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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCEPTS

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Patanjali, 182:towards ideas, thought currents and abstract concepts. Finally, the practice of this meansPatanjali, 183:higher thoughts, abstract ideas, and idealistic concepts. This means concerns higher and lowerPatanjali, 190:the more limited English tongue. Certain basic concepts are embodied in this sutra and for the sakePatanjali, 244:reasoning about it, The extension of the mental concepts which have been formed from the specificPatanjali, 245:into the content of the personal life, Mental concepts or those ideas which embody the ideals lyingPatanjali, 246:and so into the world of mental ideas and concepts. This process, which is carried on within thePatanjali, 363:a tendency to divine geometry and space and time concepts, will with wisdom follow the method ofProblems, 45:emphasis, through the French Revolution, to the concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity; theyProblems, 45:and the Four Freedoms. These are the great concepts which must govern the new age with its nascentProblems, 83:can stop the re-emerging of the old ideas and concepts and can bring to an end the subtle controlProblems, 83:oneness of all men - these are the only concepts upon which to construct the new world, throughProblems, 140:will accept the same truths, not as theological concepts but as essential to spiritual living; theyProblems, 142:of a God full of hate and jealousy. Both concepts are today repudiated by all [143] sane, sincere,Problems, 151:to human attention three deeply necessary concepts: The extreme value of the individual son of GodProblems, 152:the faintest understanding? Each of the three concepts as to the nature of divinity - mind, loveProblems, 152:and its approach is responsible for the great concepts of freedom which are so close to the heartsProblems, 160:world have been produced and the great spiritual concepts which have conditioned human living andProblems, 160:and His group of workers. To these two great concepts underlying the New World Religion - ApproachPsychology1, 11:towards that which can be apprehended, great concepts can be grasped and great ideas intuited. MenPsychology1, 72:of ideas, with the grounding of a few basic concepts in the consciousness of the reader, and withPsychology1, 93:ideas of the soul and of the world, man's concepts of reality grew richer and deeper, so that todayPsychology1, 93:inheritance which testifies to a world of concepts, ideas and intuitions which deal with thePsychology1, 118:a frugality in the use of words, when embodying concepts. It should be remembered that in thePsychology1, 170:the occult generalities and the universal concepts there should be those points of immediate andPsychology1, 175:general knowledge as to the source of the great concepts, and no understanding of the innerPsychology1, 180:impact upon the human consciousness of the great concepts which lie back of our evolutionaryPsychology1, 180:discard, and of renewed effort with ever newer concepts) which will enable mankind to build true toPsychology1, 181:will be able to work directly in the world of concepts and bring through (for the use of the race)Psychology1, 227:point of manifestation, we find the divine concepts working out. The goal of the universal conceptPsychology1, 284:which will admit of the inflow of new ideas and concepts. We shall discover that vice and virtuePsychology2, 12:of an enlightened public opinion in these concepts. By the preparation of many in the New Group ofPsychology2, 15:when entirely divorced from the higher group concepts and the constant spiritual aspiration toPsychology2, 91:embraces the highest intuitive and abstract concepts of which the most elevated human consciousnessPsychology2, 161:which imprisons or impedes the soul. The major concepts are the definitely and carefully chosen wayPsychology2, 318:adjustment, and with the belief that in these concepts is mixed much of a childish superstition,Psychology2, 338:world of sensory perception, of intellectual concepts and of intuitive recognitions. With thePsychology2, 425:approximate understanding and conception of the concepts I am endeavoring to expound. We havePsychology2, 437:I would like to pause and to point out that the concepts of death, of substitution, of thePsychology2, 437:will - in the New Age - be superseded by the concepts of resurrection or of livingness, ofPsychology2, 506:symbols which, in geometrical form, embody the concepts which determine the Lemurian, Atlantean andPsychology2, 683:no antagonism to any living being. The initial concepts must be carried forward in their essentialPsychology2, 683:contingent upon the preservation of the initial concepts and the steady practice of good will. Rays, 71:the mystic attitude. This attitude embraces the concepts of here and there, of soul and body, ofRays, 78:the unfolding revelation of Deity. Certain great concepts are firmly grasped by man. Certain greatRays, 105:like to make because it opens the door to new concepts, even if it is not yet possible for theseRays, 105:even if it is not yet possible for these concepts to be defined so that the mass can understand;Rays, 108:down into the realm of words certain emerging concepts so that they may [109] begin to influenceRays, 121:welfare of humanity as a whole, and ideological concepts which deal with wholes and which militateRays, 121:isolation. Little as people realize it, these concepts are relatively new factors in the humanRays, 139:expression and of formulation into conditioning concepts - thus actuating mental perception ifRays, 172:and it is therefore impossible to formulate concepts to interpret the consequent and resultantRays, 203:of the Hierarchy; we are dealing with ideas and concepts for which we have no adequate terminologyRays, 203:consciousness, the Lodge on Sirius" and similar concepts convey to you? I would venture to suggestRays, 204:words "the Council Chamber of the Lord." Three concepts have perchance taken shape in your minds inRays, 297:and applicants are the seed or germ of the concepts indicated in the words for initiates andRays, 307:convey much or little in connection with the concepts which I am attempting to make clear? ThatRays, 329:and with a refusal to materialize the presented concepts, as is so easy a thing to do. Let himRays, 363:who read and study these ideas are occupied with concepts and thoughts totally unrealized andRays, 363:ranges of thought and eternal extra-planetary concepts which are equally unknown and temporarilyRays, 379:dual life of the initiatory process, the newer concepts may emerge more clearly. The points I wantRays, 492:very different in its significance to the usual concepts anent sacrifice. When the disciple hasRays, 517:I shall only give you the significances, the concepts involved and the meaning of which theseRays, 529:reached, as far as humanity is concerned. These concepts cover our presentation of truth and of ourRays, 566:in that great world disciple, Humanity. These concepts are worthy of your careful consideration.Rays, 579:has forced desire into the form of great mass concepts; these unitedly are governing the massRays, 589:application, and from your study of these concepts anent the mind, learn to gauge your own mentalRays, 594:and to create the needed thought-forms or concepts for those interpretations. These thought-formsRays, 597:upon the mental plane, we then talk of ideas, concepts, philosophies and ideologies. When itRays, 619:the churches and irrespective of their political concepts) who are serving their fellowmen,Rays, 621:have been ignobly selfish and controlled by the concepts of fighting, aggression and competitionRays, 713:The clues, the thoughts, the abstract concepts, the fleeting ideas of which all disciples are awareRays, 718:All these convey practical and useful concepts to the mind, and yet - at the same time - their trueRays, 725:His chosen path entirely "free of recollected concepts, but exhibiting to Those Great Lives WhoReappearance, 41:recognition of those major spiritual concepts of love, life and relationship which have hoveredReappearance, 48:the "descent" (if I may so call it) of the new concepts which will govern human living and by theReappearance, 102:the men of Their time certain required ideas and concepts of truth. When They come, Their aim is toReappearance, 103:cultural and effective. Hitherto, the presented concepts have been formulated by the world TeachersReappearance, 103:after His reappearance) several of the minor concepts which today underlie the teaching of all theReappearance, 146:of a God, full of hate and jealousy. Both concepts are today repudiated by all sane, sincere,Reappearance, 149:understanding. Each of the three present concepts of divinity - of the Trinity - were entirely newReappearance, 149:and its approach is responsible for the great concepts of freedom which are so close to the heartsReappearance, 175:would gladly train the world in the British concepts of justice and fair play and world trade, andReappearance, 184:whilst the second group works with the new concepts and hopes which are emerging in theSoul, 45:of the mind to control its environment by concepts and abstract ideas." - Berman, Louis, M.D., TheSoul, 47:to conception (reading, studying, thinking) and concepts." - Ibid., p. 182. Soul, 51:intangible processes, called emotions and mental concepts, are accounted for in terms of matter. ToSoul, 145:the mechanism develops and improves so may our concepts of Divinity. Edward Carpenter expressesSoul, 151:a new race, with new capacities, new ideals, new concepts about God and matter, about life andTelepathy, 48:the more subtle contacts which lie behind those concepts which are regarded as definitely nebulousTelepathy, 76:from the soul, which are translated into concepts and written down by the personality; theTelepathy, 93:and of reducing into correct and available concepts, ideas and thought-forms, that which he hasTelepathy, 95:is becoming increasingly sensitive; the ideas, concepts and spiritual objectives of which he isTelepathy, 95:he becomes a magnet for spiritual ideas and concepts; he attracts into his field of consciousnessTelepathy, 114:- Higher Aspects of Relationship Certain basic concepts underlie every phase of the Science ofTelepathy, 124:as we study the three points or the three basic concepts outlined in the preceding section. AllTelepathy, 139:in a few pages a general idea and the basic concepts which underlie the teaching - or should I say,
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