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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITIONING

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Discipleship2, XIII:to total, balanced progress. He knew also the conditioning Rays of the previous incarnation whichDiscipleship2, 20:vehicle of vitality or energy is the ultimate conditioning factor in the activity of the physicalDiscipleship2, 98:of the instructions given by me on your five conditioning rays and from a study of yourself inDiscipleship2, 98:with the information given: Which of your five conditioning rays controls you or which is the mostDiscipleship2, 116:serve to condition your day's activity. This conditioning attitude should be one of a constantDiscipleship2, 133:of purpose, whilst an inner program is slowly conditioning their daily lives. There comes, however,Discipleship2, 196:which automatically registers the events conditioning the life of humanity. It therefore creates aDiscipleship2, 199:prepare for the sixth initiation, thus conditioning the Path of Life upon which they willDiscipleship2, 248:life. When I say this I refer to his new astral conditioning. This is given the name of theDiscipleship2, 263:own comprehension because the mind (the major conditioning factor in a disciple's life in the earlyDiscipleship2, 284:a race or nation. Here, therefore, are the six conditioning thoughts which the initiate holds inDiscipleship2, 289:every incarnation, according to the experience conditioning, the expression of the spiritual man inDiscipleship2, 343:of individual reception, and of group conditioning. It is with the aspect of individual receptivityDiscipleship2, 347:therefore, thought which is free from soul conditioning or from the crystallizations [348] of theDiscipleship2, 348:initiate however, the heart is only one of the conditioning points of contact through which theDiscipleship2, 361:about its emergence, and the two phases of this conditioning. These are usually in two parts; i.e.,Discipleship2, 375:into the usually available energies certain conditioning qualities which emanate from Shamballa,Discipleship2, 377:receives an unique revelation and an applied conditioning which enable him to recognize it as aDiscipleship2, 401:Renunciation - of another phase of the divine, conditioning Will. He has begun to recognize and toDiscipleship2, 419:is involved, with the emphasis of the conditioning energies working out through the two centers atDiscipleship2, 419:focused attitude, deliberated movement, conditioning new rapports and the attainment of a new andDiscipleship2, 422:various subsidiary laws which were active and conditioning in the three worlds of human evolution.Discipleship2, 477:aware of these facts and they are the major conditioning factors in your life. You haveDiscipleship2, 520:from the Central Spiritual Sun, from the current conditioning constellation through which our sunDiscipleship2, 526:a first ray quality is drawn to the surface and conditioning all your contacts. Your soul ray ofDiscipleship2, 539:analyze them, define accurately to yourself the conditioning motives which impelled you to action,Discipleship2, 539:that you undertake the summing up of the various conditioning factors in your life. If you can doDiscipleship2, 539:incarnation you will find that the theme of "conditioning motives and assumed responsibility" willDiscipleship2, 546:renunciation is not over-emphasized and that its conditioning power is not applied to that forDiscipleship2, 583:so much from the angle of your own individual conditioning. Which of you investigates his rayDiscipleship2, 603:their appeal to you, and which call for your conditioning. I am choosing my words with care. AboveDiscipleship2, 646:interesting group of life forces or energies conditioning you, interesting because of the specificDiscipleship2, 646:and hence also the general trend of your life conditioning. It was your first ray lines of forceDiscipleship2, 683:of a spiritual nature, determining character and conditioning the future? Is not such a response onDiscipleship2, 693:it can also refer to a cycle of physical plane conditioning or circumstance, to the termination ofDiscipleship2, 694:the word "circumstantial" to mean the mental conditioning brought about by circumstance), prior toDiscipleship2, 722:and instability have been accepted by you as conditioning factors in your life, and herein lies aDiscipleship2, 750:leads to a static situation and to a constant conditioning of your life expression. To this, yourDiscipleship2, 751:real nature of that which is directing him and conditioning him. With many it is some aspect of theDiscipleship2, 753:behind a wall which has been built through your conditioning supersensitive nature andDiscipleship2, 761:as you understand personality. Their conditioning factors are the three aspects of the SpiritualEducation, 56:of the race and is proceeding apace. When the conditioning factors are better understood and theirEducation, 60:life and world affairs, or to the immediate conditioning levels of experimental spiritual energiesEducation, 61:point in evolution is reached. To recognize the conditioning energies in his [62] environment,Education, 62:is seen and experienced to that which is unseen, conditioning and determining. This is the esotericEducation, 78:them there, even while recognizing them as conditioning factors which must receive attention,Education, 83:his heredity, his social position, his national conditioning, his environment and his individualEducation, 84:is, for instance, presented on the basis of the conditioning ideas which have led humanity onwardEducation, 107:face of authorities in the realm of politics, conditioning decisions such as war or peace, andExternalisation, 84:with the determining factors which are today conditioning the material life of the planet. SpeakingExternalisation, 89:Expression: Sanat Kumara. Planetary head center. Conditioning the life of nations. Politics.Externalisation, 89:Buddha and Christ. Planetary heart center. Conditioning the soul. Religious. Spiritual. Second Ray.Externalisation, 89:Many people today. Planetary throat center. Conditioning the mind. Educational. Third Ray.Externalisation, 89:Producing separation. Planetary solar plexus. Conditioning world emotion. Sensitivity. Seventh RayExternalisation, 89:The Matter aspect. Planetary sacral center. Conditioning substance. Generation. Fifth Ray aspect ofExternalisation, 101:purpose for this particular cycle and what its conditioning activities should be and to what endExternalisation, Esoter:face of Europe, incidentally affecting Asia and conditioning attitudes and policies in America. TheExternalisation, 213:defined and pronounced outlines and become conditioning potencies. This shaping and definition wasExternalisation, 260:leadership, and so make divine purpose a fact in conditioning world affairs. Had they not soExternalisation, 294:Angel of the Presence and permitting the divine conditioning energy to flow into him; he may beExternalisation, 320:and the most important) there are two factors conditioning the thinking of the people: First, aExternalisation, 448:for coming world happenings. All true movements conditioning long cycles in world affairs have atExternalisation, 473:sorrow, pain, disillusionment and pessimism are conditioning the thinking and the reactions ofExternalisation, 568:tens of thousands of years; it has been a basic conditioning factor. The Masters, however, Who willExternalisation, 571:but precious ideas, and his constant warfare on conditioning glamors and illusions meet, in theseExternalisation, 582:academic knowledge into an over shadowing and conditioning wisdom. The implementing of humanExternalisation, 592:God Immanent - divinely "pervading" all forms, conditioning from within all kingdoms in nature,Externalisation, 622:symbol. Secondly, the critical activity which is conditioning the spiritual Hierarchy, from theExternalisation, 666:governing true esotericism must be grasped as conditioning all hierarchical workers: Right Motive.Externalisation, 681:on the other. With this as a foundational and conditioning quality, the work can proceed asGlamour, 86:discipline, or later as the result of soul conditioning, to use the psychological phrase. ThisGlamour, 105:founded and based in the two above groups of conditioning factors. a. Planetary Causes. TheseGlamour, 105:in this solar system and planetary life. These conditioning and inherited factors cannot be evaded.Glamour, 105:of substance itself, inherited and conditioning our present manifestation of divine life. The lifeGlamour, 130:with great facility and prove a disastrous conditioning factor in the life of the man who registersGlamour, 136:life, which are the laws governing God Himself, conditioning Shamballa, and guiding the Hierarchy,Glamour, 148:those energies which come direct from the soul, conditioning and controlling the lesser forces ofGlamour, 150:thought will prove inevitably determining and conditioning. The methods used may not save theGlamour, 156:- 4th - the creative effect. Astral ray - 6th - conditioning incentives. Physical ray - 7th -Glamour, 247:are the controlling factors in the subjective, conditioning the man. Is that physical body to beGlamour, 248:he will arrive at a new understanding of the conditioning factors which work through his vital bodyHealing, 53:dynamic emanating force, which is fundamentally conditioning in its effect because of the stage ofHealing, 85:to the allied glandular correspondence, thus conditioning its peculiar hormone and eventuallyHealing, 85:conditioning its peculiar hormone and eventually conditioning the blood stream. If you grasp thisHealing, 118:which have made the man what he is today. These conditioning factors can usually be traced back toHealing, 123:Lodge is fundamentally good and spiritually conditioning; superficially and in its outer effects -Healing, 195:and the subsequent radiatory activity (producing conditioning results upon the dense physical body)Healing, 210:center, focused between the eyebrows and conditioning the pituitary body, is related to the entireHealing, 213:(as the source of physical creation) and the conditioning effects of the thyroid gland is due toHealing, 215:with which a disciple has to work (two major conditioning rays and three subsidiary rays) have aHealing, 217:stage of its potency when, for lives, it is the conditioning center in the etheric or vital bodyHealing, 218:may be correct and that they are the primary conditioning factors, working through the ductlessHealing, 220:subtle causes of disease to the major physical conditioning factor, the ductless glands. We can nowHealing, 247:and under the action of other contributing and conditioning factors. There are three major stagesHealing, 270:Law of Cause and Effect is accepted as a major conditioning factor in the human consciousness, notHealing, 275:individual, are in the last analysis the major conditioning forces. They indicate the point ofHealing, 275:of karmic effects and of ray types. That these conditioning factors make the etheric body what itHealing, 275:basic energies pouring into the etheric body and conditioning the physical body will be of twoHealing, 279:- for a study of the etheric body, of the conditioning rays which govern its manifestation inHealing, 293:and quite inadequate - stanzas concerning the conditioning factors in the equipment of those great
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