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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONDITIONS

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Astrology, 10:life and consciousness. It determines and conditions the physical body, for it is itself theAstrology, 16:the exact moment of birth. One wonders if these conditions of the exact moment and the completelyAstrology, 19:of the planet Saturn. This is the planet which conditions primarily the point in evolution whereAstrology, 51:aspect; their influence, plus inherited karmic conditions, produces those environing states andAstrology, 59:personality are brought together" and present conditions, possible developments and relationships,Astrology, 60:and its conformity or nonconformity to inner conditions will be the subject of attention. Thus theAstrology, 91:the effect of the great illusion upon resultant conditions and, secondly, the result of the greatAstrology, 95:Aries is the creator of those activities, conditions and processes which lead to the manifestationAstrology, 112:In the personality cycle, the lesser zodiac conditions the personality career and the twelveAstrology, 124:Attachment to environment and to personality conditions (identification with form) into detachmentAstrology, 130:esoterically by Mother Earth, produces those conditions whereby the Path itself achievesAstrology, 138:about desired changes and produces those new conditions which will help the soul of humanity toAstrology, 139:natural and spiritual. It is the urge to better conditions. Jupiter gives an inherent tendency toAstrology, 139:brings about the inclination to create these conditions which lead to the great and criticalAstrology, 148:they will produce upon human affairs and world conditions is already beginning to appear. Saturn isAstrology, 159:native to the underworld, or the strenuous conditions entailed by the tests of discipleship orAstrology, 162:of men everywhere. A little [162] study of world conditions, as far as man is concerned, will proveAstrology, 164:of energies and between them produce those conditions and situations which will enable the initiateAstrology, 186:The Sun Sign - In this case Sagittarius conditions circumstances, indicating inheritance andAstrology, 204:of profound importance because it provides those conditions and that energy which will test andAstrology, 206:or divinely blended. Physical comfort - life conditions, selfishly appropriated. Money - selfishlyAstrology, 206:may use such a phrase). Category II Fear - which conditions activity today. Hate - which is aAstrology, 214:of the processes of death as the sign Scorpio conditions them and the processes of death as we seeAstrology, 221:him and evoke the needed reactions, produce the conditions wherein test is possible and so bringAstrology, 222:potencies is that which provides the setting and conditions of the tests; all these ray energiesAstrology, 224:therefore, initiates a new order of life and conditions and this - when developed in the life ofAstrology, 236:and the appearance of desirable attitudes and conditions wherein sex can find right expression.Astrology, 237:Crime will be stamped out when the environing conditions in which children live are bettered, whenAstrology, 237:I mean the cultivation of those attitudes and conditions which will evoke reality in man, bring theAstrology, 275:as in Cancer. Of all these attributes or conditions of the feminine pole in existence (the materialAstrology, 277:of the indwelling Christ. Sagittarius rules or conditions (for that is what the word means) theAstrology, 294:to you why the Sun is the ruler of all the three conditions of Leo - exoteric, esoteric andAstrology, 307:Sacrifice." He is then sensitive to world conditions and freed from personal desires. BeforeAstrology, 323:need to respond sensitively to the environing conditions and circumstance, the soul would neverAstrology, 329:in mind that we are attempting to express conditions connected with the soul whose essential natureAstrology, 342:its detriment and thus produces those difficult conditions and situations which will lead to theAstrology, 342:of incarnation and which provides those conditions of suffering which the soul has willinglyAstrology, 350:out that: The Mutable Cross - brings about those conditions which will produce great periods ofAstrology, 354:which is embryonic understanding of causes and conditions resulting therefrom and also of the Plan.Astrology, 359:planetary sphere of influence, to conceive of conditions as they exist apart from the Earth becauseAstrology, 360:Gemini governs the way of many changes which conditions the struggle which began in Aries, focusedAstrology, 367:the ceaseless movement and the unending changing conditions which are inherent in the sign itself;Astrology, 372:the demand, so universally voiced, that human conditions may be more truly enlightened, moreAstrology, 373:thing rare to find), the removal of undesirable conditions by their emergence into prominence andAstrology, 382:I may repeat earlier implications) the following conditions and correspondences in connection withAstrology, 387:and that the fourth kingdom fashions or conditions all subhuman kingdoms. Astrology, 409:Pisces into the sign Aquarius is another of the conditions bringing about the present confusion.Astrology, 422:have to say will be related to present world conditions, to humanity, and also - for practicalAstrology, 425:This connotes two different though interrelated conditions of perception. Speaking technically,Astrology, 442:triangle of Humanity. Saturn breaks up existing conditions by the force of its energy impact, thusAstrology, 443:parallels his understanding of the causes and conditions by a strenuous effort to be of aid in aAstrology, 443:air that I have said bears testimony: world conditions today - precipitated as they are by humanAstrology, 446:and into humanity, produces the urge to better conditions to provide better forms for the occultAstrology, 447:at this time to foster and bring about those conditions which will enable mankind, under the steadyAstrology, 451:take place provided the disciple fulfils two conditions. He can then become consciously, safely andAstrology, 451:safely and correctly creative. These two conditions are: A conscious orientation towards the soulAstrology, 452:and not on emotional reaction. Where the above conditions are fulfiled, then the impact of theAstrology, 473:A man may succeed in surmounting the testing conditions and in emerging conqueror overAstrology, 498:world again settles down to calmer living and conditions are adjusted to a more stable rhythm,Astrology, 522:nature of service. This planetary center, which conditions the little country of Switzerland, hasAstrology, 545:of Pisces was called in or rather evoked. It is conditions which evoke, aided at times by voicedAstrology, 554:is sometimes called the Common Cross because it conditions the common herd, the mass of humanity. Astrology, 558:Hierarchy; whilst the Cardinal Cross rules and conditions (in a manner unknown to men) that greatAstrology, 572:of the whole, and not just individual, peaceful conditions or national peace. This reorientation ofAstrology, 573:the Hierarchy, produces likewise three emerging conditions: There is a vast experience of groupAstrology, 575:nor will it profit for me to enlarge upon the conditions which emerge in the consciousness of theAstrology, 582:and to bring about happier, material, world conditions; it shows itself in mother love, in loveAstrology, 583:life, quality and energy: The Will which conditions the life aspect. The Will which bringsAstrology, 591:it manifests through and creates those external conditions which are qualified and expressed inAstrology, 607:These three aspects are: The will which conditions and initiates. The will which brings fulfilment.Astrology, 615:will as it: [615] Initiates manifestation, and conditions that which is created. Brings aboutAstrology, 619:is the constellation through which initiating conditions will stream into our solar system. ItAstrology, 621:reason for this is that the Earth provides ideal conditions for this particular type of achievementAstrology, 632:which symbolizes the will of the mass, which conditions mass response and mass psychology. This hasAstrology, 643:inhabited by Monads under seven different karmic conditions." (S.D. Vol. II, 223) 14. "Every raceAstrology, 645:the synthesizing planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only for the very advancedAstrology, 686:in the third root-race of the fourth round did conditions permit of His physical incarnation and ofAstrology, 692:the synthesizing planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only for the very advancedAtom, 12:our environment, our circumstances, and our life conditions; if we are of an introspective turn ofAtom, 119:the history of the past, to investigate present conditions, and to ascertain somewhat racial andAtom, 123:Perhaps this is so, for undoubtedly economic conditions and human ambitions may have been veryAtom, 149:number, then we can look for a change in world conditions, and for that time to arrive, of whichAutobiographywas responsible, the confused and strained conditions of humanity to which she was sensitivelyAutobiographyher life she fought against these pressures and conditions with a truly iron will. Her First RayAutobiography, 3:sameness, in a forced inability to change conditions. I became next an occult student, a writer ofAutobiography, 24:recollection. [24] One wonders what it is that conditions the memory in this way; why some thingsAutobiography, 106:of opportunity, of education, of work and living conditions. I have never met one who was demandingAutobiography, 120:a religion of "Thou shalt not." That which conditions Gentile thinking concerning the unorthodoxAutobiography, 145:history of every nation is a sorry story but it conditions our thinking. Great nationalAutobiography, 217:wanted to undertake such an enterprise on such conditions. I had been twenty years in AmericaAutobiography, 223:deserted by their inhabitants owing to economic conditions and had been purchased by groups fromAutobiography, 236:war is largely incidental to rotten economic conditions led to little real activity to put theseAutobiography, 236:led to little real activity to put these conditions right. People continued to starve; manyAutobiography, 236:world steadily increased the difficulties. All conditions that might incite to war were presentAutobiography, 276:The psychology of the inner man, as it conditions the centers in the vital body, is also studied;Autobiography, 280:are certain essential propositions and esoteric conditions which when once grasped will simplifyAutobiography, 285:Path of Discipleship, adapting them to modern conditions and to the more advanced mentalAutobiography, 301:and in a common sense manner with world conditions. This she knew must succeed the mystical, andBethlehem, 10:of vital force, of psychical states or emotional conditions, and of mental or thought reactions. HeBethlehem, 30:will be known to be only symbolic of inner conditions and happenings. Then we shall begin to work
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