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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITION

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Discipleship1, 478:I am equally confident. Of your present static condition I am, however, equally sure. What [479]Discipleship1, 491:as you consider my words, the effect of this condition? A light that shines in a closely shutDiscipleship1, 492:surroundings and people's personalities. This condition is now so acute that you whirl at theDiscipleship1, 492:of others. What, therefore, is the cause of your condition? What lies at the root of your malaiseDiscipleship1, 494:out, then struggle not with the discovered condition but apply to your life the opposing qualityDiscipleship1, 498:who stands alone, and who has determined that condition of isolation for himself has a harderDiscipleship1, 501:stirred up into storms and tempers or into the condition wherein the dramatic "I" is centralized inDiscipleship1, 505:combined, tending, therefore, to a devitalized condition; the integration between your mental bodyDiscipleship1, 505:been very poor. Lately, you have changed that condition and your mind and your astral body are nowDiscipleship1, 509:Your health problem is rooted in your astral condition. By overcoming the glamor in which you walk,Discipleship1, 511:and deluding force; it exaggerates every condition and isolates a person in the center of his ownDiscipleship1, 527:briefest message, my brother. You are today in a condition of physical distress and you, at theDiscipleship1, 541:reaction to your personality environment and condition; a sense of values should be apparent to youDiscipleship1, 556:next incarnation, you will need to balance this condition, and the balancing will only take placeDiscipleship1, 573:the heart. This, incidentally, may aid the head condition of which you complain. Your monadic rayDiscipleship1, 574:nor shall I deal specifically with your physical condition. The transfer of your focus out of theDiscipleship1, 574:way to aid your general health and relieve the condition in the head which is causing you concern.Discipleship1, 577:not negatively drifting into a semi-tranced condition, but actively becoming aware of that innerDiscipleship1, 580:body and in the throat center. The physical condition which troubles you has not originated inDiscipleship1, 581:and automatically self-centered; this condition is not eased by the fact that the integratedDiscipleship1, 590:are facing great difficulties owing to the world condition and are rendering faithful service. I amDiscipleship1, 593:illusion. Circumstances are staged to bring this condition about and if they are not so staged byDiscipleship1, 611:in your papers and letters. Such is your present condition of glamor that the essential strikes youDiscipleship1, 619:and of material resources when there is such a condition as now exists in your consciousness andDiscipleship1, 637:because I want to see you released from this condition and from the impasse at which you haveDiscipleship1, 641:the next few months, alter and change this condition? Among the members of this group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 657:Of what use is it for me to point out to you a condition unless I, at the same time, point out theDiscipleship1, 658:about right interior attitudes. Your physical condition, your likes and dislikes and your emotionalDiscipleship1, 660:and not so much a state of achievement. It is a condition of correct orientation and direction andDiscipleship1, 700:becoming aware of the forces and energies which condition him as an individual; these originateDiscipleship1, 727:guiding disciple's recommendation, the karmic condition and the note which the Master registersDiscipleship1, 734:has always two things to bear in mind: the group condition which is dependent upon the aggregatedDiscipleship1, 735:illustration) preoccupied with your physical condition, you will not experience the tension whichDiscipleship1, 749:increasingly concerned with the group life and condition and not with himself. I refer not here toDiscipleship1, 781:and used by the Master himself as a factual condition - know their Master, accept teaching from himDiscipleship1, 782:and spiritual understanding. She made it a condition that I should have nothing to do with theDiscipleship2, XIII:stages of discipleship. He knew the exact condition and degree of unfoldment of all the forceDiscipleship2, 6:group? Is it present in any form vital enough to condition the group relations and to unite allDiscipleship2, 8:glamor and preoccupation with spiritual ambition condition some aspirants, a spiritual ambitionDiscipleship2, 10:as a whole into my aura and so gauge its general condition of receptivity - for that must determineDiscipleship2, 11:Then third, I have to enter into that meditative condition, and that extraverted attitude whichDiscipleship2, 14:Where they work out in an emotional or mental condition they are then apt to become a problem ofDiscipleship2, 17:and this in its turn is determined by the group condition - for which you are one and allDiscipleship2, 32:and therefore out of my Ashram. The constant condition of irritation in which he lived was theDiscipleship2, 33:- the crystallization which is the disastrous condition of France. His past incarnation in theDiscipleship2, 53:the status of the groups and their awareness and condition of illumination, so will be the grade ofDiscipleship2, 54:of the physical plane expression) into the right condition; aspiration, which held the astral bodyDiscipleship2, 63:is: In a position of extreme tension. In a condition of quiescent waiting. It awaits: The decisionDiscipleship2, 68:knowledge of disciples in all nations were to condition world affairs and control entirely theDiscipleship2, 81:The load upon them has been heavy. To this condition the members of the New Seed Group and thoseDiscipleship2, 83:enterprises, and has never been. In view of the condition of esoteric schools (so called) in theDiscipleship2, 92:practically unconscious; they remain in this condition, awaiting another incarnation. (L.D.N-C. wasDiscipleship2, 101:more active than you already are, and for that condition of the personality I have no criticism. ItDiscipleship2, 103:and some are, as yet, in a totally embryonic condition, awaiting the "focusing ability" of someDiscipleship2, 116:or cultivated recognition which will serve to condition your day's activity. This conditioningDiscipleship2, 138:body with its various force centers into such a condition that it could become receptive toDiscipleship2, 143:given period, motivate the hierarchical work and condition the quality of the inspiration which canDiscipleship2, 153:These must eventually and automatically condition the personality, and this, not through a forcedDiscipleship2, 165:as a prayer that some equally vague primeval condition of blissful happiness may be restored andDiscipleship2, 176:public a truer comprehension of words which will condition the thinking of spiritually-mindedDiscipleship2, 186:and translate them into the concepts which will condition human thinking in the cycle just ahead.Discipleship2, 197:man to make a contact with that which will later condition his life and lead to a betterment of hisDiscipleship2, 256:future in such a manner that the old truths will condition and control as never before, but willDiscipleship2, 271:its meaning; it is related to the spiritual condition and purpose of the Monad whose goal is notDiscipleship2, 289:brain, via the etheric body. It will then condition the type of living, the expression and theDiscipleship2, 298:imagination run wild for a moment, picturing the condition of the world when the majority of humanDiscipleship2, 304:in consideration. Broadly speaking, these three condition the evolutionary process through theDiscipleship2, 322:of the outer and the inner, producing a condition wherein the disciple creates a situationDiscipleship2, 325:the part of the Masters of the more advanced condition and a pronounced saving of time as theDiscipleship2, 333:is in no way related to the disciple's life or condition or to his aspiration and understanding. 4.Discipleship2, 337:groups. There, in complete silence and in a condition of "isolated unity," they will make theirDiscipleship2, 340:and innate in matter - must control and must condition form. The Master, however, stands free,Discipleship2, 351:into hierarchical participation necessarily condition the rhythm and the keynote of the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 360:is concerned, three things are involved and condition his whole approach to this problem of humanDiscipleship2, 365:circle and its relation to other points which condition the evolutionary process. Formula 5.Discipleship2, 420:in mind when pondering upon the temporary static condition of the initiate as he stands in the hallDiscipleship2, 446:or its emanating source. Every change in a life condition upon the physical plane is the result ofDiscipleship2, 448:will find that several widely different motives condition each field of expression, and when youDiscipleship2, 448:When these - focus, tension, and crisis - condition all your living, then your work will move aheadDiscipleship2, 452:and also practical. Let these four stages condition the pattern of your daily meditation. Let themDiscipleship2, 460:as the intelligence (focused in the mind) must condition it. I do not refer to [461] the will inDiscipleship2, 461:the astral body, then there must certainly be a condition of attrition or of semistarvation of theDiscipleship2, 461:of the etheric body (determining the physical condition) and also of the mental body. ThisDiscipleship2, 480:the case in this group), and which frequently condition a disciple to such an extent that he takesDiscipleship2, 482:of the deterring fault. As long as this [482] condition exists, it is not possible for the discipleDiscipleship2, 483:be - from the thought-forms which so powerfully condition you, based frequently upon an inferiorityDiscipleship2, 483:refuse to permit the factors which so powerfully condition the trained, cultured person and the manDiscipleship2, 488:the connecting cord. Is it safe? Can you see my condition and can you tell me?" My reply is quiteDiscipleship2, 488:old age, they find themselves registering static condition, or what they deem to be static. ThereDiscipleship2, 492:- to detach themselves from the general psychic condition. Yet the aim of each pledged andDiscipleship2, 498:to the third statement; this set of words should condition your planning for the future,Discipleship2, 498:letters and ascertaining the news and the condition of those who earlier worked with you as membersDiscipleship2, 500:spiritual [500] recognitions (which must ever condition the life of an accepted disciple) willDiscipleship2, 506:your meditation work in the future; it will condition your interior development and will alsoDiscipleship2, 512:your solar plexus. [512] You will recognize the condition to which I here refer. It affects also atDiscipleship2, 513:body - are very pronounced and dominant. This condition is aggravated (if I might so express it) byDiscipleship2, 517:to the ray [517] energies which at this time condition your life. Three aspects of the first rayDiscipleship2, 517:all this again must be added the present world condition, wherein the Shamballa force is abroad andDiscipleship2, 524:Take time to get the physical vehicle in better condition. The reflex action of the body upon theDiscipleship2, 528:lines and creative endeavor, and your condition would not be what it is today. You may well ask
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