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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCERNING

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Fire, 1151:from hasty judgments, and from rapid conclusions concerning his fellowmen. Occasionally a variationFire, 1196:than a planet. Let me briefly give certain hints concerning these hierarchies which may serve toFire, 1196:elucidate that contained in the Secret Doctrine concerning them. What is here imparted is not inFire, 1218:of His self-realized purpose. The final two laws concerning group activity can only be very brieflyGlamour, xi:I would ask you to note that generalities concerning the intuition, and attempts to define it areGlamour, 40:some of the information I have given to you concerning the four aspects of glamor, I would offerGlamour, 68:therefore conclude my remarks on this point concerning illusion from the angle of your evolutionaryGlamour, 243:indifference which has led to the human glamor concerning the "inscrutable will of God" and to theHealing, 22:greater than in connection with the laws concerning disease and death. It is necessary, therefore,Healing, 25:astral or emotional state of consciousness, much concerning individual physical conditions can beHealing, 40:ignorant of one great field of knowledge - that concerning the energies which meet and war withinHealing, 52:they are faintly indicated. A negative analysis concerning what is not present in the equipment canHealing, 58:peculiar sense, the essential primeval evil, and concerning this fact, ancient legends and hintsHealing, 66:above, even in connection with what I have said concerning homosexuality, I have considered eitherHealing, 112:- vital, emotional and mental. Everything concerning the health of man can be approached from threeHealing, 213:characterize a Master of the Wisdom. Knowledge concerning the endocrine or ductless glands is asHealing, 230:a smaller scale - owing to the more modern views concerning marriage and divorce. Secondly,Healing, 293:- unsatisfactory and quite inadequate - stanzas concerning the conditioning factors in theHealing, 322:a hypodermic injection. The entire question concerning serums and inoculations has beenHealing, 336:and a higher era of understanding. The teaching concerning the iris of the eye is an indication ofHealing, 342:It is not easy for me to give more information concerning the moon and its phases, as itHealing, 431:today, [431] will help to clarify your minds concerning this entire theme of restitution with whichHealing, 583:Beings. Now, with all that I have given you concerning the seven rays and the seven Ray Lords, muchHealing, 670:Rules Enumerated and Applied What shall I say concerning harmlessness? It is not easy for me toHealing, 679:This Law X is the forerunner of many new laws concerning the relation of soul to form or of spiritHercules, 60:come now to the third labor, in the sign Gemini, concerning predominantly the active work of theHercules, 197:Story There are several variations of the myth concerning the labor of Hercules in the sign Pisces.Initiation, vii:the teaching hitherto given out in various books concerning initiation, [viii] is erroneous.Initiation, 51:during the past one hundred years, and therefore concerning these, certain information may be givenInitiation, 60:Lodge of Masters The Present Work Certain facts concerning these Masters, and their work in theInitiation, 105:to show the close scrutiny given to everything concerning the affairs of men by the variousInitiation, 143:and a real knowledge of the basic facts concerning the planets and the solar system. The horoscopeInitiation, 147:proclaim it. This involves an oath as to secrecy concerning the revealed part of the Logoic planInitiation, 147:An undertaking of a profoundly solemn nature concerning his relation to his other selves, the LodgeInitiation, 164:base of the spine, and reveals to him knowledge concerning the various types of force or energy byInitiation, 169:manner. Similarly, through this revelation concerning the densest part of the logoic body, he canInitiation, 169:part of the logoic body, he can ascertain much concerning the previous solar system, and the factsInitiation, 199:will be careful to preserve strict silence concerning themselves, their occult work or knowledge,Initiation, 199:and a rare, but necessary word to some brother concerning the inner life, or to some superior orInitiation, 201:Through deep study of all there is to be known concerning energy and its focal points, he willInitiation, 206:who will gather together all that can be found concerning the Messenger of the Gods, and who alsoInitiation, 207:Mercury, and which occult students have gathered concerning the inner round. On the surface, theMagic, 64:of the One who breathes. Now in our work we are concerning ourselves with that One Who, breathingMagic, 145:on to a dread point of power, of force creative, concerning which we say: It is the All, theMagic, 174:ancient terms. Such are some of the teachings concerning disciples and their recognitions and it isMagic, 339:purpose. This has been the formulation of ideas concerning God and His relation to man, concerningMagic, 339:of ideas concerning God and His relation to man, concerning divinity, eschatology and spiritualMagic, 388:- The Founding of the Hierarchy In all thoughts concerning these energies it should be rememberedMagic, 481:to deal, but certain things must be said concerning the power of thought-forms, and concerningMagic, 481:said concerning the power of thought-forms, and concerning their danger, and the mode whereby theyMagic, 519:instructions. All can be given the information concerning the major interludes of soul-mind andMagic, 519:yet be trusted with the significant information concerning the minor interludes, carried on in theMeditation, 35:body. This, as you see, entails five factors concerning themselves with the aiding of the Ego inMeditation, 305:Master R. - and one of the English Masters are concerning Themselves with the gradual founding ofMeditation, 324:and in its discussion I will give you somewhat concerning the preparatory occult school but littleMeditation, 324:the preparatory occult school but little concerning the advanced. This fourth point is one anentMeditation, 326:dark half will be more given over to the things concerning lower mind and to an effort to hold thePatanjali, 12:translations, conveying the subtle [12] truth concerning the infinite divisibility of the atom;Patanjali, 96:have, however, to grasp the elementary facts concerning all forms and to familiarize themselves inPatanjali, 217:which the great choice is made. In these sutras concerning posture, the same idea lies latent. ThePatanjali, 278:which deals with the cycle about which he is concerning himself. This is not therefore simply aPatanjali, 354:the evil eye. There is much to be discovered concerning sight for this study will include not onlyPatanjali, 417:can use to ascertain that which the soul knows concerning the Kingdom of God, the realm ofProblems, 149:approach to truth. Let us call it the truth concerning the great Cyclic Approaches of the divine toProblems, 180:bureau where information will be available concerning the activities of the men and women ofPsychology1, 118:our two questions, and particularly to the one concerning the value of studying the rays. I havePsychology1, 223:now give you a synopsis of the information, concerning each kingdom, as it comes underPsychology2, 235:should be noted. This instinct to synthesis (concerning as it does the psychical nature of Deity)Psychology2, 316:as centers of experience with which we are concerning ourselves. We should seek to eliminate fromPsychology2, 347:eventually a light bearer. What I have to say concerning each ray and its work with the individualsPsychology2, 462:in a [462] rampart of his own thought forms concerning himself and his activities. When curable,Psychology2, 681:bureau where information will be available concerning the activities of men and women of good willPsychology2, 745:world religion. I have already given you much concerning it in these instructions and if you willRays, 133:is a widespread recognition. Information concerning its grades, its modes of working and itsRays, 142:life altogether. All the above information concerning the Lives which are far in advance of theRays, 199:mentioned and enumerated, but more information concerning these mysteries, this separating darknessRays, 389:so do I, a Master of the fifth degree, know much concerning what lies ahead of me; I can thereforeRays, 422:pointed out, not much can be given out concerning this mysterious Path which leads into a triangleRays, 441:attitudes. This statement might be regarded as concerning itself primarily with two major aspectsRays, 530:Process Before proceeding with our next point concerning the fusion of the Master's consciousnessRays, 533:and His group of Executives. This information concerning the initiatory process is coordinating inRays, 636:in the decisions which they made and may make concerning Palestine. The test, as far as the nationsReappearance, 39:there should be a measure of fuller knowledge concerning the "center where the will of God isReappearance, 125:life abundantly. There is much talk these days concerning the mysteries of initiation. EverySoul, 59:he says: "And now we might add something concerning a certain most subtle spirit which pervades andSoul, 130:comes forward as we have seen with its facts concerning the structure. Man's mechanism isTelepathy, 168:there is yet much to be grasped by students concerning energy, its emanating sources, its mode of
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