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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITION

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Fire, 1201:projected them into a state of latency. The condition of the hierarchy is similar, only on a cosmicFire, 1201:is similar, only on a cosmic scale, to the condition of the seeds of human life held in a state ofFire, 1210:the close of this solar system will they be in a condition to pass into and become the seventhFire, 1212:the "experimenting divine Physicist." It is this condition which makes the humanity of this planetFire, 1257:at times the "Lotus sleep," as it involves a condition of complete negation where the form side ofGlamour, 4:sometimes they have to swing into an emotional condition before they can use emotional sensitivityGlamour, 21:four expressions are four aspects of a universal condition that is the result of the activity - inGlamour, 22:Clarifications As to the causes of this world condition, what can I say, brother of mine, whichGlamour, 28:of the group members ever determine the group condition, the group activity, usefulness, problemGlamour, 28:or aids the group, according to his auric condition, which is either in a state of glamor orGlamour, 29:to illusion. This illusion is in reality a condition wherein the aspirant is being definitelyGlamour, 33:on mental illusion and astral glamor. Where this condition is found, the problem of the disciple isGlamour, 39:my words embody for you symbolically a future condition and event. The day will surely come,Glamour, 71:but constitute in themselves a glamorous condition out of which every nation must work as itGlamour, 79:back and forth between the dualities. This condition persists just as long as the emphasis is laidGlamour, 84:that disciples often do not recognize [84] the condition as one of glamor and it is difficult toGlamour, 85:himself. When to the power of maya is added the condition of glamor and also the illusions of theGlamour, 94:the great problem of the conscious entity. This condition is a difficulty in the realm ofGlamour, 100:the fog. Those who have emerged out of this condition and are becoming aware of their problem. TheyGlamour, 104:very large number of persons become aware of the condition of world glamor (through discovering itGlamour, 106:has created and intensified that glamorous condition of consciousness which we call the astralGlamour, 106:man - the onlooker and participator - produce a condition of darkness, a state of bewildermentGlamour, 116:of surrounding glamor, a stage of illusion and a condition of impotency. Against the disciple areGlamour, 116:through the dense physical nature, produce a condition of maya or of uncontrolled energy. TheGlamour, 116:by the interplay of the opposites, plus the condition of maya, referred to above. The forces of theGlamour, 117:of what has been called "the threefold glamorous condition," into one major glamor. The soul ray orGlamour, 119:instance, a definite correspondence between the condition of negativity to physical plane livingGlamour, 126:has [126] set out to dominate the undesirable condition that he arrives later at a recognition ofGlamour, 129:sensed ideas which have in them the power to condition the future and lead the modern generationGlamour, 133:and persistence. They become part of him; they condition his reactions and activities; they feedGlamour, 134:the race in its child state, in its primitive condition. Then, under the wise guidance and theGlamour, 139:deterring effects become the more apparent. The condition of fog is revealed - but that is all. SoGlamour, 139:which is given to the dispelling of the condition. [140] In our next section we will deal in detailGlamour, 141:natural to the soul and constitute eventually a condition which serves to veil successfully theGlamour, 150:the long run and in the last analysis, they may condition the future experience (probably inGlamour, 156:ray. The rays which govern humanity and which condition humanity and the present world problem areGlamour, 161:Nations - are tainted with this universal condition. The freedom of the world is consequentlyGlamour, 161:of the threefold nature and the differentiated condition of the situation which underlies theGlamour, 174:last analysis) the factors which determine and condition the world process. These revelations orGlamour, 207:them in to national or planetary glamor and thus condition their life expression and theirGlamour, 211:to recognize that an emotional or astral condition constitutes a veil over the truth and is aGlamour, 223:prone to fall into glamor and thus to produce a condition which is one of extreme difficulty. IGlamour, 241:resolved and consciousness is superseded by a condition of realization - a realization of Being forGlamour, 241:term. The technique of LIGHT becomes a permanent condition. Glamour, 242:life expression of the planetary Logos, which condition our outer planetary life, and make ourGlamour, 249:Glamor There are, therefore, seven factors which condition the quality of the forces which seekGlamour, 257:into clear thought-forms [257] and thus condition the life of the disciple upon etheric levels.Glamour, 257:upon etheric levels. From there, they eventually condition his physical plane life. I have noGlamour, 258:aspirant remains in a static and unprofitable condition. As he breathes in or inhales, he draws theHealing, 5:body. The effect upon the physical body of the condition of humanity as a whole. A human being isHealing, 9:but one that is symbolically descriptive of a condition in consciousness which is that of [10]Healing, 12:Death, for they are descriptive of the general condition governing the conscious life of all forms,Healing, 18:and not as the result of his own peculiar blood condition. Such infections are the variousHealing, 18:his daily contacts, or through a widespread condition of disease in his environment. Diseases dueHealing, 25:way depleted, or over-stimulated, or in such a condition that Death naturally supervenes. It mightHealing, 25:any kind through the masses are founded in some condition in the etheric substance of the planet.Healing, 38:could easily be brought about, and the diseased condition might be stimulated also and increased,Healing, 38:emotional attitudes and a general unhealthy condition of the astral body must be potent factors inHealing, 38:center, and will galvanize that center into a condition of intense disturbance. This next affectsHealing, 46:or non-vital and inactive, according to the condition of the centers. They demonstrate aHealing, 46:or a deficiency, according to the condition of the etheric vortices. Again, the process of controlHealing, 49:to his mental state, or to an emotional [49] condition which can produce serious ills. This isHealing, 53:course, a broad generalization, for that basic condition is becoming steadily modified by impulsesHealing, 53:to understand in relation to his own physical condition or to that of any one whom he may beHealing, 54:imposed upon all forms on earth by the basic condition, and by time. It is conditioned by theHealing, 55:general racial heritage of humanity. From the condition of the planetary life. These latter causesHealing, 61:use of the processes of cremation, this condition will be steadily improved. Gradually, veryHealing, 68:which arise from the over-activity and wrong condition of the astral body. All I can do in thisHealing, 69:attitude, the mental state, and the emotional condition of the patient do either help or hinder.Healing, 69:cancer, for instance, has its roots in an astral condition and began its career in Atlantean times,Healing, 70:down to freedom from the present "fearful" condition, we shall see the disease die out. They are soHealing, 71:self-consideration, or in a focused negative condition, that his vision is narrowed and his groupHealing, 74:rhythm is concerned), then you will have a condition of blocking. This will produce congestion inHealing, 74:- is in reality those causes, plus an inner condition of etheric congestion. It is the bringingHealing, 76:through death) lies in the understanding of the condition of the centers in the etheric body. TheseHealing, 76:responsiveness of the physical body. They even condition the activity and accuracy of theHealing, 77:the glands and their functions determined by the condition of the etheric centers. These, in theirHealing, 77:knowledge will reveal to the healer the probable condition of the centers, the order of theirHealing, 79:This leads to a devitalized and debilitated condition, which predisposes man to sickness or illHealing, 80:example of the difficulties incident to this condition. Others are certain forms of fainting orHealing, 80:every part of the physical body is in a constant condition of stimulation, of galvanic effort, withHealing, 81:has brought the various force centers to a condition wherein they are receptive to any particularHealing, 84:each other, produces much difficulty. It is this condition which is the fruitful source of thoseHealing, 84:to this frequent imbalance. But behind this condition of the glandular system lies the basicHealing, 86:function normally and, as is well known, they condition the physical expression of man as well asHealing, 87:of the physical vehicle. The glands do not condition the inner man or his states of consciousness,Healing, 87:receptivity to the inner energies most decidedly condition the man. It will be necessary for us toHealing, 87:always upon the centers, which, in their turn, condition the glands; these, later, determine theHealing, 89:the tides, controls world events and should also condition the individual and so establish rhythmicHealing, 90:tend to bring the body into a sound and healthy condition; by so doing, he has laid the foundationHealing, 91:which could have been avoided had the mental condition been changed and right rhythm on theHealing, 91:caused the trouble far more than the mental condition. [92] Those brought about by the state ofHealing, 92:rebellion, and therefore not the mental condition. Bitterness, disgust, hatred and a sense ofHealing, 92:causes emotional suffering. The cure for this condition is to be found in the simple wordHealing, 92:(in thought and in practical expression) of a condition which seems at present unavoidable. ThisHealing, 96:agent of the life force, you will usually have a condition of good health, and this has proved trueHealing, 97:and hinder the healing work. Thought has to condition the initial incentive, bringing theHealing, 116:or other of the glands, and these in their turn condition the blood stream, and also have aHealing, 117:out that the lowest expression of the mystical condition, and one with which we are becomingHealing, 117:which is called a "split personality"; when this condition is present, the personal lower self
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