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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONCRETIZING

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Astrology, 158:indicative of a crystallization process. This concretizing faculty of Capricorn can be consideredDiscipleship1, 279:of the intuition, there must appear the concretizing faculty of the mind. This the intuition mustDiscipleship1, 279:must express themselves through form. From this concretizing faculty, owing to your sense of beautyDiscipleship2, 281:vehicle. Concrete Thought - producing the concretizing of the thought-form and thus making the ideaDiscipleship2, 685:of the Christian era. Today the energies are concretizing and working through that which is old andGlamour, 124:and distribution. The idol - based on the concretizing tendency of physical manifestation. WhatMagic, 14:The rational, argumentative, scholastic, and concretizing mind is brought into play with the resultMagic, 131:Ones do not go. The detail and the method of concretizing the ideal and the necessary work is leftMagic, 614:into the world of spiritual realities. It is the concretizing unprincipled mind which brings aboutPatanjali, 94:judicial mind, the mental body with its concretizing faculty, and its ability to create thoughtPsychology2, 68:contact with the higher. It is the lower concretizing mind which must be awakened, understood andRays, 277:today seem to be taking definite shape in the concretizing of the divine project: Right HumanRays, 326:levels of the mental plane. The level of the concretizing mind, the lower mind. The level on whichRays, 547:through the lower mind at all - and the lower or concretizing mind of the disciple. The Masters areTelepathy, 49:upon the fugitive impression, subject it to the concretizing effect of mental activity, produce the
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