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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITION

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Astrology, 11:the individual man upon the physical plane, and condition his outer expression, activities, andAstrology, 11:etheric body of that entity we call space and condition and determine the outer expression, theAstrology, 16:the personality destiny and fate; they do condition and completely control the man who has noAstrology, 19:attained and also upon the general planetary condition and psychology to be found in the humanAstrology, 23:is the ordinary average man. These signs thus condition four of the centers: [24] The base of theAstrology, 24:who live above the diaphragm. They, therefore, condition: The heart center. The throat center. TheAstrology, 32:The soul is dominating, and the planets cease to condition the life. So it is with theAstrology, 43:projected them into a state of latency. The condition of the Hierarchy is similar, only on a cosmicAstrology, 43:is similar, only on a cosmic scale, to the condition of the seeds of human life held in a state ofAstrology, 53:- of the three great constellations which condition the solar Logos are blended with the innateAstrology, 57:Creative Hierarchies Three Creative Hierarchies condition the man in incarnation, the 4th (or 9th)Astrology, 62:of astrology is based upon a non-existent condition. It has no basis in material fact and yet isAstrology, 69:great reservoirs of energy which then definitely condition him. 2.The intuition of the astrologer.Astrology, 84:system of energies, in so far as they affect and condition a human being, the theme of the ThreeAstrology, 85:I may use such an unorthodox term) will be the condition of the major solar sphere of influence atAstrology, 89:are set up on the basis of the personality condition or of the personality ray, if the astrologerAstrology, 127:embody the recognitions and the reactions which condition man's consciousness when he is preparingAstrology, 140:which in the future upon the Fixed Cross will condition and motivate gradually and steadily all hisAstrology, 147:of the Sun, for in Leo there is an almost unique condition where humanity is concerned as the SunAstrology, 186:other two Crosses. The Orthodox Planets - These condition the personality. In this case we haveAstrology, 219:child is brought to the birth. They determine or condition the physical, astral and mental natures,Astrology, 221:reversed wheel. The planets which will rule and condition him in some aspect or other of his natureAstrology, 227:is spent in quiet thoughtful reflection or in a condition of static unresponsiveness; it may be aAstrology, 244:this rule underlying all the triplicities which condition the processes of evolution andAstrology, 247:new astrology in a most interesting manner and condition the charts of those whose horoscopes areAstrology, 247:- Incentive - Progress. Gemini - Duality - Condition - Interplay. Capricorn - Synthesis -Astrology, 248:the man from the planetary influences which condition his personality and bring him more definitelyAstrology, 262:of the inner, living Christ-principle. This will condition the new astrology but will be developedAstrology, 272:of Lives which stand just beyond the seven Who condition our systemic lives. These Lives haveAstrology, 282:theme of the soul's life will emerge; these condition the personality but not in the same sense asAstrology, 282:(physical body and material environment) condition the mass of men. Ponder on this. In connectionAstrology, 304:the six-pointed star of humanity. They condition the man's consciousness but not events, except inAstrology, 306:Occult consciousness or that intelligent, fusing condition which produces the scientificAstrology, 320:to the full flower of divine knowledge, from the condition of human awareness to the consciousAstrology, 337:and space the controlling factor and determining condition is the sensitivity of the incarnatedAstrology, 357:produces strain, action and reaction, and that condition of potent struggle and of difficulty whichAstrology, 360:of Mercury as it relates Virgo and Gemini is to condition the soul within the form and subject itAstrology, 362:from Sagittarius and the other from Gemini. This condition, aided and influenced by Mercury andAstrology, 366:of this law which produces in the initiate the condition of controlled health and chosenAstrology, 367:head and using the nervous system as its mode or condition or process of expression. To these mustAstrology, 369:the immortal brother. In Sagittarius the same condition is found. No planet is exalted and noAstrology, 373:1914 conflict and this one are two phases of one condition. The war, when held in a steady focus byAstrology, 403:way to certain planets. Thus they affect and condition units of life upon each of these receivingAstrology, 412:relates entirely to subjective energies as they condition the consciousness and not to theAstrology, 418:organized movement and its power to qualify and condition the entire universal pattern can beAstrology, 419:overlap and touch, presenting on a tiny scale a condition analogous to the contacting andAstrology, 425:mechanism of response - is dependent upon the condition or "aliveness" of the centers or theirAstrology, 434:moving Point, the Pilgrim on his way; they condition through ancient habit the responsiveness ofAstrology, 434:Forget not that true interplay imposes the condition of reciprocity and that the two points orAstrology, 435:of force which, in this particular world cycle condition and basically influence ordinary humanity.Astrology, 442:of this imparted information which will condition the astrology of the future lies far ahead in theAstrology, 444:its energy and that where there is a static condition and a quiescent attitude, the process movesAstrology, 473:esoteric planets, stage the circumstances and condition the environment of the onward-moving,Astrology, 483:two major rays and the three minor rays which condition a human being in manifestation. These areAstrology, 484:the consciousness aspect of the human being, and condition the personality life. This is the pointAstrology, 484:more tangibly effective and which serve to condition the consciousness of the world aspirants,Astrology, 500:blasted away by the present [500] catastrophic condition in the world. Men will feel at the closeAstrology, 512:The rays of the personality and the soul. The condition of the centers and whether they areAstrology, 512:are twelve planets which - in time and space - condition the centers. It is the centers ofAstrology, 515:and throw light upon the abstruse factors which condition the centers and thus make man what he isAstrology, 523:present futile, and these two aspects at present condition the United States. The keynote of thisAstrology, 554:is the Cross composed of the four energies which condition the life of the man who is first aAstrology, 583:of right human relations and is that condition of being which eventually negates the power ofAstrology, 613:subjects Itself as it enters into the dualistic condition of spirit-matter. The will here referredAstrology, 624:the second ray: The will-to-initiate or to condition demonstrates in Christ's work as HeAtom, 12:its origin, and what is the key to its present condition? Is there more than this one life, and isAtom, 99:as follows: "The state of being aware," or the condition of perceiving, the ability to respond toAtom, 121:of the occult, [121] we shall bring about a condition which might almost be called paradoxical. WeAtom, 128:We do not know what his activities are, nor the condition of his environment. Some day we shallAtom, 147:our planet may not be due to the self-centered condition of the Entity Who is working out HisAtom, 147:the radioactive stage; we saw how there was a condition analogous to this in the evolution of theAutobiographyof the pressures which combined to produce a condition of utter exhaustion. The physical vehicleAutobiographywas given no respite. The heart and blood condition grew steadily worse. During the last two yearsAutobiography, 5:the upper classes (so-called) and the frightful condition under which the laboring classesAutobiography, 49:know and who have all the answers. That was my condition in those early days and I had not then theAutobiography, 50:one's own viewpoint and therefore such a static condition that all evolution in thought and allAutobiography, 50:stands a great Intelligence and that a static condition is impossible. But in those days of which IAutobiography, 72:rapidly when the right educational processes condition the coming generations; when the churchesAutobiography, 87:and major playing chess and me, in a very spotty condition, sewing diligently. The major wasAutobiography, 123:is an expression of divinity and the static condition of theological interpretation is contrary toAutobiography, 150:courage, except that I have not permitted it to condition my actions and I stay alone when I haveAutobiography, 200:This whole question of sex is today in a fluid condition. I am myself a conservative Britisher,Autobiography, 200:but I personally believe it to be a far safer condition than the one in which I was raised. JustAutobiography, 231:the probability is that their stars completely condition them and their horoscopes will thereforeAutobiography, 236:peace propaganda for it represented a soporific condition in which no steps would be taken to armAutobiography, 249:and used by the Master Himself as a factual condition - know their Master, accept teaching from HimAutobiography, 249:and spiritual understanding. She made it a condition that I should have nothing to do with theAutobiography, 262:as have been the various septenates which condition life, consciousness and form. None of this isAutobiography, 276:the various scientific techniques and laws which condition all phenomena, man included. I amAutobiography, 293:of the world have degenerated into the terrible condition which twentieth century humanity has hadAutobiography, 297:us extraordinary opportunity. At present, the condition of the human family confronts us with aBethlehem, 51:and journeying - a process symbolic of an inner condition of search and movement towards aBethlehem, 160:Baptism and the Transfiguration. In both cases a condition of ecstasy accompanies the revelation ofBethlehem, 160:the experience. So much is sure, that in a dazed condition, out of which they awake only at the endBethlehem, 195:that meditation upon it may be said to produce a condition of at-one-ment with the Fountainhead ofBethlehem, 199:connected with sin. Sin is a symptom of a condition, and when a man is "truly saved" that conditionBethlehem, 199:condition, and when a man is "truly saved" that condition is offset, and with it the incidentalBethlehem, 241:possibility; they hypnotize themselves into a condition wherein the thought of death is refused allBethlehem, 242:indications of an emergence from the static condition in all [243] realms of human thought whichBethlehem, 246:feelings and sentient reactions to environing condition, hold sway over us again. Equally surely,
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