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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITIONING

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Healing, 296:in circumstance and in event, and in the general conditioning of some particular incarnation. It isHealing, 296:to deal, to recognize them, and to trace the conditioning energy to the appropriate effect, dealingHealing, 382:of the understanding and a new insight into the conditioning causes which are responsible for muchHealing, 383:in every human being (the energies of his five conditioning rays) can be ascertained; men willHealing, 471:may not be involved at all, and reasons of group conditioning and of great obscurity may lie behindHealing, 491:isolates those three which were the three major conditioning factors in the life which has gone andHealing, 513:lower man, stimulating them, awakening them, and conditioning the etheric body so that the centers,Healing, 537:in the New Age will recognize limitation and conditioning circumstances, plus destiny. ThisHealing, 564:and studied; also because it is the major law conditioning the appearance of disease in the fourthHealing, 584:of the personality are far more potent in conditioning the life of the average man than is theHealing, 590:which are present are the ray of the mind or the conditioning force of the mental body; the ray ofHealing, 591:laid the emphasis upon another analysis of the conditioning rays, and in this analysis recognizedHealing, 593:[593] These in reality constitute the major conditioning factors for the mass of human beings forHealing, 597:bear in mind that to these two he must add three conditioning rays, making the five aboveHealing, 602:his own centers which corresponds to the center conditioning the area of the point of friction. IfHealing, 608:not been misused in the particular life or lives conditioning a particular incarnation, orHealing, 618:healing energy (through the medium of any center conditioning the area wherein the point ofHealing, 624:cycle is to bring about this control, this conditioning, and this determining process by the soul;Healing, 629:this same fundamental concept of great systems, conditioning humanity as a whole, which can beHealing, 637:is composed of substance already subjected to conditioning; it is already impregnated with the lifeHealing, 699:patient constitutes a factor of importance: many conditioning factors will be presented; there willHealing, 702:his satisfaction determined upon the rays or ray conditioning him, should then prepare himself forIntellect, 66:for qualities, for circumstances and for those conditioning factors which will make their livesMagic, 126:the formulas which are necessary to the correct conditioning of the magical work. Only the soul hasMagic, 392:is that state of awareness which has its conditioning factor in the mind stuff, but this can beMagic, 414:of their fellowmen and of their thoughts and conditioning environment. It is a group that has noProblems, 8:of each individual nation and which is potently conditioning the minds of all their peoples today.Problems, 11:its ideal objective and is most effective in conditioning the people. A Pole, a Frenchman, anProblems, 19:be changed under right methods of teaching and conditioning than any other nation in Europe.Problems, 54:his heredity, his social position, his national conditioning, his environment and his individualProblems, 57:is, for instance, presented on the basis of the conditioning ideas which have led humanity onwardProblems, 68:into a united whole has been a necessary conditioning impulse. The basic intention of the UnitedProblems, 85:and trouble-making agencies. Still other factors conditioning the racial problem are the economicProblems, 85:and many other factors are everywhere present, conditioning human thinking, deluding the manyProblems, 142:the plan for our world and is the Purpose, conditioning all lives from the minutest atom, upPsychology1, 22:for familiarizing themselves with these four conditioning factors - life-quality-appearance - andPsychology1, 120:man - man, the psychic entity, and man, the conditioning soul - will go rapidly forward. 3. APsychology1, 334:above are the most powerful and have the greater conditioning power. Let us briefly consider them: Psychology1, 338:in this case, His personality ray. In this conditioning influence is found a clue to the distressPsychology1, 350:nature, and being one of the rays determining or conditioning our Aryan race, its present potencyPsychology2, 28:kingdoms of nature, and all the phases of life-conditioning in the human family, plus thePsychology2, 32:to heaven, from heaven to Nirvana, from the life-conditioning of the personal Ego to that of thePsychology2, 54:will be from the limiting karma of an unevolved conditioning vehicle. A close study of this subjectPsychology2, 55:work. The idea of patterns and the idea of conditioning hold definite occult implications. ThePsychology2, 55:as it is esoterically called, produce the conditioning here discussed. Literally and curiously,Psychology2, 56:not so. From the angle of esoteric thought, [56] conditioning (if rightly understood) concerns thePsychology2, 56:evokes and awakens response, but that the conditioning of the resultant activity is determined byPsychology2, 56:and nears the status of an initiate, the conditioning of the form, innate and inherent, willPsychology2, 56:thinker, but that the process of the inner conditioning of matter is mutable and in a state ofPsychology2, 62:the mechanism during the past ages has been the conditioning of the material, in conjunction withPsychology2, 215:determining the hierarchical government, and conditioning, therefore, world affairs. We are herePsychology2, 230:and brain can express its recognition of the conditioning divine life is to speak in terms ofPsychology2, 243:rules, or determining factors - the essential conditioning laws in the life of the Soul - are inPsychology2, 243:the life of the soul is affirmed in terms of its conditioning factors. The value of this lies inPsychology2, 250:Soul Control e. The Factor of Analysis The fifth conditioning quality or activity of the soul isPsychology2, 259:the divine nature. This is, in its turn, slowly conditioning the form life, and in this way thePsychology2, 259:towards an increasing perfection. This conditioning process is carried [260] forward through thePsychology2, 260:entry into physical life in order to effect a conditioning of the processes of civilization. OrPsychology2, 260:life so as to be available as agents for such a conditioning process. This process is not carriedPsychology2, 261:of souls whose time had not truly come but whose conditioning influence was needed if certainPsychology2, 261:by the fact that the emergence of a band of "conditioning souls", under the name of the New GroupPsychology2, 262:the Hierarchy. The words "condition" or [262] "conditioning" are here used quite frequently becausePsychology2, 263:who are rapidly shifting into the category of "conditioning souls." Personalities who arePsychology2, 263:be well to note the esoteric difference between conditioning and determining. The first leaves thePsychology2, 289:considering the personality, therefore, and its conditioning rays we will study: The appropriationPsychology2, 294:of the rays) what the energies are which are conditioning a patient, then great strides will bePsychology2, 444:be to discover: Which rays, major and minor, are conditioning and [445] determining the nature ofPsychology2, 446:a minor crisis? What are the five ray energies conditioning the subject? How far does the man'sPsychology2, 526:those found above. They are subject then to the conditioning will of the man who is governed atPsychology2, 533:of energy units. In the vital body (thus conditioning the endocrine and lymphatic systems) arePsychology2, 576:Public opinion, with its determining and conditioning influence, is another phase of the samePsychology2, 705:of the Plan upon the earth and thus express a conditioning factor in human affairs. When there arePsychology2, 707:the trained thinker and psychologist. These conditioning effects are all of them to be seen amongRays, 14:and responses, dependent upon the state of the conditioning consciousness, and (strange as this mayRays, 18:centuries and have been recognized as the main conditioning qualities of all disciples. These sameRays, 40:of his past, conscious now of his ray and its conditioning power, focused in his own aspiration,Rays, 48:because it contains the motivating force, the conditioning factors and the place of triumph - allRays, 59:demands and forward move are a living command conditioning him whether he will or not. TheRays, 65:All the efforts of the Hierarchy or of the "conditioning Lives" (as They are sometimes called) ofRays, 75:That realization will summarize, in effective conditioning consciousness, all that the quality ofRays, 139:capable of expression and of formulation into conditioning concepts - thus actuating mentalRays, 142:are upon the first Ray of Will or Power (the ray conditioning Shamballa itself), form part of theRays, 144:of good and evil; this touch of radiance is the conditioning factor behind what is called postwarRays, 151:of the seven rays and their qualities under the conditioning energy of the soul ray and the forces,Rays, 165:with later the soul ray bringing about a major conditioning and change. In the work of the initiateRays, 173:are steadily increasing and are beneficently conditioning the consciousness of the leading membersRays, 181:on the Path of the Higher Evolution. Maya is the conditioning factor on etheric levels, and must beRays, 203:Christ) free for still higher and more important conditioning circumstances. Their real work asRays, 215:other spheres of thought activity, with their conditioning speech, even exist. Such is the silenceRays, 236:conditions, and [236] against the new incoming conditioning factors on the part of the Black Lodge.Rays, 237:between the soul and the personality. The same conditioning factors can be seen also working inRays, 264:the activities of the Spiritual Triad, and the conditioning law of monadic living. It works neitherRays, 307:religions, in world politics and all other "conditioning forms of thinking." Does this convey muchRays, 308:that which can house his living idea with its conditioning qualities; at times, when these haveRays, 331:and the will-to-good are closely blended and conditioning human behavior that the extent of theRays, 342:made. This is in fact the keynote of an Ashram, conditioning its formation. It is composed ofRays, 350:stated only in super-astronomical figures) the conditioning factors for the initiation of the time.Rays, 369:measure of peace, unity and cooperation will be conditioning human relations. There is a constantRays, 389:much about the Hierarchy, its life, aims and conditioning rules, so do I, a Master of the fifthRays, 392:This process of changing for a final, conditioning decision - in line, consciously realized, with
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