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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCLUDED

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Astrology, 483:When the work, of, all these triangles has been concluded, [484] humanity (and in a mysteriousDiscipleship2, 397:and then the teaching upon the Hints will be concluded. The teaching upon the Formulas wasDiscipleship2, 397:be concluded. The teaching upon the Formulas was concluded in the earlier instruction becauseDiscipleship2, 587:The initial structure and consolidation is now concluded and I can assign other work to you. YourDiscipleship2, 642:follows immediately upon the one which is concluded in Vol. I, page 649, and the footnote thereDiscipleship2, 714:through activities which are carried through to concluded expression upon the physical plane. YourFire, 132:and the divine [132] incarnation of the Son is concluded. But the faculty or inherent quality ofFire, 305:The consideration of this question is nearly concluded and it must be apparent that the relationFire, 980:is only in process of speaking. He has not yet concluded what He has to say, and hence the presentFire, 1027:OF MIND I. Introductory Remarks We have now concluded our consideration of thought forms, havingHealing, 296:first part of our discussion. We have nearly concluded this, and face what many will regard as theHealing, 380:(speculative to all of you) which we have just concluded. Much that I have there told you is, forHealing, 420:ends, and the divine incarnation of the Son is concluded. But the faculty or inherent quality ofHealing, 462:as yet unaccomplished and is not correctly concluded. There is another point upon which I wish toHealing, 463:incarnated aspect because a life cycle has been concluded. The term of that life cycle may be longInitiation, 150:sphere. Then, when his meditation was concluded, and the whole completed as a picture before hisIntellect, 187:of life and of the world; they further concluded that Nirvana was not vanishing into a state ofMagic, 94:the hierarchical plan so that it may be safely concluded that the collective brain of the humanRays, 517:stages of the Projection technique have been concluded. At the point of highest tension, theRays, 518:its disciples and initiates. We have practically concluded our study of the antahkarana; however, IRays, 598:of the spiritual work. When this work is concluded, you have the initiation of the third degreeRays, 619:alignment. This alignment, when effectively concluded, will bring about a clear channel or pathwayRays, 653:Initiation VI - Decision - Ray III We have concluded our study of the rays and the fiveSoul, 66:mathematical physicist, James Clerk Maxwell, concluded his article "Ether" in the ninth edition ofSoul, 89:and superior region of the brain. Hollis concluded that "both sensation and movement have theirSoul, 112:principal vital activity, it must by no means be concluded on this account that they can be
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