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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCRETIZED

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Astrology, 205:three: Sex, physical comfort, and money, as concretized energy. They are, secondly, the testsAstrology, 244:itself as Sex; the third aspect demonstrates as concretized energy and this we call Money. It isAstrology, 246:third divine manifestation - law, affinity and concretized energy - that money is created. It isDiscipleship2, 229:money. Visualize the money in the world today as Concretized energy, at present largely used forExternalisation, 60:which could deflect much of this form of concretized divine energy into constructive channels andExternalisation, 646:the side of the spiritual values. Money is the concretized expression of the third type ofGlamour, 29:a definite intuition and this intuition is concretized by the mind until its appearance is so realHercules, 136:[136] of opposites (sex), second aspect; and concretized energy, called money, third aspect, asPsychology1, 218:Deity. They embody the nebulous plan and the concretized plan. In the case of the seventh orSoul, 142:activities on the physical plane are the outer concretized symbol. The perversions of sex magic so
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