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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITION

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Magic, 162:life of every day, will bring about that right "condition of the waters "which will ensure theMagic, 168:of gaining it, but this is only a temporary condition and gradually he will assume command.Magic, 186:in a Master's group. A Master also studies the condition of an aspirant's physical body and of theMagic, 221:upon the human brain, which in its uninformed condition reverses the reality and sees things in anMagic, 222:to the caliber of his physical body, and the condition of his centers [223] will be his response.Magic, 226:plane of externalization and, according to the condition and point of development of the inner man,Magic, 227:five senses and the brain. This is a negative condition, and, in it, the "modifications of theMagic, 228:to [228] the physical world and to the mental condition and hence the fact emerges that disciplesMagic, 243:a picture of walking in a constant illumined condition and of leaving all dark places behind. InMagic, 245:and frequently regard it as a sin or as a condition to be strenuously fought. Then is the time toMagic, 246:spiritual man. The ideal is to achieve such a condition of conscious control that at will a man mayMagic, 277:of social order are faced with an unprecedented condition, corresponding in the corporate body ofMagic, 290:utilize, and to transmit are dependent upon the condition of the centers, of the chakras, as theyMagic, 290:currents must flow; they are unaware of the condition of the etheric centers of those they seek toMagic, 301:the material side only, there eventuates that condition which we call "earth-bound". The links theyMagic, 301:the good and beautiful in a somewhat similar condition. For the aspirant, death is an immediateMagic, 303:rise to the surface frequently and cause a [303] condition of fear and of distress which no amountMagic, 303:of the present time has brought about a condition of mass terror, and the more sensitive theMagic, 305:and more phlegmatic types are aggravated into a condition of real agony. This should be recognizedMagic, 305:steps should be taken to minimize the physical condition through the use of sedatives and ofMagic, 308:sensitivity - sweeps him into that hysterical condition which finds its vent [309] in unrestrainedMagic, 309:Ten - Astral Energy and Fear 3. A devitalized condition of the physical body. This is due toMagic, 309:This is sometimes overlooked, but the condition of the atmosphere, the nature of the climate, theMagic, 310:some fear, some excitement. This has provided a condition whereby the solar plexus center isMagic, 317:over-emphasized in view of the world's present condition. Harmlessness. I tell you that theMagic, 330:and brought into that meditative and reflective condition which will permit it to recognize theMagic, 339:the need for adjustment to [339] and in the condition of his neighbor. He assumes the duty of beingMagic, 344:congestion in the astral body, and to a similar condition in the etheric vehicle. It often producesMagic, 344:statement!) but is often based on a mental condition, such as pride. Those who are becomingMagic, 383:third initiation was reached. In our race, the condition is reversed. The Hierarchy is working nowMagic, 399:representation of a momentous planetary condition which worked out in the human family in thisMagic, 399:has arrived. I refer not to the present world condition, but to the state of the humanMagic, 401:are still manifesting. Today we have a similar condition both in the world of religion and in thatMagic, 401:of philosophy in the orient or the occident. The condition is widespread, and the publicMagic, 403:to the higher contacts, and this again is a condition which still prevails. The chelas, then asMagic, 411:intellect and intuition is brought to a condition of intelligent coordination. Instinct relates manMagic, 420:is desirable which keeps the physical body in condition to serve the race. Again, a divine son ofMagic, 424:That is for the majority a common and ordinary condition. Where two activities can be registered atMagic, 452:particular type of form, is responsible for the condition and nature of his organs, his glands, andMagic, 460:the words "to throw the light" upon a problem, a condition, or a situation. In its essentialMagic, 463:ahead for this to be demonstrated, but when this condition is understood, it will be in thatMagic, 499:the process of death properly controlled. The condition of those left behind will be carefullyMagic, 501:is the spiritual correspondence to the trance condition of the animal nature. In the process ofMagic, 520:and mental states of consciousness are all in a condition of potent upheaval. This unified tripleMagic, 571:into manifestation and which keep it in such a condition that he can or cannot rapidly achieve theMagic, 587:centers are automatically brought into a right condition of rhythm, vitality and vibratoryMagic, 590:his life, or when the physical body is in poor condition or is diseased. Neither should it beMagic, 609:a longing for liberty of thought and of physical condition, snatching at every chance to gainMagic, 613:unreal; then we have that weird and distorted condition when forms are not seen as they truly areMagic, 614:which has brought humanity to its present condition, and yet even that is a part of the greatMagic, 624:the strain of the period itself, and the general condition of unhappy humanity. This subconsciouslyMagic, 626:of the individual, and to his preserved condition of being. Humanity persists, as a race and as aMagic, 636:The first point of danger is his physical condition. On this I cannot enlarge beyond begging allMagic, 637:body. Where the physical body is in poor condition, the disciple has to add the liabilitiesMeditation, 13:The Ray of the Personality or Lower Self. Karmic condition of the threefold man. The condition ofMeditation, 13:Self. Karmic condition of the threefold man. The condition of the Causal Body. The need of theMeditation, 15:Ray of his Personality or Lower Self. The Karmic condition of his threefold lower nature. TheMeditation, 15:condition of his threefold lower nature. The condition of his Causal Body. The immediate need ofMeditation, 20:change, and the explanation of the obvious condition of variety and apparent chaos in which theseMeditation, 22:when assigning Meditation 3. The Karmic Condition of the Threefold Man June 7, 1920 Today theMeditation, 22:the Threefold Man June 7, 1920 Today the karmic condition of the threefold man and his place inMeditation, 22:sentence I have just written upon the karmic condition of the threefold man and his place on theMeditation, 23:gradual steps, each step being gauged by the condition of the indwelling Flame of Spirit. From theMeditation, 32:- Points considered when assigning Meditation 4. Condition of the Causal Body June 16, 1920 TheMeditation, 33:is our subject today and consists of the condition of the causal body. We have dealt with theMeditation, 34:On egoic levels, the egos are in a similar condition. An Adept of their ray supervises theirMeditation, 39:into wise consideration the egoic ray, and the condition of the causal body in its relationship toMeditation, 40:and all the system seems to be in a chaotic condition. The middle part of a cycle, where theMeditation, 60:succeed defeat - adjusts himself to the inner condition, will he find the use of the WordMeditation, 73:counterparts, will progress and be in a healthy condition. We will therefore thus dispose of it andMeditation, 94:dependent upon his three bodies, their separate condition and their interrelation. This subject isMeditation, 99:sometimes, but more oft the reverse. A negative condition is not desired in either of the bodies,Meditation, 101:the sun moves further away, into a less active condition. You have here a correspondence betweenMeditation, 104:with greater care and accuracy the electrical condition of the spinal column, and correlate itsMeditation, 104:of the spinal column, and correlate its condition with that of the brain. Good results will thus beMeditation, 117:and unbalanced) for the betterment of the condition of the masses. Thus on the physical plane youMeditation, 121:out that the dangers arise from a threefold condition of the bodies of the student which may be theMeditation, 121:of meditation. These conditions are: A negative condition that makes the entire three bodies of theMeditation, 121:of the watching denizens of other planes. A condition of ignorance or foolhardiness that, inMeditation, 121:the plaything of their destructive instincts. A condition which is the reverse of the above, whichMeditation, 123:obsession is then not the result of a negative condition but of a positive collaboration andMeditation, 159:dangerous effect, and results in a diseased condition of the liver, in bilious attacks, in theMeditation, 243:What are his favorite pursuits? What is the condition of the centers in his body? Which centers areMeditation, 244:the trouble - they will study as follows: The condition of the nervous system, giving particularMeditation, 244:studying the bones and the flesh, and the condition of the vital fluid, the blood. Meditation, 264:a Master, a Chohan, or a Buddha) can remain in a condition static, and is incapable of futureMeditation, 278:on the Path, not yet is the physical brain in a condition to know. But on this point no hard andMeditation, 298:is the aim of true meditation. The troubled condition of the world at present is sufficient barrierMeditation, 317:schools, and the school's charts (recording the condition of his vehicles, and his progress and hisMeditation, 317:and his passing into the advanced school in a condition to profit by the instructions there to beMeditation, 319:buddhic vehicle, which has to be in an embryonic condition when the first initiation is taken. TheMeditation, 321:years of age. His etheric body must be in good condition and be a good transmitter of prana, andPatanjaliand the object, this is called the mental condition of judicial reasoning. 43. Perception withoutPatanjali, 16:to the self-induced passivity of the mind, a condition of semi-trance, and to the retention ofPatanjali, 22:the periphery to the center, he can bring on a condition of passivity, - a lack of awareness, whichPatanjali, 22:and that the state called "a blank mind" and a condition of passive receptivity, with the sensePatanjali, 22:the mind, superseding their activities. In this condition of sleep, a man is open to hallucination,Patanjali, 23:separated from the astral body, bringing in a condition of very real danger; Samadhi, or the sleepPatanjali, 23:lower; The sleep of the Nirmankayas, which is a condition of such intense spiritual concentrationPatanjali, 30:It is based upon the "forms of joy." It is a condition of sensuous enjoyment, and being constructed
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