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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITION

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Healing, 569:friction is therefore set up. The ending of this condition and the evocation of the right responseHealing, 590:and both of these energies actively or subtly condition the personality. The other five energiesHealing, 602:Too detailed a knowledge of the formation, condition and responsiveness of a center would handicapHealing, 603:by the healer; this could bring about a grave condition of over-emotionalism and even acuteHealing, 605:driven out or abstracted, or whether there is a condition of devitalization and the energy of theHealing, 606:to have no effect upon the patient and his condition than by the potency of one's unwise decision,Healing, 617:and transmitted through the personality, will condition the etheric body and control, consequently,Healing, 618:within the center. Through this medium they condition and control entire areas of the body and theyHealing, 620:seven planetary focal points of energy, which condition the bodily manifestation of our planetaryHealing, 620:seven energies - at various stages of potency - condition the man's expression in the three worlds,Healing, 622:and scientifically energized and brought to a condition of true "livingness," and begin toHealing, 622:a condition of true "livingness," and begin to condition the entire area of the body in which aHealing, 624:work out through the medium of the glands, which condition the reaction of the person toHealing, 625:they respond to the awakened or the unawakened condition of the centers, or how they limit orHealing, 635:energies and potencies circulate through and condition the etheric vehicle, but I refer here onlyHealing, 652:work. By continuing it, he may increase the evil condition, but will nevertheless be aiding theHealing, 670:or speech, but as harmlessness and goodwill condition the mental approach, nothing can eventuateHealing, 702:(when he is an enlightened disciple) with its condition. The acuteness of the difficulty and theHealing, 702:The danger of death or not. The psychological condition of the patient. The rays of the patient, ifHealing, 702:the patient, if feasible; these, if known, will condition his approach. Thus prepared, the healerHercules, 9:before has the human race itself been in this condition. Herein lies the wonder of pastHercules, 18:having intercourse with divine beings. In this condition, he visioned the Plan, knew what he had toHercules, 21:seeking to express itself, which produces the condition of turmoil and the difficulties whichHercules, 49:There is no state of consciousness and no condition of life in which it is impossible for a man toHercules, 72:the physical bodies of the aspirants are in no condition to stand the greatly heightened vibrationHercules, 90:out of his environment of stabilized world condition and makes him the earnest aspirant, who knowsHercules, 134:that prevent the continuance of an unbalanced condition. The catastrophes that befall a man areHercules, 134:conceived, is a dynamic rather than a static condition. A balanced system of energies would be aHercules, 174:back, no spurning of each other". That is the condition to be attained in Capricorn. That which weHercules, 175:is the most lonely of all. I think that this condition is going to be alleviated. Down the ages weHercules, 193:they act in a particular way under a particular condition? Cultivate the Aquarian spirit of leavingHercules, 202:repeatedly been told that only humanity could condition these points. Here is a dramatic instanceHercules, 209:before has the entire human family been in this condition. Herein lies the wonder of pastInitiation, viii:may - if they choose - fit themselves for the condition of discipleship and tread the ProbationaryInitiation, 21:of response to sensation, and the rudimentary condition of the second aspect of divinity is to beInitiation, 60:turmoil and chaos, will arise the future world condition which will have for its keynoteInitiation, 76:to the criticism of others leads to a condition wherein a disciple is almost useless. Happiness isInitiation, 144:the third initiation will the initiate be in a condition to receive direct planetary force. Second:Initiation, 156:and which are in reality an inarticulate condition. It refers to the controlled use of words toIntellect, 33:based upon our heredity, our physical condition and many other factors. The consequent standard ofIntellect, 35:systems brought humanity, as a whole, to a condition where many thousands are ready for thisIntellect, 43:to the caliber of his apparatus and the condition of his mind, plus the nature of his environingIntellect, 52:Rebirth, has brought the personality to such a condition that it is an integrated and coordinatedIntellect, 74:of the cave-dweller to our modern civilized condition. Above all, we are aware of those whoIntellect, 106:of attention, is also the sole subjective condition which, we have seen, accompanies always theIntellect, 112:method and has not led to a negative or trance condition. The mind has been busy all the time, butIntellect, 123:meditation if the mind is to be brought into a condition wherein it can be refocused and reorientedIntellect, 127:consciousness, has traveled. They portray the condition in which we find a vast number of humanIntellect, 130:stage there has been an intense activity, and no condition of quiescence, of negativity, or ofIntellect, 133:attainment of such a state of holiness that the condition could be continuously present. In theIntellect, 134:can be brought, we have seen, into a stabilized condition, through prolonged meditation. ThisIntellect, 135:held steady at the highest attainable point. A condition is then brought about in the mind which isIntellect, 149:to the pioneers into the realm of the soul, the condition of illumination supervenes directly uponIntellect, 149:life upon the physical plane of existence. This condition is recognized by all mystics, and by allIntellect, 155:- divorced from feeling altogether. It is a condition [156] of knowledge, it is a state wherein theIntellect, 156:into relation with God, and the longer that condition can be held free from emotional reactions,Intellect, 167:literature bears constant witness. It is a condition of exaltation and of joyous certainty as toIntellect, 168:and of duality characterizes the ecstatic condition. Passion, devotion and a rapturous going-out toIntellect, 168:they will degenerate into morbidity. With this condition of sensory awareness, we have basicallyIntellect, 168:in the early stages of illumination that this condition will be found. Later it will be seen thatIntellect, 169:people along these lines are well aware of this condition. The aspirant does enter the realm ofIntellect, 170:the phenomenon seems to have to do with an acute condition of consciousness as intensive as it isIntellect, 183:been held positively steady and in a waiting condition. The illumination, when it has becomeIntellect, 193:will go and then suspend all effort whilst a new condition of being is instituted and a new stateIntellect, 202:ideas, has, notwithstanding, been brought to a condition where it is group-conscious; groupIntellect, 213:of sense perception are brought into a quiescent condition. The consciousness of the real man noIntellect, 214:consciousness is held in a positive waiting condition with all its reactions to the phenomenalIntellect, 222:and frequently are in a serious psychic condition. Some we can help. Some few for whom we can doIntellect, 227:- Comfort, Will Levington, Letters. How is this condition of empowering reached? By following aIntellect, 229:is quite easy to induce in oneself an hypnotic condition by the rhythmic repetition of certainIntellect, 229:This is not our object. The trance or automatic condition is dangerous. The safe way is that of anIntellect, 232:to induce the mystic to renounce his quiescent condition (which is the result of an endeavor toIntellect, 237:The outline will help to produce the condition of active attention. Many such outlines areIntellect, 240:us out of the maze of our present chaotic world condition into the light of truth and ofIntellect, 244:and gently slips into a psychic and negative condition. Whilst in that condition, his imaginationIntellect, 244:a psychic and negative condition. Whilst in that condition, his imagination begins to function, andIntellect, 255:be temporarily stopped, or slowed down. If the condition is not sufficiently serious to warrant theMagic, 31:particular type of form, is responsible for the condition and nature of his organs, his glands, andMagic, 31:for us to say with assurance that such a condition is this, that or the other; that, until we canMagic, 36:response and keeps all forms in a constant condition of vibratory activity. The soul is theMagic, 59:old states of being. He is vibrating between the condition of soul awareness and form awareness. HeMagic, 78:highly magnetized environment, and in a settled condition which is the result of agelong work uponMagic, 79:to Occult Study The climax of the disturbed condition has been passed, and a more stable state ofMagic, 82:stands master of all causes and effects as they condition and regulate his lower vehicle. HeMagic, 82:side of things. This has resulted in a threefold condition of affairs. First, the world of spirit,Magic, 83:eliminating that which is superfluous. A third condition of affairs grows out of the above two. AMagic, 84:food that has been decomposing, and hence in a condition of fermentation, has been the basic foodMagic, 89:to bring mind and brain into such a functioning condition that a man can slip out of his ownMagic, 121:now seen in the emotional? Can we picture the condition of the world when the intellect is asMagic, 129:contact with him, and constant visioning of that condition called "accepted chelaship" serves toMagic, 147:a new world, a new state of being and a new condition of awareness is set up, and because the innerMagic, 148:response apparatus is only in an [148] embryonic condition there is a devastating sense of loss, aMagic, 157:before the sheath created passes downward; the condition of the waters, the safety of the one whoMagic, 158:the exterior plane. These three are: [158] The condition of the waters. The safety of the one whoMagic, 159:contacted, and they are, in most cases, in a condition of deep abstraction of a different kind.Magic, 159:Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms 1. The Condition of the Waters The creating agency, man, hasMagic, 160:failure lies in his neglecting to consider the condition of the waters or the state of theMagic, 160:produces all objectivity) and is immersed in a "condition of the waters" which can best beMagic, 161:of another abortive effort. [161] Or again, the "condition of the waters" is not that of aMagic, 161:into a state of activity by the general astral condition and must be handled wisely from this
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