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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITIONING

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Rays, 394:and Humanity. These are responsible for the conditioning of the other planetary centers and theRays, 424:you may realize it), and this is a new factor, conditioning much. Love and intelligenceRays, 424:seven Paths in Initiation, Human and Solar of a conditioning constellation. In A Treatise on CosmicRays, 428:always be remembered as a strengthening and conditioning reality by all men everywhere. It hasRays, 435:in and the disciple is free to submit to its conditioning, particularly in the early stages of hisRays, 485:a "facility of revelation," both receptive and conditioning or distributing, and so worldRays, 562:enters into relationship with rays which are conditioning him at the time. They affect hisRays, 563:physical body, focused on the physical plane and conditioning the brain. All this information isRays, 567:As we study these initiations and their conditioning rays, we will divide our ideas into threeRays, 574:new art as a basis for the new culture and as a conditioning factor in the new civilization. ToRays, 576:lives in a chaos of emotional reactions and of conditioning glamorous. He slowly begins [577] toRays, 577:in the three worlds and upon their individual conditioning rays, produce at first tremendousRays, 587:Who embodies in a most peculiar sense the conditioning energy of the Hierarchy. The work with theRays, 588:initiatory activity, governing, controlling and conditioning every expression of divine life in allRays, 590:called "concrete science" is the quality or the conditioning nature of the fifth ray. It isRays, 594:Philosophy, with its presentation of great conditioning ideas. Psychology, with its effort toRays, 597:impulse, of mysticism and of the emotional and conditioning desires. All these aspects are presentRays, 602:responsible for the rapid formation of great conditioning ideologies. This fifth ray energy is theRays, 620:also that the governing principle of this ray is conditioning all the nations and has done so withRays, 623:others, because it is either the energy which is conditioning their personality activities or thatRays, 630:of the American people to adopt violently conditioning idealisms and ideologies. It is theRays, 637:of each individual aspirant, and is conditioning the mass consciousness of mankind. Emotionally andRays, 638:and a steadily developing mind control which is conditioning mankind at this time. When a mental,Reappearance, 36:God Immanent - divinely "pervading" all forms, conditioning from within all kingdoms in nature,Reappearance, 123:are closely fused and blended and are thus conditioning human behavior that the extent of theReappearance, 145:the plan for our world and is the Purpose, conditioning all lives from the minutest atom, upReappearance, 169:symbol. Secondly, the critical activity which is conditioning the spiritual Hierarchy, from theTelepathy, 56:that there is a fresh vision of a compelling and conditioning nature, it is the result ofTelepathy, 77:as love begins to permeate human thinking, these conditioning factors will get increasingly [78]Telepathy, 130:Fire where I deal at length with these three conditioning energies. This third energy is the basicTelepathy, 140:men today is physical-astral, and the factor of conditioning energies is ignored, overlooked, and -Telepathy, 161:solar system. You can see, therefore, what conditioning factors the various energies become whenTelepathy, 165:in the aura of the lotus" thus reaching into and conditioning the personality life. The triangle isTelepathy, 166:radiation, the emanating influence of the lotus, conditioning the personality. The triangle ofTelepathy, 181:of its consciousness and upon the dynamic conditioning factor of the ensouling entity's thoughtTelepathy, 188:vehicles. Some are and some are not. The conditioning Lives in both these Centers work entirely
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