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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCISE

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Astrology, 9:to handle it. [9] I decided on brevity, the concise statement of facts (facts to those of us whoAstrology, 174:soul and spirit. The following tabulation or concise statement of rather momentous implications mayAutobiography, 167:had to write at regular hours and it was clear, concise, definite dictation. It was given word forBethlehem, 125:the temptation. His method was so brief and concise, and remains undeveloped as to detail. The wayBethlehem, 258:and giving them, in the Four Noble Truths, a concise statement of the human situation. He outlinedDiscipleship1, 35:This experiment is fourfold in nature and a concise statement about it may prove helpful. I. TheyDiscipleship1, 51:them. Please study them and then make a clear, concise statement to yourself as to your ownDiscipleship1, 197:largely a question of terse terminology but of concise definition. Continue also with the groupDiscipleship1, 251:me, for the sake of clarity and in order to be concise, list the stages through which you must go:Discipleship1, 348:your conclusions in six statements - brief and concise. Discipleship2, 77:The personal instructions will be full and concise and will give you enough work, coupled with allDiscipleship2, 535:short papers. In the first will you give seven concise definitions of love - not of emotion orDiscipleship2, 630:with the detail. Formulate to yourself in clear concise sentences your conclusions, so that theExternalisation, 551:effect upon humanity. Let me enumerate them in concise form, because it is essential that there beFire, 225:When we have endeavored to answer in brief and concise fashion these nine questions, and haveGlamour, 127:In this statement, you have expressed in a few concise words the result of the first threeHealing, 6:also add that these instructions must be as concise as possible. I shall have to endeavor to putHealing, 261:clean house in this respect; to put it in clear concise words, the U.S.A. must see to it that theHealing, 309:Dual Cause of Congestion Let me make one or two concise statements and then explain. First,Healing, 326:in recovery from fatigue?" This question is concise and can be briefly answered. In fact it mustHealing, 497:- that it would be impossible to be definite or concise. Attrition is relatively easy toHealing, 577:in the Christian [577] era. It is a clear and concise rule and implies what should be the nature ofHealing, 630:little elucidation, for it is composed of clear, concise instructions. Let us list theseHealing, 659:will be to formulate the teaching in such a concise manner that vast themes may be briefly handled,Healing, 672:Law IX and Rule Six. The rule is so clear and concise that it needs but little explanation,Magic, 386:Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy To the three concise statements above made we might add aMagic, 472:science of building and which are so clear and concise that they will produce the needed effect?Patanjali, 153:most important sutras in the book for in a few concise words we have summed [154] up for us thePatanjali, 166:great means of yoga, giving thus a clear and concise outline of the exact steps to be followed forPatanjali, 233:valuable to note its brevity and yet its [233] concise and complete nature. It is the text book ofPatanjali, 253:may technically be described in the following concise terms: Meditation, Polarization in the soulProblems, 17:perception and ability to convey thoughts in concise and crystal clear terms will be utilized toPsychology2, 188:This experiment is fourfold in nature and a concise statement about it may clarify conjecture: TheyPsychology2, 573:[573] I like that phrase. It is simple and concise and illustrates dramatically the state of mindRays, 342:prerequisites for initiation is a clear and concise recognition of one's own group, not through aRays, 589:But what does this mean? Let me give you some concise definitions of this ray energy, leaving youTelepathy, 115:the energy required; they do not create true, concise or powerful thought-forms or - if they do -
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