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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCRETION

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Astrology, 246:planet and is the embodiment of the principle of concretion and the materializing of that which isAstrology, 316:itself) brings about the stage of static concretion in the earth sign Capricorn. The other word isAstrology, 336:marks not only the point of the deepest concretion and therefore of death but also the point ofAstrology, 386:had gone down into the caves and the depths of concretion and is ready now for an upward shift orAstrology, 411:are either retarding in their effects, producing concretion, crystallization and a holding back orAstrology, 450:back into the depths of crystallization and of concretion. Disciples who respond to the influencesAstrology, 567:Capricorn - This sign marks the point of concretion and of crystallization which results eventuallyAstrology, 599:Basically this is the will which produces concretion and yet at the same time constitutes the pointFire, xii:the lowest form of life at the densest point of concretion up to the highest and most tenuousFire, 97:lowest point is reached, the point of densest concretion. The latter half of the process is calledFire, 528:a concrete something. There is no such thing as concretion in reality; [529] there is only force ofFire, 553:and the use of the fifth Ray in the work of concretion. All magicians who work with matter and whoFire, 556:This creative impulse, this tendency towards the concretion of the abstract, this inherent abilityFire, 556:all forms which he builds, and all processes of concretion which he carries on, are created, builtFire, 559:the physical form will be spoken of in terms of concretion and of energy, and the emphasis will beFire, follow:a principle, but simply the densest point of concretion of the abstract, and that the vegetableFire, 604:- Manas. The 5th Law - Fixation, the Law of Concretion. The 5th Ray - Concrete knowledge. The 5thFire, 605:considered as pure abstractions. In this system concretion concerns us, and the blending of formFire, 616:back of matter). They are that which produces concretion and which gives form to the abstract. TheFire, 616:egoic groups in their various divisions. The concretion of substance, or the building of the denseFire, 626:into union with each other is that which causes concretion, or the appearance, in space and time,Fire, 633:7th subplane cosmic phyiscal Physical Densest concretion Kshiti Agnisuryan 6th subplane cosmicFire, 633:plane, and are the producers of the greatest concretion. In the planetary body of our planetaryFire, 917:plane, and the method whereby density and concretion on the three lower levels are brought about.Fire, 928:centers become veiled and hidden. Accretion and concretion rapidly proceeds. The three groups ofFire, 928:and the form exists in its six differentiations. Concretion is very rapid, and activity isFire, 938:in its second stage, the first stage of astral concretion begins. This is carried on for sevenFire, 938:of the gestation period. The final process of concretion carried on through the remaining twoFire, 969:of the physical plane the process of physical concretion takes place; as the physical vehicleFire, 1021:them an impetus that will result in more settled concretion. Having accomplished that, he becomes,Fire, 1024:idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion. RULE XIV The sound swells out. The hourFire, 1025:is completed, and prior to the final stages of concretion) must see to it that his alignment withFire, 1026:etheric levels [1026] to the planes of tangible concretion, when he is menaced by "occult burning."Fire, 1030:with the forces which tend to coherence, to concretion, and to the stabilization of the work of theFire, 1047:the second heat, and the third moisture or concretion. By the interplay of the three types of forceFire, 1048:Man. This it is which has produced graded concretion, and brought animal-man to the stage where theFire, 1137:kingdoms. These three lower groups achieve concretion, and enter the upward arc, through the mediumFire, 1210:of that which is abstract; they are the densest concretion of Spirit; they are the failures of theFire, 1233:a diversity of symbols and are responsible for concretion. [1234] Man, who builds forms and createsFire, 1234:This idea, incorporeal in itself, becomes a concretion on the plane of objectivity, and as statedIntellect, 114:This idea, incorporeal in itself, becomes a concretion on the plane of objectivity... These ideasMagic, 46:effects. The type of energy which produces the concretion of ideas on the physical plane. StrictlyMagic, 47:outer and visible sign of the inner reality, the concretion of the sensitive responsive entityMagic, 96:(speaking figuratively) produce too rapid concretion, and are motivated by the personal ambition ofMagic, 546:idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion." The obvious and most apparent meaningMagic, 557:idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion". Cosmic Fire, p. 1024. Each life sees theMagic, 611:or those spiritual sounds which will produce concretion and the tangible appearance of form. ThePatanjali, 30:consciousness upon the astral plane which is the concretion of the longing and desire of thePatanjali, 39:of the physical senses. The energies producing concretion and the motive power of thought as itPatanjali, 276:the twelve Creative Hierarchies as they bring to concretion the plan of the Logos. ImaginativePatanjali, 279:forces of substance and eventually produce the concretion of that substance. The use of this powerPsychology1, 226:expression, at the point of deepest and densest concretion, of the mind of God in form, with aPsychology1, 228:four ethers, and the point of their densest concretion. Just as they "substand" or form the basisPsychology2, 455:through thought perception, then through thought concretion and finally through thought
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