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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCLUSIONS

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Psychology1, 208:is by scientific research, pushed to ultimate conclusions, and by the acceptance of the inferencesPsychology1, 209:superstition, prejudice, over-rapid conclusions, fiery anger. Virtues to be acquired: Strength,Psychology1, 219:work of analysis and study will proceed. [219] Conclusions cannot be reached, however, and thisPsychology1, 394:or establish the right or wrong nature of my conclusions? I but present the facts as I know themPsychology2, 63:The thought underlying this paragraph links the conclusions of the materialistic school ofPsychology2, 201:by those who can accept inference, deduction and conclusions which cannot be demonstrated, with thePsychology2, 202:we are at present engaged, and our premises and conclusions can be stated in the followingPsychology2, 284:into line with modern truth and scientific conclusions. Psychology2, 301:of the physical body) and upon all the latest conclusions of the investigating material scientistsPsychology2, 403:which have to be faced as one considers the conclusions of the many, many schools of Psychology arePsychology2, 404:to each other and thus supplement each other's conclusions and efforts, we shall then have men andPsychology2, 460:when some great scientist unfolds to us the conclusions of his focused attention and period ofPsychology2, 462:strongly extroverted by the desire to impose the conclusions they have reached (through theirPsychology2, 669:readjustments, to think through to a few vital conclusions, and to bring about a period of relativeRays, 679:for himself and to come to his own decisions and conclusions. It is here that the major quarrelSoul, 11:brain. I am holding no brief for the tentative conclusions reached by the author of the book. TheSoul, 11:by the author of the book. The particular conclusions may need modification or even rejection. ButSoul, 27:a soul and a spirit and all its deductions and conclusions are based on this premise. It fullySoul, 42:case has a special interest in view of the conclusions of Oriental philosophers. Most of the booksSoul, 51:better psychically. Whether we agree with those conclusions or disagree, we must at least admitSoul, 52:psychic nature can function. But are all these conclusions as to the endocrine glands, in factSoul, 64:presents some most interesting and suggestive conclusions, as follows: "Light is an affection ofSoul, 72:basis in reality. After the elimination of all conclusions founded on the visions and experiencesSoul, 90:religious theologians. Secondly, by means of the conclusions arrived at through the work of theSoul, 133:time, generally possible, and, from the past conclusions of the philosophers and saints of bothTelepathy, 37 To:truthfully what you sense and register. Your conclusions may be right or wrong, but a definiteTelepathy, 76:an Ashram. These teachings bear the impress and conclusions of the senior disciple and areTelepathy, 78:reaction to glamor, to emotional or astral conclusions, and to selfish interpretations. It must beTelepathy, 139:the training to be given in the future, the conclusions of science and a new mode of civilizationTelepathy, 175:Disciples and other onlookers must form their conclusions from the "nature of the sphere of
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