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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCLAVE

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Astrology, 92:council chamber of God; he becomes a part of the conclave at Shamballa; he functions no longerDiscipleship2, 147:period of three Full Moons. They then meet in conclave and each makes his contribution to the jointDiscipleship2, 277:to come, then the entire Hierarchy meets in conclave. Upon [278] the basis of the light in thisDiscipleship2, 314:past twenty-five years. The steps taken at the Conclave in Shamballa in 1925 (based on tentativeDiscipleship2, 314:tentative conclusion at the previous centennial Conclave) and the pressures exerted by theDiscipleship2, 318:(usually once in a century after their Conclave at the close of the first quarter) there is theExternalisation, 106:to creep through after the last hierarchical conclave in 1925 has been real and effective. ThatExternalisation, 208:terms are settled by the nations, sitting in conclave. Nations will have to shift from a warExternalisation, 324:objective and the decisions of the group in conclave; it is not work carried forward through theHealing, 611:all nations are wrestling together and in joint conclave with the problem of bettering human livingMagic, 132:through the medium of the sons of men. In conclave wise They make their plans; with judgment, afterMagic, 402:years, the Elder Brothers of the race called a conclave of all departments about the year 1500 A.D.Magic, 402:Their attention in the first instance. At this conclave They had three things to do: To view theMagic, 404:Group of World Servers Looking ahead, during the conclave to which I have made reference, theMagic, 405:centuries. We have therefore, dating from this conclave, the inauguration of definite and specificMagic, 412:Now that centuries have elapsed since the conclave in the sixteenth century, these external groupsMagic, 413:Just as it had been decided at the earlier conclave to gather out of the inchoate masses of men,Psychology1, 312:eyes of the assembled sons of God (at the final conclave before the dissolution) what has lainPsychology1, 397:on... They stayed behind... The Masters met in conclave and decided what should be the fate ofPsychology2, 241:those times, when the Hierarchy meets in silent conclave, a part of God's vision, and His [242]Rays, 393:the Ashram. It is given by His admission to the conclave of the Masters, meeting every seven years.Rays, 393:the Masters, meeting every seven years. At that conclave They make decisions which concern allRays, 393:point of precipitation by united decision in the conclave of the Masters. These decisions do notRays, 721:Who are initiates of the sixth degree meet in conclave and together, and before making Their finalTelepathy, 4:peace. He presented it to the adepts in conclave and it was felt that something could be done. [5] Telepathy, 43:be received by the Great Council when sitting in conclave with a majority of its Members present.
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