universal Creators.Discipleship2, 213:of inspiration and of illumination. Trace these concepts which you, who have studied the Science ofDiscipleship2, 223:to manifestation in the three worlds wherein the concepts of time and space control. The HierarchyDiscipleship2, 233:their ashramic meditation, adapting its various concepts and the outlined purpose to a mostDiscipleship2, 251:I ask you to consider. An extension of these concepts to a Master and his ashram or his group ofDiscipleship2, 279:expression. Knowledge can be expressed in concepts and precepts; wisdom is revealed through ideasDiscipleship2, 284:possible to convey to you the true beauty of the concepts, but if you will have in mind the thoughtDiscipleship2, 303:of seed thoughts, hints or presented themes and concepts. The deliberate focusing of thought uponDiscipleship2, 314:and to initiation; it is essential that the old concepts - profoundly useful in their days - shouldDiscipleship2, 344:dealing with a major governing concept. These concepts are divine ideas, brought down into humanDiscipleship2, 346:is too complex for anything more than hinted concepts at this time. The general theme has beenDiscipleship2, 389:for your benefit the ideas, information and concepts which are already to be found in yourDiscipleship2, 396:for you. Direction. Time. Space. With these concepts in mind, occult information begins to assume aDiscipleship2, 403:wisdom." This involves the destruction of old concepts such as the trinity of manifestation, andDiscipleship2, 417:may give you some idea of the nature of the concepts which you - as a soul-infused personality -Discipleship2, 449:you, the correct procedure because these three concepts govern the needed evolutionary process forDiscipleship2, 476:meditation for the next few months around the concepts hidden by these word forms. The first threeDiscipleship2, 489:to formulate your meditation along these three concepts of Contact, Impression and Relationship.Discipleship2, 506:admit, my brother, that in these three [506] concepts and in their working out in the daily lifeDiscipleship2, 611:your [611] own meditation form, embodying these concepts and preserving steadfastly in yourDiscipleship2, 671:are what I might be permitted to call "sparking" concepts, and they can be revolutionary in theirDiscipleship2, 681:from the glamor of inherited ideas and national concepts and prejudices. The world picture isDiscipleship2, 691:need to [691] relate these ideas to universal concepts; that is for you the next practical step. IDiscipleship2, 692:fanatically to adhere to certain ideas and concepts which were emotionally aroused and which wereDiscipleship2, 693:to stand free from mental impression and mental concepts before he can successfully create underEducation, xi:a synoptic comprehension of antecedent bodies of concepts and principles, this department shall notEducation, 20:which fill our united lives with interest, concepts, ideas and beauty, through the written word,Education, 21:whereby man is enabled to concretize his concepts and so build thought-forms whereby heEducation, 35:are intuited. Ideals are promulgated. Mental concepts or thought-forms are constructed which in dueEducation, 47:emphasis, through the French Revolution, to the concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity; theyEducation, 47:and the Four Freedoms. These are the great concepts which must govern the new age with its nascentEducation, 115:impact upon the human consciousness of the great concepts which lie back of our evolutionaryEducation, 115:discard, and of renewed effort with ever newer concepts) which will enable mankind to build true toEducation, 115:will be able to work directly in the world of concepts and bring through (for the use of the race)Education, 131:of the Aquarian Age. It is these four concepts which lie behind the Science of the Antahkarana, theEducation, 133:From the angle of the new education, these new concepts will govern the mental attitude of parentsEducation, 133:It is the misinterpretation of the newer concepts which is prevalent at this time and is thusEducation, 133:be in line with the coming world culture and concepts. But today, the motive for this solicitude isExternalisation, 49:processes, and for a readjustment of our present concepts of education, is to be found in the factExternalisation, 83:and the imposition of intellectual plans and concepts (the so-called ideologies) upon the mass ofExternalisation, 187:these which are threatened by the totalitarian concepts of life. Through the democracies humanityExternalisation, 241:world order is divorced from all nationalistic concepts and aspirations. It will not be an AmericanExternalisation, 266:and from whence do They come? All the ideas and concepts which control human life and have givenExternalisation, 271:of the French Revolution when the three major concepts of freedom were expressed in the threeExternalisation, 397:to familiarize them as far as possible with the concepts of liberation and life and in an effort toExternalisation, 408:man the purposes of God through new ideological concepts are not as yet of so high an order,Externalisation, 411:Through the message of the Christ, three concepts emerge into the racial consciousness: The valueExternalisation, 414:understanding? Each of the three present concepts as to the divine nature - the Trinity - have beenExternalisation, 414:mankind, and this is responsible for the great concepts of freedom which are so close to the heartsExternalisation, 471:hide-bound and submerged in their theological concepts, seeking political power or possessions,Externalisation, 526:ideas and through them impose Its hierarchical concepts upon the embryonic minds of the general andExternalisation, 547:and gave enough in outline and in "seed" concepts to show the lines along which the new worldExternalisation, 566:Hierarchy can reach the mass of men with the new concepts, the techniques of the new civilizationExternalisation, 573:will remove; they will instill certain basic concepts anent right human relations into men's minds.Externalisation, 580:of culture, will emphasize as normal the higher concepts of the so-called "visionary" world plannerExternalisation, 586:and active; the new ideas and the vital fresh concepts are foremost in his mind. [587] He almostExternalisation, 595:recognition of those major spiritual concepts of love, life and relationship which have hovered
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