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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCRETE

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Discipleship2, 313:penetrate into the world of mind and the lower concrete mind has become his instrument, integratingDiscipleship2, 349:on page 313), the myriad thought-forms of the concrete or lower mind are seen as illusion, and theDiscipleship2, 385:his thought from what can be regarded as the concrete levels of the cosmic mental plane; the wholeDiscipleship2, 390:and is aided by the comprehension of which the concrete mind is capable. It is a result of theDiscipleship2, 398:the soul, may be substituted finally for the concrete and hitherto directing lower mind. Again,Discipleship2, 399:the mental plane; through the alignment of the concrete, lower mind, the Son of Mind and theDiscipleship2, 401:It is (in a measure) a correspondence to the concrete mind, with its capacity to interpretDiscipleship2, 414:but there is apt to be much confusion when the concrete mind is unduly dominant (as it so oftenDiscipleship2, 450:relate life [450] and form, the fluid and the concrete; then an organism, and not an organization,Discipleship2, 534:you did not see as clearly as usual; your concrete lower mind did not apparently display its usualDiscipleship2, 580:handicapped by the complexities which the concrete minds of my disciples [581] wrought around it,Discipleship2, 584:- fortunately for you - is balanced by your concrete mind. This is good and necessary, except whenDiscipleship2, 646:expression might have resulted in a hard, concrete materialistic person. These rays are the onesDiscipleship2, 754:along your mental ray which is the fifth ray of concrete knowledge or science. This should beEducation, viii:is to test the validity of the principles in concrete applications. The testing must be done inEducation, 5:most important part of his nature: [5] His lower concrete mind, the reasoning principle. It is withEducation, 15:Writing has a more definite relation to the concrete levels of the mental plane and to the abilityEducation, 16:is recognized, and the place which the lower concrete mind should fill as the servant of the higherEducation, 16:we shall have the over-development of the concrete materializing faculty - with its aptitude toEducation, 21:and work intelligently. 5. The attribute of concrete knowledge whereby man is enabled to concretizeEducation, 21:This he does through the activity of the lower concrete mind. [22] The true work of education is toEducation, 35:education will organize and develop the lower concrete mind. 5. It will teach the human being toEducation, 35:the general title of mental aspects: The lower concrete mind. The Son of Mind, the Soul, the Self.Education, 41:functions, and its ability to formulate concrete ideas based on material perception, materialEducation, 41:the tangible for the intangible, the concrete for the spiritual, and physical values for theEducation, 41:in the establishment, temporarily, of the more concrete values. My remarks are only partial, andExternalisation, 73:see clearly and relate the abstract and the concrete in such a manner that, in your own lives, aExternalisation, 98:the power to comprehend that which is not concrete or tangible but which is, in reality, an innateExternalisation, 179:fact of war, usually do little or nothing concrete to right the wrongs which are responsible forExternalisation, 230:and quality of their lower mind, with its concrete tendency to hark back to the past and its fearExternalisation, 263:upon the physical plane. Physical activity and concrete methods [264] of manifestation are thenExternalisation, 417:antagonisms and the belittling comments of the concrete minded are of no avail. What the orthodoxExternalisation, 510:the general public serves or is dominated by the concrete mind and is unable to grasp abstractions.Externalisation, 579:through the medium of the trained lower concrete mind. The united work of these three groups ofExternalisation, 625:developed have been largely institutional and concrete. They have been limited by the separativeExternalisation, 660:now rapidly gaining momentum. This was the first concrete result of the combined desire of thisExternalisation, 667:of Active Intelligence, upon the fifth Ray of Concrete Science and upon the seventh Ray ofExternalisation, 697:of atomic physical and astral substance and of concrete mental substance. This They can create atFire, vi:in many cases the expression by the lower concrete mind (often with the insuperable restrictions ofFire, VII:safeguard against that quality of the concrete mind which constantly tends to produce sectarianism.Fire, xiv:well nigh impossible to reduce such concepts to concrete formulas and to express them in such a wayFire, 5:- Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art. Ray V - Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. Ray VI - Ray ofFire, 29:separating Fifth built in the rupa sphere the concrete forms of thought. They cast them forth. TheyFire, 49:vast or restricted, is individual, that of a concrete Being, a Lord of many universes, or aFire, 114:of Beauty, Harmony, Art or Rhythm. The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. The Ray of AbstractFire, 175:the hour"; the seen becomes the unseen, the concrete resumes its precyclic state of atomicFire, 190:its point of deepest materiality and of most concrete demonstration. The key for man to discoverFire, 237:of Activity. The Logos of Harmony. The Logos of Concrete Science. The Logos of Devotion or AbstractFire, 247:life. - S. D., I, 245, 269, 279. The atom is a concrete manifestation of the Universal Energy. - S.Fire, 265:5. Kama-manas. 3. Desire Mind. 4. Lower mind 4. Concrete Mind. 3. Manas 5. Higher or abstract mind.Fire, 267:feeling. Kama-manas - desire-mind. Manas - lower concrete mind. Higher manas - abstract or pureFire, 287:be acquired by instinct and by the use of the concrete mind functioning through the physical brainFire, 287:function, and eventually supersedes the lower or concrete mind. It then utilizes the physical brainFire, 297:must be sought for by the aid of the intuition. Concrete Mind will not here avail. The three higherFire, 330:the abstract planes, and the lower four or the concrete planes. This division is the best and mostFire, 330:considered in connection with the lower four or concrete levels from whence manifestation emanates.Fire, 336:of Abstract Idealism, or Devotion. The Lord of Concrete Science. The Lord of Harmony and Art. TheseFire, 397:in due course of evolution crystallize into concrete form by means of the concrete mind. What weFire, 397:crystallize into concrete form by means of the concrete mind. What we call the archetypal plane inFire, 399:cosmic conception, and the working out of it in concrete shape, manas or intelligence is a basicFire, 399:the link is made between the abstract and the concrete. This is already realized to be true inFire, 399:planes of the abstract or of the ideal, and the concrete ones whereon he normally functions. ThisFire, 400:only as the six-pointed star (or the sumtotal of concrete mind in its various divisions) becomesFire, 407:plane, and be more and more controlled by purely concrete mind. Unless this is paralleled by aFire, 424:four Rays: [424] Harmony, Beauty, Art or Unity. Concrete Science or Knowledge. Abstract Idealism.Fire, 424:indications may be given of the path which concrete science may follow. Let us, therefore, takeFire, 428:of Attribute: 4. Harmony, Beauty or Art 2. 5. Concrete Knowledge or Science 3. 6. Abstract IdealismFire, 433:future influence of the third manasic ray of "Concrete Knowledge or Science." As I have elsewhereFire, 453:activity and the spread of education (of the concrete mental kind) everywhere. This will result in:Fire, 456:of mind, as it will be on the utilization of the concrete mind, and its acquired faculty, for theFire, 468:Himself. Below these higher levels, where the concrete is touched, we have lesser grades of devasFire, 473:of two essences, and not an approach of the concrete to the essence. Man, while functioning inFire, 483:and a symbol, a pictorial, allegorical, concrete step. The whole subject of transmutation isFire, 502:to distinguish between the abstract and the concrete, and to arrive at conclusions apart from theFire, 528:creating the impression that matter is a concrete something. There is no such thing as concretionFire, 530:Divine ideation passes from the abstract to the concrete or visible form. The objective is anFire, 567:the fact that all things - abstract and concrete - exist as one; it is the law governing theFire, 568:His thought, a thought form in its entirety, a concrete whole, and not the differentiated processFire, 573:systems, that the whole exists for Him as a concrete thought-form, for He is learning to manipulateFire, 573:the matter of the cosmic mental plane on concrete levels, in the same way that man is working onFire, 585:through the fifth plane, and the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge acts as a step to the fourth, forFire, 588:In regard to the four minor Rays of Harmony, Concrete Science, Devotion and Ceremonial Order, theirFire, 589:seems an [589] illusion), the three minor Rays, Concrete Science, Devotion and Ceremonial Law, haveFire, 589:level, and a final merging on the second. The concrete Rays have an especial effect on the negativeFire, 590:touch the devas of activity working on concrete faculty. The perfection of the two evolutions marksFire, 590:up in this system to the fourth. The Ray of Concrete Science has a peculiar relationship to theFire, 590:the race of peculiarly strong development of the concrete mind. The Law of Analogy always holdsFire, 591:the Ego evolves the faculty of forming definite concrete thought-forms, and, through these stableFire, 594:the divine Hermaphrodite. Love works through the concrete rays in the building of the system, andFire, 594:divinity. Love demonstrates, through the concrete rays, the aspects of divinity, forming theFire, 594:measure the kingdom of God within. Love in the concrete rays leads to the path of occultism; loveFire, 596:fifth root race, built up under the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge, with the aid of the fifth LawFire, 596:This law governs the gradual disintegration of concrete forms and their sacrifice to the evolvingFire, 596:forces of nature. The physical plane is the most concrete exemplification of the form side; itFire, 599:and lower manas approximate, and where the concrete mind, meeting its highest development of thisFire, 604:- Fixation, the Law of Concretion. The 5th Ray - Concrete knowledge. The 5th round - The round ofFire, 605:The 5th subrace - The Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon. Concrete mind. The 5th group of Devas - Fire DevasFire, 605:achieve. The 5th scheme - The Lord of concrete science. The 5th Mahamanvantara (or solar system) -Fire, 605:body of the Logos, or as the fire of His most concrete manifestation, vitalizing, warming andFire, 617:regards the physical [617] body of man, or his concrete manifestation. In his case, the fourth
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