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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITION

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Psychology2, 300:disciple. The chart of his general psychological condition at the time he took the firstPsychology2, 301:aspects of the average man's equipment, and condition his consciousness. Astrology, with itsPsychology2, 349:personality will eventually arrive at the condition wherein the man will be conscious of integratedPsychology2, 357:and of the personality. Instead of regarding the condition as one warranting explanation andPsychology2, 370:the other side of the experience. This balanced condition in which the not-Self and the Self, thePsychology2, 383:through these three major qualities, which condition its sevenfold appearance, and which arePsychology2, 393:majority of students who read these words. This condition has been described as "the intensestPsychology2, 403:who must be helped to adapt himself to his life condition - this above everything else isPsychology2, 411:and its satisfaction and assuagement. To this condition we can give the general name of the "wishPsychology2, 413:the endocrine system, which they determine and condition according to the quality and source of thePsychology2, 416:and can be traced back to the fundamental condition of manifestation which we call the relationshipPsychology2, 433:produce the outer appearance and quality and condition it, thus producing the resultant behaviorPsychology2, 434:or physical counterpart. The glands condition the man through the blood stream, being in their turnPsychology2, 453:they may mean that the instrument is in such a condition that the energy pouring through will bePsychology2, 458:deterioration of the brain cells. [458] Abnormal condition within the brain area, such as tumors,Psychology2, 459:by strengthening the will or the physical condition of the human being when ejecting intruders. InPsychology2, 459:All that can be done is the amelioration of the condition, the providing of adequate care of thePsychology2, 461:the planned aggrandizement of the man. This condition is found in varying degrees, according to thePsychology2, 462:- if possible - by contact with the soul. This condition is often the struggle point of the first,Psychology2, 466:vocational calling, no mental occupation and no condition which cannot provide the key to thePsychology2, 467:which surround us (including our own) and which condition the world of meaning of which they arePsychology2, 467:- again on a higher turn of the spiral - the condition we considered in which the soul or ego wasPsychology2, 468:soul or ego was not present, [468] reversing the condition so that there is no form life reallyPsychology2, 468:over a long period of time. For as long as this condition lasts, there [469] is little that anyonePsychology2, 472:expressions are three aspects of a universal condition that is the result of the activity - in timePsychology2, 475:things: He is remaining in a relatively static condition, as far as his higher progress isPsychology2, 479:incarnation is flowing. Investigate the physical condition with care, and where it needs attentionPsychology2, 479:the body. In many cases, the glands indicate the condition of the centers. Thus an understanding ofPsychology2, 480:usually by lowered physical vitality. This condition is widespread and based on wrong economicPsychology2, 483:man into the acceptance of a definitely opposite condition. He is taught that there are no wrongPsychology2, 484:the same quality and reduce the student to a condition of being guided, often of being directed, byPsychology2, 499:withdrawal of the thread of consciousness, his condition is more like a dazed, benumbedPsychology2, 499:benumbed self-recognition than real sleep. This condition may persist throughout the entire nightPsychology2, 503:dreams above) will still have some effect. This condition of mixed recording, of erroneousPsychology2, 510:and the trained disciple) that a similar condition exists; there is a direct line from the soul toPsychology2, 511:line with the basic spiritual truths. The sorry condition of the world today is not a result of thePsychology2, 511:of the mystical mind, plus the lowered vital condition of the entire race. This brings me to aPsychology2, 512:is low, or it is being whipped up into a better condition by the imposition of applied thought.Psychology2, 521:[521] of energies. These energies determine and condition the circumstances and the physique of thePsychology2, 523:activity in three stages, and thus progressively condition the outer aspects of a man's life: TherePsychology2, 533:in its nervous structure and the energy centers condition and control the glandular system. ThusPsychology2, 546:mystic to divorce his mind from his physical condition. Energy inevitably follows thought and wherePsychology2, 547:or unwise habits in this life and definitely condition his future karma. One interesting point inPsychology2, 549:concern the initiate. The fluidic and changeable condition produced by the processes of awakening,Psychology2, 550:force to the solar plexus there is eventuating a condition which is called sometimes "racePsychology2, 564:as indicative either of an advanced spiritual condition or as a rare and unique possession, settingPsychology2, 565:is only a tuning in on a state of mind or on a condition and situation connected with the one whoPsychology2, 579:form than the etheric vehicles and from there to condition the physical body physiologically in thePsychology2, 579:call a flat or unemotional acquiescence in the condition which is due to the complete lack of thePsychology2, 585:what is in his fellow man and to be aware of his condition and of the condition of life in allPsychology2, 585:man and to be aware of his condition and of the condition of life in all forms. It is the firstPsychology2, 597:today as to whether the generally debilitated condition of the human race is not due in part to thePsychology2, 598:so poorly rendered that the unhealthy condition of that body releases the lower powers more easilyPsychology2, 610:man spends most of his time out of his body in a condition of semi-trance or a deep sleepPsychology2, 610:in a condition of semi-trance or a deep sleep condition. Students should make no effort to see thePsychology2, 616:today by a consideration of the lives, physical condition, problems, difficulties and deaths ofPsychology2, 622:sensed ideal have all brought about a dangerous condition in those organs of the body which liePsychology2, 624:The mystic therefore suffers as a result of this condition, producing diseases and psychologicalPsychology2, 630:war or wars, and the equally disastrous condition of no real or definite development, but simplyPsychology2, 631:in the name of the new goals, have produced a condition of such an inflammatory nature that ThosePsychology2, 633:for cultural advantages, are in an inflamed condition. They are developed just enough to respond toPsychology2, 637:futile and unsuitable to bring in the desired condition of peace, economic plenty, andPsychology2, 652:take the necessary steps to change the present condition. The new Plan of the Great Ones is,Psychology2, 671:think, with no real effort to bring them into a condition of right understanding. It is the same inPsychology2, 672:- The New Group of World Servers Out of this condition, how shall order be restored? How can thePsychology2, 672:be stabilized, and the world be brought to a condition where there is a just and right sufficiencyPsychology2, 714:are today grappling. A human aspiration and a condition of struggle towards improvement bringsPsychology2, 724:problem remains ever the same: - can the inner condition, spiritual, potential, idealistic,Psychology2, 726:may be or Their specific undertakings. This condition must be duplicated, if possible, on the outerPsychology2, 734:in any way a true picture of the present world condition (and it is understated, if anything) thenPsychology2, 736:are decisive years which will determine and condition the world situation till 1975, then it isPsychology2, 738:In a world of organized religions, the same condition of chaos is to be seen. The Churches in allRays, 8:out seven devils and eventually was in a worse condition than ever. It is essential that aspirantsRays, 18:will, in the future, give place to a group condition which will enable several disciples unitedlyRays, 28:group? Is it present in any form vital enough to condition the group relations and to unite itsRays, 60:and initiates we are faced with a similar condition on a higher turn of the spiral, but with thisRays, 113:is this merging which Shamballa demands should condition the attempt now in process of trainingRays, 156:eventual attainment. These are the factors which condition the date of his achievement and not theRays, 158:force in cooperation with the hierarchical Plan condition all the activities of the initiateRays, 164:and informative. It is the recognition of the condition of the centers which enables the initiateRays, 170:mechanism of light which - in its turn - will condition and develop the outer mechanism of contact.Rays, 188:maya" and the great "curtain of glamor" began to condition the mental plane. Illusion thenRays, 192:kingdom. This constitutes an unparalleled condition and creates a unique concentration of theRays, 197:Saul of Tarsus was the exponent, up to that condition which overwhelms the highest Initiate as HeRays, 197:through the ceremony, he is blinded, and in that condition passes through the terrific tests,Rays, 198:and seeks to walk the Path. That is a familiar condition and one to which all beginners areRays, 206:have yet been able to reach the state or condition of development which would warrant Their formingRays, 207:as the attainment of a relatively static condition and would land the initiate in an eternalRays, 210:disciple seeks, or wants or desires which should condition him and drive him to what we might callRays, 214:his thought apparatus in a certain effective condition. His thoughts do not intermingle the oneRays, 226:of the Laws of Karma and Rebirth as they condition life in the three worlds. The stage of triadalRays, 229:past two thousand years. You have, therefore, a condition of great spiritual promise, and in thisRays, 230:will implement the activities of the Hierarchy, condition its initiates, affect every Ashram, bringRays, 236:As individual aspirants, you all know that this condition [237] exists in the conflict wagedRays, 255:teaching planned by the Hierarchy to precede and condition the New Age, the Aquarian Age, fallsRays, 297:forward upon the Path. It is only whilst this condition persists that the initiate has any sense ofRays, 304:all-compelling forces in the three worlds which condition human beings, thus bringing aboutRays, 307:down the ages have conditioned or may [307] condition humanity. These ideologies produce potentRays, 307:of destruction affects those civilizations which condition the human family for long periods ofRays, 317:the nature of the Monad, and it is to this condition of awareness that Christ attained when He
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