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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCEPTS

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Externalisation, 601:the "descent" (if I may so call it) of the new concepts which will govern human living, and by theExternalisation, 627:would gladly train the world in the British concepts of justice and fair play and world trade, andExternalisation, 656:in the minds of men concerning the religious concepts of the world and the new spiritual values.Externalisation, 665:minds is directed towards spiritualizing the concepts of the labor party in every country, and ofExternalisation, 677:know, externalizations of subjective ideas and concepts and of phases of formulated thinking; andExternalisation, 677:perception and - whilst grasping certain major concepts such as world unity or hierarchicalExternalisation, 678:force soon after 1860. From that date on, great concepts and new ideas, and the modern ideologiesExternalisation, 697:also with F.B., have done much to bring certain concepts (old and yet new in their presentation) toExternalisation, 701:Catholic or Protestant - which imposes its concepts and its will upon its adherents.Fire, vi:of abstract ideas and hitherto quite unknown concepts of spiritual realities. This unescapableFire, xiv:It is well nigh impossible to reduce such concepts to concrete formulas and to express them in suchFire, 143:make the material more pliable. All these three concepts are governed by the Law of Economy, whichFire, 145:center, within the solar periphery. These three concepts are governed by the Law of Attraction, orFire, 149:of the Law of Attraction. All of these three concepts are governed by the Law of Synthesis, whichFire, 295:cell has to do with the Spirit aspect. These two concepts lead necessarily to a third, that of theFire, 319:as color. In these four we have the fundamental concepts of all manifestation; all four have anFire, 408:high lights stand out, and only broad general concepts, and the impartation of fundamental factsFire, 481:of the ways of physical existence to broader concepts, wider vision, and synthetic comprehension.Fire, 503:it is needless to enlarge. All these ideas and concepts are of value only in so far as they produceFire, 581:great religious thought-forms, the philanthropic concepts and all the forms which science, art, andFire, 803:of friction, and is necessarily dual. Both these concepts involve facts long antedating the solarFire, 877:in a greater or lesser degree. These three concepts are the modes of expression of the three greatFire, 927:so many people fail in materializing their concepts, and hence come to be reckoned as failures, isFire, 1017:enter on their cycle. One of the fundamental concepts which is grasped by all magical workers, isGlamour, 10:upon it. This will lead you into the realm of concepts. Glamour, 12:to arrive at meaning and to work with ideas and concepts. This activity will necessitate the use ofGlamour, 14:to focus it there in the world of ideas or of concepts. The concepts exist already upon theGlamour, 14:there in the world of ideas or of concepts. The concepts exist already upon the concrete levels ofGlamour, 14:yourself in a position to move in this world of concepts with freedom. To work and live in theGlamour, 14:train yourself in the recognition of ideas and concepts as they lie behind every form; you begin toGlamour, 30:which have held humanity prisoner to wrong concepts and thoughts. So many are these thoughtGlamour, 30:fighting each other on behalf of their pet concepts, and into tens [31] of thousands ofGlamour, 43:approach this theme. I gave you certain basic concepts and a skeleton outline of the subject as aGlamour, 58:Many of them are the shells of long exploded concepts; still others are embryonic; some of them areGlamour, 61:be impossible, and bring through the newer concepts into being. Again, certain great ideas are toGlamour, 129:individual or group expression. Such ideas and concepts can be of three kinds, as I realize youGlamour, 135:at this time to grasp. When ideals and mental concepts and formulated thought-forms dominate theGlamour, 192:for that illusion divine ideas, formulated into concepts which we call ideals. The Masters, itGlamour, 195:identification tendency of the Triad. But these concepts are beyond the grasp of the average manHealing, 68:and the man who has grasped some of the New Age concepts have often equally dosed minds and seeHealing, 189:- generative warmth. Have clearly in mind the concepts of stimulation or lack of stimulation, ofHealing, 262:and effect with constant inevitability. The concepts of heredity and of environment are efforts toHealing, 304:Liabilities These are abstruse and difficult concepts, but they should be pondered upon, and deepHealing, 364:imagination, and not through intellectual concepts (no matter how high), must the dying man beHealing, 394:again enters the thought of restitution. Wrong concepts are therefore forgotten; the idea ofHealing, 503:ideas embodying the needed recognitions; the new concepts will now be seen, and their emergenceHealing, 543:understanding of certain essential and basic concepts. Healing, 621:new world or worlds of phenomena, and on the new concepts and ideas which consequently impinge uponHealing, 683:levels of experience: The stage of reception of concepts, of ideas and of principles, thusHercules, 35:mind, with its false ideas and erring human concepts. The brood mares, such as we meet in thisHercules, 35:as it gives birth to ideas, to theories and to concepts. The thought-form making tendency of theHercules, 37:of these brood mares giving birth to ideas and concepts which have their origin in the kingdom ofHercules, 110:of the mind to control its environment by concepts and abstract ideas". Where there is a lack ofHercules, 131:wholes. The search for these more inclusive concepts is of more importance than the insistence uponHercules, 220:brings to the earth distinctive energies, new concepts and new opportunities. It can also be shownIntellect, 72:and division, distinctions and the concepts of me and thee, of God and a child of God, have fadedIntellect, 104:that it can become [104] aware of ideas and concepts which emanate from a deeply spiritual realmIntellect, 119:merge in at-one-ment... Having all his ideas and concepts merged with the Primal Cause (he) hadIntellect, 121:which it can impress in order to express those concepts and intuitions which a man can consciouslyIntellect, 130:theme or idea that he could close out all outer concepts and shut the door entirely on theIntellect, 138:the physical brain, some of the realizations and concepts of the Spirit aspect. Students would doIntellect, 143:records and registers the ideas, impressions and concepts imparted to it by the contemplating soul,Intellect, 183:a new race, with new capacities, new ideals, new concepts about God and matter, about life andIntellect, 232:least resistance. We shall all formulate our own concepts in our own way. But the "Be still"Intellect, 241:welfare and of group betterment; all religious concepts and all outer knowledge of the Causes whichIntellect, 249:mind of some powerful thinker, or to the massed concepts of the religious world; they register, onMagicand their careful consideration certain basic concepts are borne in mind: First, that the matter ofMagic, 96:into satisfactory usefulness. Those ideas and concepts (speaking in symbol) which come via theMagic, 197:ideals, and to be inclusive in his plans and concepts; he has to learn to love collectively andMagic, 215:ends the cycle of creative work. Bringing these concepts down to practical expression in relationMagic, 251:does not involve the time element or spatial concepts at all. Secondly, the mind responds to theMagic, 289:ether of space, are of many kinds. One of the concepts, lying back of the astrological theories, isMagic, 339:and the recognition of certain of the basic concepts connected with brotherhood is steadilyMagic, 417:can speak the needed words, and outline those concepts which will hasten the work of integration,Magic, 456:and its eventual usefulness. So it is with the concepts and the ideas which give birth to aMagic, 460:the responsibility of materializing the divine concepts in the four kingdoms in nature. The humanMagic, 476:(which are neither more nor less than embodied concepts) come into exoteric being on the physicalMagic, 476:words and slogans, the tendency to embody the concepts of campaigners in trite and apposite phrasesMagic, 477:mould public opinion and bring certain ideas and concepts into the public consciousness. We haveMagic, 477:of words, of lectures and of books, a few clear concepts will surely emerge which will find an echoMagic, 478:of the Three Sentences Carrying the same concepts into the field of real esoteric work we have theMagic, 555:such an attempt to reduce cosmic principles and concepts to words is in itself ridiculous and thatMagic, 582:new ideas, the emerging principles, and the new concepts which must govern and round out our racialMagic, 582:to see the immediate vision and to grasp those concepts in which the mind must necessarily clotheMagic, 603:and choose those mental agencies and those concepts which will enable him, as a worker under theMagic, 605:it is not possible for us to grasp the basic concepts which are to be found in the mind of GodMagic, 619:faculties, as they express themselves in group concepts, and group plans. As all of you well know,Magic, 622:in the whole, every time great and universal concepts make their impact upon the minds of theMagic, 622:aspect and of that which might prevent those concepts becoming physical plane facts. This isMagic, 626:freedom from the thralldom of age-old fear concepts. The student finds himself becoming steadilyMagic, 628:think in terms of internationalism, of universal concepts, which will eventually result in theMeditation, 51:postulates which, though realized as mental concepts, may yet be too deep for easy comprehension.Meditation, 60:how profoundly wise he may be, are but mental concepts until experimentally part of a man's life.Meditation, 88:and to make the comprehended mental concepts practical experiences in daily life. This desire isMeditation, 167:ideas and with the development of philosophical concepts both in individuals and races. TheMeditation, 190:path of occult development. Theories and mental concepts avail not. They but increaseMeditation, 190:to be facts in nature, and only when mental concepts are brought down and demonstrated on theMeditation, 223:difficulties. In the formulating of high mental concepts, and the expressing of them on thePatanjali, 127:of attachment. These are the five wrong ideas or concepts which for aeons of time and throughoutPatanjali, 127:realizing that they are sons of God. It is these concepts which lead men to identify themselves
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